Underside of the Santa Cruz AWD.

2021.09.17 02:22 abusivepach Underside of the Santa Cruz AWD.

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2021.09.17 02:22 nachogiver4drunkppl Katy Perry

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2021.09.17 02:22 shinytinsmile Did I kill my grains?

Tried to revive Fusion Tea grains with local 2% milk and it seemed like it was fermenting way too quickly. Several times in a row I got full separation before 24 hours even adding 2-3 cups of milk. I tried separating the grains from the curds this time around and got…no grains. Everything went through the strainer. I saved some of the curds and treated them like grains, pouring about 4 cups of whole milk over them to see if it revives, but I’m worried I killed my grains.
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2021.09.17 02:22 LaLagMan my girlfriend's dog and I hanging out at the beach

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2021.09.17 02:22 arinjoyn What obscure law would you abolish if given the chance?

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2021.09.17 02:22 blackzeros7 [EU] The Justice League have a new problem, Doctor Normality, with his superpower to restore normal physics to the world. Oh they still have their superpowers, but now their use is subjected to our normal laws of physics.

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2021.09.17 02:22 MeatMacGyver Martin Reel Company 72SR- anyone have any information on this? Found in dads garage... can't find any good info online

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2021.09.17 02:22 dpolski_17 What a warm welcome to options trading

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2021.09.17 02:22 Soft-Implement-4048 Asking for a Friend

What would the price have to be for SigRSV to hit 100 to 1? Since it is a long leveraged position per the white paper it should move in accordance with the underlying instrument (Ergo). I don't have a degree in applied mathematics.... So what would the plain English scenario have to be? If it is anything but Ergo would have to be at X price, then it truly isn't a long leveraged option because it wouldn't move in line with the underlying asset. We see the movement in SigUSD move in accordance with movement in ERG. I invested in it with the purpose of it being a long bet, per the whitepaper, but there seems to be other market involvement that hampers a movement. SigRSV was in the 500s last time ERG was in the 18s, but now we aren't anything close to that.
Sorry for the rambling
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2021.09.17 02:22 Reidster18 Anyone know what I should sell this for if I were to sell it?

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2021.09.17 02:22 swordmasterg Anyone know what was the first mention of Chaos Insurgency in the SCP wiki?

I'm more or less just curious to found it what it says before the GOI was fully fleshed out.
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2021.09.17 02:22 taco_imperial Hoy, hace 211 años...

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2021.09.17 02:22 mikesmith5436 Lockdown Fun in SL

I assume the lockdown is driving ppl who usually have fun mad right? 36 M Experienced Single man with decent mannerism looking our for some decent fun with a woman or a couple here from Nugegoda. I give a killer massage too. Hit me up and let's plan something.
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2021.09.17 02:22 brunettemedic94 Alright so guys need Help!

I am a MW here I know for a fact my husband is a cake eater. To me that's fine whatever he totally denys it the hole 9 yards. I how ever am starting myself to have am insatiable for having my needs met and kinks explored. I am a Bi woman and I love women as much as I love men. I've been dying to convince my hubby to open our relationship. He's flat out refusing and I know he would "leave" if he caught me cheating. So suggestions? Is he just not willing to be open because cake eating is a thrill? I don't believe its fair my needs remain unmet and I'm tired of settling. I mean I'm already trying to cheat and do things my SO would not approve of. Yes I am a fine piece of cake but I wanna eat mine too.
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2021.09.17 02:22 raleighpack Dinnertime beggar

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2021.09.17 02:22 Long9Ace 23 M4F State College, PA breeder here to help your needs

Looking for tall babies, a guy with a creampie fetish, or just wanna fuck. Idc. Hmu. My Snapchat is my reddit username. Serious inquiries only! I can travel but can't really host. So whatever your situation I'll probably help you. Look forward to hearing from you! Also if it's a couple getting involved make sure you're 100% on board. I'm not going to convince anyone on anything. You want it or you don't. Lol hope I can help you out!
I'm also very into interracial. Hope to hear from you!!
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2021.09.17 02:22 AngelLaCiencia [FREE] Freestyle Type Beat - "Lost" | Type Beat 2021 | Rap Trap Beats Fr...

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2021.09.17 02:22 mtsadxs7 Enhancing games for Vita

I've been in GTA modding scene for a very long time now and I was wondering if it's possible to remove FPS drops for GTA LCS and VCS. Now I know that GTA LCS was released for mobile ports, maybe the same technique used to run VC and SA on Vita would be fitting for GTA LCS.
I love this game to death, I would love to replay through it on my Vita in a better way.

Thank you!
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2021.09.17 02:22 GioBetini Why are my Wrinklers like this?

Why are my Wrinklers like this?
I haven't found anything about it on the subreddit, scary things is turned on btw
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2021.09.17 02:22 Rhetticulous0714 I can't get into windhelm

Every time I walk up to windhelm my game either freezes or instantly crashes. I don't know if this is just a bug or if it's a mod problem if it's a mod problem then the only mod I can think of that would do this is open cities but I'm not sure.
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2021.09.17 02:22 Bionicbacchuss not logged into rocket league servers

Is anyone having this issue since I updated the game im unable to play and i cannot change my region as it gives me that error message
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2021.09.17 02:22 RedditKing82 Good moment

I got to play my favorite game today. Not much of an accomplishment but I haven’t played in a while. Haven’t made time for myself.
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2021.09.17 02:22 rbathplatinum [Serious] What has been keeping you up at night?

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2021.09.17 02:22 DerbyWearingDude COVID vaccine question

Why are some folks saying that the COVID shot "isn't a vaccine"?
I'm happy to look it up myself, but I guess I'm not coming up with right search terms, because I'm not turning up anything useful.
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2021.09.17 02:22 TDETLES Baleen and Buy this dip.

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