What word refers to all exponents of a number?

2021.09.17 03:27 Sihplak What word refers to all exponents of a number?

In the same way we can say base-X for number systems that increase their digits after counting up every X numbers, and how we can describe things as "logarithmic" or "exponential" in terms of a trend in a graph/etc, is there a way to describe all numbers x in the equation yN = x?
In other words, let's take 2N . The outcomes starting from 0 are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on. What word describes all of these in the fashion of "blank-2"? In other words, in the same way that one would say "17 is 10001 in base-2", I want to say "64 in blank-2 is 6". What would that "blank" be?
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2021.09.17 03:27 videojuegos17 I own the botanica DLC but it won’t allow me to use it in game any solutions?

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2021.09.17 03:27 TheSewerReports “What they did is these mercantilists that owned these big monopoly interests in areas of the economy devised this new instrument by means of which you could own shares of a company and be completely immunized against any liability for whatever the company did.”

Wake up. We are slaves. Ever wonder how Wall Street, politicians, corporations, our country became so corrupt? How they all became filled so with greed and superiority? Why GME is in this current predicament? (tl;dr - skip down)
We have been taken advantage of. We have been lied to, as a country, as the public. The American Dream no longer exists. Corruption and greed is at an all time high, although in modern days this is less of killing and conquering other states/countries, and more so bankrupting companies and manipulating the market to gain financial dominance over 90% of the world. It’s not just the 1%, we need to also look at the 10%, billionaires and hundred-millionaires alike. The wealthiest 10% of Americans, for example, own about 89% of stocks and mutual funds held in the U.S. as of the first quarter of 2021.
We are slaves. If you didn’t know, well now you know. We are given meager wages to give us the illusion of free will and hope for a better future. Even if you make it to upper middle class, you still are experiencing a minuscule fraction of the wealth the 10% hold.
This is important, not because wealth is important, but because that disparity in distribution of wealth (and privileges) has literally become the root cause of all human strife. Think about it. That money, if used appropriately, could resolve/improve drastically all major issues we are facing as humanity (hunger, climate change, homelessness, free health care, social security, etc.,). Moreover, crime and violence would be significantly be decreased not only due to the absence of the desperation to do “whatever it takes” to make ends meet, but as well by improved mental health and access to substance abuse treatment.
There probably would be no way to completely resolve any of these major issues, however undoubtedly we could reduce the percentage by a significant amount. The obvious reasoning to why any individuals would trade off the betterment of all humanity for the concentration of wealth among themselves is greed. Wealth brings power, the power to literally pretty much get anything you want, even out of jail. And some people, when they experience this “wealth,” they become filled with greed, fear, and a feeling of superiority. They will do everything they can to not only keep that money and power, but to try and get more. More money. More power.
We will never be able to begin to imagine the vast difference in lifestyles between these “elite” and the average person. Sure, we know they could buy anything they want, do anything they want, but then just think to yourself, “Why do they want more? Why do they need more?”
There’s no justifiable answer. It’s unfathomable. The overwhelming majority suffers, while 10% percent of the world could give two shits they’re literally not only ruining companies, but the ruining people’s lives. Making them suffer. Even causing the indirect death of millions. All the while they fly on their jets, live in their mansions, and vacation around the world. How could we even touch them? How could we even begin to try to change things?
Congress? But shit, they’re just as corrupt. Maybe they’re not in the 10%, but they’re given enough blood money to look the other way, and they stay controlled by their greed for more scraps from the wolves. So what’s left to do? Get people to go out and vote? Vote in politicians we trust to actually make a change? But what if they are able to be bought off as well eventually?
What if I told you history repeats itself? And when any civilization reaches such a supercritical stage, we either see revolution or dominance.

