What one 1. Sumo 2. Reket

2021.09.17 02:53 IAmKE0 What one 1. Sumo 2. Reket

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2021.09.17 02:53 Loadedbuttmag I am working out again!

I am a male 14 year old at 145 pounds (not in muscle). Ive never really like how my body was shaped but also I am getting a bit more interested into girls, I have a bit of an issue with how I see myself and how I think others think about me too so I have decided to do something about it. I have a bit of an issue with commitment and good eating habits. I used to be more slim when I was younger and more fit but as I got older I stopped working out and eating out, eating unhealthy, and overall gaining weight. I am not the best with schedules or routine and I have some trouble getting up in the morning. I have started in January and I am now going to swim at the YMCA every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, while running two miles afterward. I’ve yet to see any real changes in my body that’s noticeable just with a glance but I have notice some muscle gains and I am slimming down a bit. Hopefully I can keep up my routine and not lose interest. I am wondering if anyone had any tips tricks or advice to maybe help speed up my weight loss/ muscle gain?
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2021.09.17 02:52 Inevitable-End-6767 Che ricordi clash of clans..

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2021.09.17 02:52 kamilli321 His Snapchat is redbarnllc and he’s a pedo

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2021.09.17 02:52 methlabz Good Home Inspector you can recommend?

After a particularly eye-opening post from /PersonalFinanceCanada I was wondering if you had a trustworthy, thorough home inspector you can recommend. My realtor (which is great) has a few to recommend, but to remain unbiased I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on here.
There is no way I am buying a house without an inspection so this seems like a no-brainer question to me.
Thank you folks for reading as always, take care and stay safe.
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2021.09.17 02:52 zebratitz No nachos is better than getting bad nachos

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2021.09.17 02:52 Plane_Industry_1590 First cosplay- Byleth!

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2021.09.17 02:52 StanTweedl I have banano, that's enough.

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2021.09.17 02:52 LR514 Gaming laptop - Canada

I was recently asked to spec out a gaming laptop for a relative. It's been a long time since I've had to shop for one (2012) but I've build a few towers since. My other experience with gaming laptops is a work-issued MSI Stealth with a GTX 1060 and a 7th gen i7: not great.
Purchase has to be within the next two weeks: something in stock or with a short turnaround is necessary.
Their gaming consists primarily of recent(-ish), AAA single-player FPSs like those from the Wolfenstein franchise. I think they haven't tried Doom Eternal yet, so that's another candidate.
Framerate-wise a consistent 60+ should be fine.
Some (loose) spec guidelines:

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2021.09.17 02:52 WinnerWeird1756 https://discord.gg/JWtNNPFj

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2021.09.17 02:52 Magicity1 Favorite Gotei 13 Captain

Who is everybody’s favorite captain and why? Mine is between Shunsui and Kenpachi but it’s just too hard to pick one
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2021.09.17 02:52 YoshoTosho Thanks for finally realizing

Processing img e2e8nlhcoyn71...
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2021.09.17 02:52 rogerg411 Pain

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2021.09.17 02:52 Arvagon Trying to find a music video

The song is by CageTheElephant
The opening scene is pan across the crowd of a funeral with the band sitting in the crowd with the mourners.
It then cuts to the lead singer digging up the corpse of the deceased and a dream sequence starts of the band partying with her.
It then cuts to the lead singer wheeling the corpse into a garage with the rest of the band standing around. One of the band members says "What the fuck is wrong with you dude" and someone pukes.
TL:DR don't know song name but I remember a funeral
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2021.09.17 02:52 FluentKong Devious Licks

Anyone else having to deal with the repercussions of the new “Devious Licks“ TikTok trend??
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2021.09.17 02:52 autof4 [Amazon] 75% Off Lighweight Quilt Sets - $14.99 + Free Shipping

[Amazon] 75% Off Lighweight Quilt Sets - $14.99 + Free Shipping $14.99 - 19.99 Promo Code 501WBR5L + Amazon Coupon

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2021.09.17 02:52 DesoIIado Nunca pensé ver a un presidente de México humillandose ante un dictador como el de Cuba. Que vergüenza da el kks y sus seguidores

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2021.09.17 02:52 pumapanther345 Looking for a running buddy

I'm training for the Purdue 5k/half-marathon event that's coming up soon. And I've been training for it the past couple weeks or so. I've come to the realization that I could use some motivation for continuing my training.
I'm looking for accountability partner that could potentially run with me and stuff, so I could stay motivated. Or any general advice for training would be appreciated too.
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2021.09.17 02:52 adamnalina [USA-VA] [H] Cash, Paypal [W] GTX 760 or equivalent

I'm looking for something that can play the new Diablo 2 Remaster. I tried with my current HD 7770 during the beta and it didn't really work. I think a GTX 760 is probably the sweet spot. I'm hoping to pay around $60, but I could go up to $100 for something a little better.
Local is 22032. Comment before PM please.
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2021.09.17 02:52 gooddaygilbert Do you like them, or do you want to be like them?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time, when I have desperate, deep crushes on guys I really admire, in hindsight it’s not that I am going to be lost without them or even that I like them all that much.
It’s that they have some quality or attribute that I really admire in them and that I wish I had in myself. Sometimes it’s that he has a really strong prayer life. Sometimes it’s he’s really good at money management. A lot of times it’s confidence, a lot of the times he takes really good care of his physical appearance. Sometimes he has a strong career, sometimes he’s a really good dancer, sometimes he watches what he eats and works out, sometimes he has a really present way of seeing the world. All of these men have different amazing and positive traits that I want to be part of my life.
Instead of trying to date every man I find attractive and admirable, I’ve tried to take steps to become attractive and admirable myself by cherry-picking the traits I crush on and working on them within myself. It’s not trying to be “like a man”, it’s realizing that no one person can completely fill me, so alongside my effort to find and attract the best man for me, I am also trying to become the best me for me as well. There’s no becoming perfect, but with God’s grace, I can try to be happy with who I am without requiring someone else to fill me with good qualities by proxy.
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2021.09.17 02:52 jesustakethewheelxo When does the keepsake box get shipped?

I bought it from the American store and cant remember my login so I cant check lol.
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2021.09.17 02:52 TN_Egyptologist Bracelet

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2021.09.17 02:52 darkdill There's one thing about Jenny that I don't like: She doesn't have an "OHOHOHO~!" laugh

At least, not in the Japanese dub.
Y u forget this, NN?
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2021.09.17 02:52 hoaxcoast What are you favourite finance/business/self development books?

I’m creating a book list, help me out.
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