Mike Williams against Dallas or Tee Higgins against Chicago at FLEX, PPR

2021.09.17 03:41 pleasepickupafter Mike Williams against Dallas or Tee Higgins against Chicago at FLEX, PPR

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2021.09.17 03:41 Varops Hello everyone I’m a 18 m from California!

I would love to hear from anyone. I play video games like Cod,apex,Minecraft, and much more! I’m a college student at the moment for nuclear engineering! In my free time I go to the gym, watch movies,and eat copious amounts of food. I’d love to hear from you have a great day!
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2021.09.17 03:41 bowl-of-nails Different between mousse and curl cream, and which is better for who

I dont know anything about either of them. I have frizz and i have between 2a and 3b.
Its odd how straight and how curly some spots on my head are
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2021.09.17 03:41 theautismdad New reasons for special needs parents to worry about healthcare

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2021.09.17 03:41 memoryfuel Good evening, ladiesngennlebremen.

It is my pleasure that I request you now to turn your heads skyward. When the light of the blood moon drupples down, and selects two lucky souls, binding them together for eternity in its hypnotic, ruby brodum.
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2021.09.17 03:41 Parteoy Petition for Reboot server for MSEA

All,iirc,maple server across the globe has reboot. Only MSEA doesn’t have it. We also have a underutilised and outdated mileage shop. A reboot server is really what we need to start things off
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2021.09.17 03:41 Trixster_AL My Walmart finally restocked something

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2021.09.17 03:41 Zooted_Guy H: Black Hazmat Suit - W: Flux

An emphasis on violet but will take a mix.
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2021.09.17 03:41 Thill83 Anime as good as HxH

I finished HxH a few years back and having been looking for something like it. I’ve seen JuJutsu Kaisen, demon slayer, and AoT and many more suggested. While all great haven’t quite scratched the same itch. Looking for something with as good of story and characters.
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2021.09.17 03:41 madnuttin Follow/like@insta fine ass females leenale & marley

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2021.09.17 03:41 sheepsheadnyc My girlfriend (36) wants to have a baby and I (41m) probably don’t.

We have been dating for 8 months. Things are generally great between us — lots of fun times, great sex life, common values, etc. However, she’d like a family someday, I’m unsure, leaning towards no. We have both been upfront since the beginning, but also probably both figured the other would cave. She’s almost 37, so, she doesn’t have much time to wait it out. We live a few hours apart (I’m in NYC she is upstate) This actually would be fine for us if I could go visit her but I can’t. She lives in her grandma’s house (helping her too) but bc of covid, the grandma doesn’t want visitors… so I’ve never actually even visited her… she comes down to see me every two weeks. She’s hoping to find her own place soon so I can start visiting…. My main two points for hesitation— I am ok with out a child — they’re a lot of work and money and I like my free time a don’t feel financially prepared. Basically having a kid scares me, even though I know why it would be great… at 41 I just figured it wouldn’t happen. I’m so on the fence and to me that makes me think kids are not for me. #2, I think we need more time together and a dynamic for a while of me visiting/being part of her life upstate/getting to know each other before I could even begin to think about the long future. She says doesn’t have the luxury of a wait and see approach, she needs to plan for her future now. I believe she would walk away if I told her it was a hard no but I also know she is nowhere near ready or wanting a kid right now if she had 10 more years… I want her to be happy but am not gonna just say sure let’s have a kid and also don’t want to lose her and am willing to work toward a solution that we can both live with. Any advice from someone who has dealt with something similar?
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2021.09.17 03:41 jila444 It had to happen today

So my ex and I broke up the beginning of this month (right on his moms bday btw) cause he was moving out with two friends to a different area but still in the same county. We broke up on somewhat mutual terms cause I could understand, (I still find it stupid though cause we go to the same school) but he was willing to stay friends. I felt indifferent about this and told him that because I’m not usually friends with any of my exes I can’t promise that same thing.
Anyways so since then, he’s reached out a couple times and I’ve responded to those times. After a therapy session, I realized I haven’t emotionally processed everything that’s happened (it’s been a hell of a summer) and so I figured the best thing to do was to not talk to him anymore.
Because he’s still been messaging me I figured it would just be better to tell him straight up that I don’t want to talk to him. Was I not supposed to say anything at all and ignore/block him? I didn’t want to have him keep messaging and trying to reach out to me because quite frankly my anxiety rises every time I see a text from him.
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2021.09.17 03:41 Jerryhhnk Something's wrong I can feel it

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2021.09.17 03:41 Kimisaw Waking through the night or oversleeping

Hello there, I just wanna rant about my sleep habits and maybe get some advice.
Either way, I tend to fall asleep at around 10 pm. But then I either wake up way too early or commonly fall asleep after waking up when the alarm goes off. I'm worried about exhaustion and thought about sleeping medication today, but heard there are better ways.
What should I do before sleep so I don't wake prematurely, yet don't oversleep?
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2021.09.17 03:41 Bradley-John-Jackson Will he drop same week as Lil Nas X ???

I'm pretty sure his label don't want him to drop same week as Nas cos I don't see Carti beating someone like him to get to #1 (Even tho Carti deserves it)
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2021.09.17 03:41 ShinigamiNeo Blue screen

So lately league seems to occasionally give me blue screens, code unexpected store exception. Idk why this is happening. But does anyone have any ideas why or can point me to a solution. Because this is rediculous. And I've tried googling but haven't had much luck in figuring out what to do
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2021.09.17 03:41 stonegiants Are all people you meet from the internet unresponsive?

I’ve set up ads for different hobbies (sparring partner, wingman) on Kijiji, Reddit, Bumble and of those who message me, 90% stop responding and waste my time. If I do meet up with someone they’re too busy to do it again.
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2021.09.17 03:41 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-gilbert-chesterton-87

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2021.09.17 03:41 Cooked_Oven Wait what

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2021.09.17 03:41 Fine_Garbage7230 Nightfall scoring and medals?

Okay so maybe I'm just stupid but I have been playing destiny 2 on and off for years I know in destiny 1 the medals for a nightfall would be how fast you did it is it the same in d2? I see people always talking about what medals they get for it. I have never seen anything pop up telling me what I got for a 100k nightfall? I'm just not sure how it works and do you get better rewards if you get gold or?
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2021.09.17 03:41 cpldeacon173rd [USA-TX][H] Xbox series X with 1TB seagate memorycard and resident evil8 [W] PayPal,local

Hey I’m selling my Xbox series x with a 1TB seagate memory and resident evil 8 I’m asking for 750 for everything together trying to get local in San Antonio as I do not have the box for the Xbox but may offer shipping if not many offers. I have had the system since may. imagine
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2021.09.17 03:41 zainababrar kittens cat #shorts

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2021.09.17 03:41 EnvironmentNo2317 PS5 71% 6’8 lock stretch hmu

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2021.09.17 03:41 Connorsera I shot myself via ND

It’s been four years and I’m rather open to talking about it. Have a .38spl Taurus model 85 (it was cheap) and I ND’d into my palm while trying to use my hand to block sunlight. I was distracted by a cat, and making a cup of coffee while showing my mom the difference between single and double action. I had opened the cylinder and dumped rounds, but didn’t count and still had a round in. On the third click there was a bang, and suddenly I was in a world where I had an ND. Ask questions or don’t, lol.
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2021.09.17 03:41 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: Like what you're hearing? Leave us a review! https://t.co/QFAfI7mmJp

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