Revolution (originates from Latin revolutiononis = upheaval), in political science, is a phase of the historical evolution of nations that generates a rapid and radical (social, economic, and political) change in society.
Revolution is one of the most important phases of the historical evolution of nations, occurring in the presence of socioeconomic and political issues. Revolution is: ‭“change, effected by the use of‬ violence, in government, and/or regime, and/or society. By ‭society is meant the consciousness‬ and the mechanics of communal solidarity, which may be tribal, peasant, kinship, national, and so on; by ‭regime is meant the constitutional‬ structure-democracy, oligarchy, monarchy; and by ‭government is meant specific political and‬ administrative institutions‭”(Stone, 1966, p. 159,‬ original Italics). This de‭finition allows to distin‬guish between the seizure of power that leads to a major restructuring of government or society with the replacement of the former elite by a new one, and the coup d‭’état involving no more than a‬ change of ruling personnel by violence or threat of violence. In the 1960s, social scientists at Princeton University have changed the word ‭“‬revolution‭”with the concept of “internal war”that is‬ de‭fined as any attempt to alter state policy, rulers,‬ and/or institutions by the use of violence in society, where violent competition is not the norm and where well-de‭fined institutional patterns exist‬(Rosenau ‭1964‬).
However, if the root cause of the issue is not violent in it’s own direct nature (i.e., white collar crime), then revolution would look much different. In this case, instead of Guerrilla Warfare, it’s Gorilla Warfare 🦍🍌
It’s bringing down the corrupt financial system (controlled by the 1%) which aides and abets the vicious cycle of taking the public’s money, that is Wall Street and monopolistic capitalism. It’s exposing the dirty secrets and lies that our world is built on. It’s finding conviction in a meaning that we are all equal. It’s playing the only hand we have been dealt, and hodling onto it. Because what’s the alternative? Going back to slaving away the majority of your life, if you’re “lucky” enough to have a job, to only be denied Social Security when you retire because the government spent it all? Or maybe you have enough to retire, but are you really free?
Like I said before, money can get rich people out of jail, it can keep people quiet, and worst of all: without it you don’t stand a fighting chance in any disagreement with the rich. You never win. Unless they want you to.
So why the fuck would I sell now? This is it. This is my only chance. This is humanity’s only chance. Some Noam Chomsky quotes that come to mind when thinking about this, dare I say, revolution:
“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”
“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued – they may be essential to survival.”
Want to know the history of how the 1% accumulated their wealth and power over the public: The title of this post is a quote from Danny Sheehan, in an interview he did with Regina Meredith. Sheehan is a Harvard trained Constitutional Litigation and Appellate Attorney. Sheehan’s work as a Federal Civil Rights Attorney, Author, Public Speaker and College and Law School Educator has helped expose the structural sources of injustice in our country and around the world. Such as, having participated in numerous legal cases of public interest, including the Pentagon Papers Case, the Watergate Break-In Case, the Silkwood Case, the Greensboro massacre Case, the La Penca bombing Case and others.
Sheehan: Yea. Well, the reality is that our whole human family has almost always, since the dawn of our species, had certain alpha men and women who assert a kind of leadership, if not dominion, over the rest of the community. And sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, they have this kind of authoritative position inside the communities and some of them use it wisely, or used it wisely as authoritative leaders instead of authoritarian leaders. Others distorted it and became authoritarian and that’s gone on all throughout history. In our particular country, we are quite proud of the fact that we threw off the tyranny of this elite, the royalist class of people. And those of us, those are the people who came to the colonies and ignored the fact that there were millions of Native Indigenous people here and just said oh, we found this and got the institution of the church, the Catholic church, through the doctrine of discovery to authorize them to claim the territory despite there were all these other people here, okay.
So there was an elite European white culture dominated by the men who asserted control over all of these resources, et cetera. So we know right from the very beginning in our country there was this elitist, racialist minority that asserted the right to dominate the vast majority of people on the continent. And what happened is the governing structures that they set up carried into continuation some of the elements of the royalist class in Europe, where they had this elite group of people that were white male landowners, large landowners, who ended up being in the Senate. And then there was this House of Representatives that didn’t really represent the people at all. Women weren’t represented. Non-white people weren’t represented.
Regina: Landowner white men were able to vote.
Sheehan: That’s right. Okay, and they were all represented by Alexander Hamilton and the Hamiltonians. There was this whole element that were like Tories, as they referred to them, that were kind of elitists. And Alexander Hamilton despite the goodwill he’s been generated by the Broadway play or musical, was in fact, the lawyer of these mercantilists and these merchant class people, the financial minority. And they wanted to have a new government much stronger than the Articles of Confederation, which was just a confederation or like a coalition of the 13 colonies. And the sovereignty resided in the colonies themselves all the way from 1776 to 1781, that whole thing went on until you had the Articles of Confederation. But it was the mercantile class that wanted to have a much stronger centralized government, primarily for the purposes of benefiting their commercial activities. They wanted common weights and measures. They wanted common currencies. They wanted common rules of trade to take place, and that was a lot of the impetus for the creation of the federal government on their part. And they were part of the Federalists that wrote the Federalist Papers, and that was Alexander Hamilton in those.
And then there was this other element that was led by Madison, James Madison. They’re known as the Jeffersonians because he was more well-known, but the fact is that Jefferson and Madison and Aaron Burr and those other people were more into trying to maintain a limited government, a limited central government that didn’t have these kind of plenipotentiary powers of any kind. And so there was a tension right at the very beginning of our government. And that went on from 1789, when they crafted the original three articles to set up the legislature, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. And then 1791, when the Madisonians rose and got the Bill of Rights put in, which is infused with the natural law principles that were taught to many of them by John Witherspoon at the College of New Jersey, actually. It became Princeton University that there were 39 of the original Congress people were all taught by this one man. And they were steeped in natural law traditions different from Alexander Hamilton. And it included not only James Madison and Aaron Burr, who you remember, Aaron Burr is the one that killed Alexander Hamiliton.
Regina: Killed, yes.
Sheehan: It was the tension between these two elements was so intense, okay. So this element has been there since the beginning, this elitist group of people. When the American Civil War took place, at the end of the American Civil War the elitists won the war. And they were into a stronger centralized government that would serve the interests of the major mercantilists and the industrialists, et cetera. They suppressed the agrarian people in the south. What happened is from 1868 at the end of the American Civil War to 1898, just a 30 year period, I mean a period that just goes back to when Reagan was president.
Regina: Right
Sheehan: Right, in that 30 year period there arose like 25 to 30 families led by major hard-charging alpha males that monopolized various aspects of our economy. Took over the agricultural industry, took over the shipping lanes, took over the railroads, took over the production of steel and metal, pharmaceuticals, they rose into monopolizing these portions of our society.
Regina: Banking, of course.
Sheehan: And banking. And so all of that took place in a 30 year period, came to it’s full fruition with McKinley in 1898 with Mark Hanna, who was his kind of promoter. What they did is they basically took over the instrumentalities of the federal government. And they put them all at the disposal of the interests of this new entity, this new business entity called the corporation. The corporations didn’t exist like this until 1872, into this process. What they did is these mercantilists that owned these big monopoly interests in areas of the economy devised this new instrument by means of which you could own shares of a company and be completely immunized against any liability for whatever the company did. And so then you would task people you hired to run your corporation to just simply maximize the profits in any way that they possibly could. And they too were immunized personally of any liability for whatever wrongdoing they did. And only the assets of the corporation were subject to common law lawsuits. So what you had done is you created this sinful structure, right in 1872 that was the vehicle of the elite that actually figured out how to control the resources of the country. What they did is they took over all the instrumentalities of the government. They started bribing the United States senators and congressmen, paying for their elections, et cetera. And they’ve continued that kind of control--
Regina: Today.
Sheehan: They continued that kind of control. They came to a kind of full manifestation in a private investor group of these 30 families that each held a chair in a group called Brown Brothers Harriman. And the Brown Brothers Harriman was a private investment group. That had a staff, the CEO of which was George Herbert Walker. And that sounds familiar to you because he was the grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush, and he was the CEO of that operation. The lawyer was Allen Dulles, okay. The law firm that represented him was Sullivan and Cromwell. And this alliance between Sullivan and Cromwell, this major law firm, Cromwell being the guy who took over Panama so they could build the Panama Canal, again, for the merchants.
Regina: Right
Sheehan: Okay, this whole group basically seized complete control virtually over our government. And so they ended up drafting The Versailles Treaty. They ended up creating the Union Bank of New York, which financed the rise of the fascists in Germany. And it came into it, that was the first time that this fascist-- fascism, there’s a major treatise that was written by Benito Mussolini on this-- that fascism is a theory of economic development.
Regina: Right, and this is what I want you to explain.
Sheehan: People don’t understand this. It’s not what we think. We’ve been subjected to the propaganda from World War II that all the fascists are these goosetepping Nazis with the monocle and saber scar, and six league boots with the riding crop and all that. And these are the Nazis, they’re all characterized in movies, etc cetera. But the bottom line is, fascism is an economic theory pursuant to which the owners of industry and the major corporations get control of the instrumentalities of the government. And therefore, the instrumentalities of the government are put at the disposal of the interests of the major corporations. The short of it is, what’s good for General Motors is good for the country.
Regina: Well, John Perkins, I don’t know if he’s the one that coined the term corporatocracy, but that is exactly what fascism is.
Sheehan: That’s exactly what it is. And that’s what had taken control of the United States government. Now, this went on all the way through World War I. When World War I broke out in Europe and the United States came in and became part of this thing, up until 1917. Then in 1918, there as the Versailles Treaty that was signed. People don’t know this, but the Versailles Treaty, the Versailles Treaty was supervised by a fellow by the name of Robert Lansing. Robert Lansing was the Secretary of State under Wilson. Robert Lansing was the son-in-law of John W Foster. John W Foster was the grandfather of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles. This linkage is extremely powerful, because Robert Lansing, who is the Secretary of State for the United States under Wilson at the end of World War I, brought in his two nephews, John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, to sit with him in the negotiations of the Versailles Treaty. And they drafted into the treaty the reparations requirements that they imposed on Germany. And what happened, very importantly, those reparations were imposed upon Germany and Allen Dulles, who was the drafter, along with his brother John Foster Dulles, of these provisions was made the lawyer for Germany by the American Secretary of State at the end of the war. He was also the attorney for Brown Brothers Harriman. So what they did is they organized a series of loans from the individual wealthy families that were members of Brown Brothers Harriman to give loans to Germany to pay the reparations to pay to corporations that had been injured during World War I and then they took stock in those companies in Germany. What they did, very importantly, the CEO of Brown Brothers Harriman, who was George Herbert Walker, stepped out in 1924 as the CEO and turned it over to his son-in-law, who was Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush became the CEO for Brown Brothers Harriman. George Herbert Walker formed the Union Bank of New York, capitalized by the financiers in the Brown Brothers Harriman, and set up a subsidiary in Germany known as the Bank of Shipping and Commerce with this guy Thyssen that ran it, and they started giving loans to Germany and to the Nazi movement. They financed the construction of the international headquarters of the Nazi party, that bank system did. And they wanted to set them up as the bulwark against Bolshevism. Because what had happened is, right at the end of War--
Regina: They prefer fascism.
Sheehan: That’s right. Because at the end of World War I, the people in Russia rose up and threw out the czar, who had joined in World War I and depleted the resources of Russia. So they threw the czar out and set up a People’s Socialist Republic there. And Robert Lansing immediately sent a US military expeditionary force into Russia to try to crush the Bolsheviks, which 99.9% of anybody listening doesn’t even know about. They sent in a whole foreign military expeditionary force to try to crush the Russian Revolution in the cradle. And that’s what started the hostility towards the West, okay. So that thing has been going on since 1917, October. There’s been this effort on the part of the elite, who are represented by the Brown Brothers Harriman and Sullivan and Cromwell, the Union Bank of New York, and that whole element to crush the Social Democratic movement around the world. What I’m saying is that what happened is this began right after the Treaty of Versailles, they were setting up this fascist set of governments in Germany to be the bulwark against Bolshevism as they called it in Europe, has wedded this elite to the whole economic theory of fascism. So fascist capitalism is a lot different than just free trade. It’s a lot different than just entrepreneurial spirit or free business. I mean, everybody has a right if they engage in bringing some people together and setting up a business and making shoes or making cars or whatever they want to do, as long as they’re willing to accept responsibility for anybody they damage.
Regina: Yeah, but not rigging the entire game in your favor without our knowledge.
Sheehan: And that’s what happened. And so what we’re saying here is that element has been here since the beginning and so what happened is that, for example, immediately at the end of World War II, for example, when the G2, the head of US Army and Intelligence in the Philippines, Edward Landsdale, discovered the Japanese had buried billions--trillions, actually, dollars worth of gold and platinum and silver and stuff all through the Philippines, they uncovered a bunch of it and they told Truman about this. Rather than turn this over back to the people who Japan had stolen it from all through Asia from 1926 to 1940, that whole thing, what they did is they took the gold 12 troughs of it, which totaled $1.2 trillion, and put it into a private trust. They got two partners from Brown Brothers Harriman to become the trustees for this. And then they--
Regina: Did that go into black ops projects from that point?
Sheehan: Well, the first thing they did is start funding fascists around the world to defeat the partisans. The partisans that had fought in World War II in all the different European countries against the fascists, the elitists in the United States didn’t want them to be elected to be mayors or governors or anything else. They wanted those people out, because most of them had become social Democrats. But what they wanted to do is they wanted to suppress them. And they brought Nazis, fascists, they financed them, got them new identities, new names and everything, and got them elected, financed their elections by issuing gold certificates based upon this trove of treasure that they had. So this elite operation has been going on and that represents the model.
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2021.09.17 03:27 Sandman0077 Omnibus reprints any time soon?

Has anyone heard anything about reprints coming since the warehouse fire? I have volunteered 1-9 of the single issues, but I'd like to at least get Omnibus vol 4 and 5 to finish the story. Found vol 4 for pretty cheap, but vol 5 is like $200+ which is insane.
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2021.09.17 03:27 Weirdothatlikesfnaf Please hand your code over

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2021.09.17 03:27 CharacterPossible362 Stunning in yellow

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2021.09.17 03:27 hhotguac sex without condoms while on PrEP?

How confident are you in having sex without a condom while on PrEP?
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2021.09.17 03:27 picklenickel [Art] One of my PCs befriended a lone monodrone and “Pokémon”-ed. He just recently had it evolve into a duodrone.

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2021.09.17 03:27 JavaleONeal [FREE] Hard Funky Trap Type Beat - "Deathspan" my youtube is full of other free to use beats if you like this one! im open to working with anybody aswell 🙏 show some love if ya messin with it :)

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2021.09.17 03:27 High_on_squid Missle racks 6 or Arc Torrent 6

According to the forum, in the new update, Arc Torrent 6 is going to start at 9000xp. I have lots of bots that are 12 energy capacity. I have tried the Missle racks 8 and it performed really well. However, the 6 counterparts have a rather slow firing rate and thus are easy to dodge. On the other hand, Arc Torrent seems like a perfect fit for the sustain damage role of my new Ares. They all start out at 281k credits so it's hard for me to decide. Can you help me?
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2021.09.17 03:27 amanda_bancroft_ My state is currently in lockdown and trying to be the real me more and more I figure this be the right time to completely grow out my natural hair to look like this. I know hair just does it’s thing but is there any tips anyone can give me? Love you all ❤️

My state is currently in lockdown and trying to be the real me more and more I figure this be the right time to completely grow out my natural hair to look like this. I know hair just does it’s thing but is there any tips anyone can give me? Love you all ❤️ submitted by amanda_bancroft_ to crossdressing [link] [comments]

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2021.09.17 03:27 HannoPicardVI Inhaling cooking smoke in the early hours of the morning whilst asleep could lead to respiratory issues and can lead to damage of the lungs over time and symptoms such as shortness of breath; for treatment, it is often best to receive high-flow oxygen therapy and engage in regular exercise

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2021.09.17 03:27 im0hungry0feed0me LOOKING FOR LUMINOUS NEON ALBINO BAT

Offering: neon reborn albino bat + fly potion+ 4 ocean eggs/other adds
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2021.09.17 03:27 swissTemples How do we get character crystals?

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2021.09.17 03:27 Randy_The_Random_Kid I know Zanny likes his Obi-wan... Also I love Lowes

(Note) this was created by a depressed teenager in the middle of math class. sue me for the quality.
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2021.09.17 03:27 Sweet_Cornbread Reformed incels what made you think that way and what changed your mind?

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2021.09.17 03:27 JerseyDrive Digital shop 2021?

I am unable to attend Gen Con this year, but I remember last year there was a digital storefront that allowed me to buy new games. It was at shop.gencon.com
Are they doing that this year?
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2021.09.17 03:27 ComfortableElevator3 Can someone please translate the results of this dust sample test for me? The guy who did the testing said there's not much to worry about. This place smells moldy though. So I really don't get it, and can't make heads or tails out of this sheet of results. Should I have had more tests done btw.

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2021.09.17 03:27 fluffyymeteor Opinions on de-aging fics?

So I'm working on plotting out a fic where the main character tries to travel back in time to see his friends again but something goes wrong and he gets physically de-aged to a 10 month old. I really like the idea of his friends taking care of him and making sure he's safe and okay. In fact, if it goes well, I'm considering making it into a series where they have to raise him.
I'm curious about how other people feel about the trope. I personally like it (maybe because it has age regression themes idk) but I'm kinda afraid of scaring off Tumblr followers 😅
Obviously my Tumblr follower count shouldn't matter but I'm afraid to get judged for everything all the time (not just when it comes to fanfiction).
Anyway, I want to start a discussion, keep it civil please!
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2021.09.17 03:27 idontreallyknowbutok Has the v*x affected your medication?

Ok folks, I tried posting thing on ADHD but it got taken down bc apparently I’m asking for medical advice (which I’M NOT). I just want to know if people are having similar experiences so maybe these issues can be taken more seriously.
Here goes. As soon as I got the second dose of Pfizer, I (F 22) got a lot of chest pain and went to the doctor but they said they don’t know and it’s “probably stress”. A few days later I almost passed out from the pain in my chest so I went to the ER. They checked my blood cell count and checked if I was pregnant (despite telling them I was a virgin). They didn’t find anything but said most likely my heart started beating so fast that I almost fainted.
Anyway, I didn’t take my meds for 3 weeks and the pain went away but now when I take it I get intense shooting pain again. That and I’ve found it even harder to concentrate. I think maybe the v*x caused slight inflammation and the meds might be aggravating it. Anyone else have this experience?
There’s not much data out on this yet obviously, so I’m not asking for advice. I’m curious is anyone else has had a similar experience?
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