CYMA Lower & Upper Mating

2021.09.17 02:36 LootinShootin CYMA Lower & Upper Mating

Just curious if anyone is aware of any issues with mating a bog-standard CYMA M4 upper receiver with a CYMA Platinum lower receiver, bonus points for if both are front wired. From my rather limited investigation, it looks as though I might need to do some sanding, but I'd prefer not to do anything too drastic before asking around
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2021.09.17 02:36 Tjbenz Music Video Fully Recorded on Galaxy S20

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2021.09.17 02:36 TheWanderingPigeon Looking for neon FR uni

Offer: two FR unicorns, both full grown, and two teen unis
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2021.09.17 02:36 Shatterbrained_ Dental crown

Can I drink soda when I have a temporary crown on my tooth?
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2021.09.17 02:36 CantKeepMyPantsOn6 A girl touched my crotch

So I’m only in 8th grade and my friends ex Walked by me and grabbed the tip. we talk a little bit and that’s about it other than maybe with screwing with each other but she acted like nothing happened and I’m not sure what to do
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2021.09.17 02:36 Hill977 Fortnite Imposters

I am about to just give up on imposters mode.. it takes forever to get imposter then as soon as I eliminate someone.. across the map and secluded.. a second later a discussion is called and a person from all the way of the other side of the map immediately says he saw me eliminate them and gives the location. It is infested with parties and teamers.
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2021.09.17 02:36 okbixch Fuel Line Touching intake

Caption. I installed the major portion of injen CAI and is currently in short ram set up, going to convert once i get BOV etc... currently the fuel line is pressing against the intake and I want to know how much of an issue this will be, the intake does get decently hot. No matter how i move the intake around they press and im wondering if there is anything to put in between them as a heat resistor etc... any advice?
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2021.09.17 02:36 darkangel10848 The Madonna boy toy bridal dress on display now at the Hard-rock Casino in ft lauderdale.

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2021.09.17 02:36 Gobando So when are they going to fix this tome bug?

will not play before they fix it.
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2021.09.17 02:36 LouisyVanas Snail has been stuck in this state for a day now came back from work to see this, not sure if dead or hibernating a white crust is inside it kind of hollow tho.

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2021.09.17 02:36 Big-Wick-Energy I'm fairly new to dividend investing and this is where I am at. Any advice?

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2021.09.17 02:36 musicarchives Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking

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2021.09.17 02:36 That-guy-268993 Fast dry, brown bag style....Give it that earth taste

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2021.09.17 02:36 Insomnia-917 “Blood Moon”, watercolor on A4 size paper, 2021 (by me), Available

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2021.09.17 02:36 StudySZN What are some tips to get ahead before the application process starts?

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2021.09.17 02:36 luisfermichez Selling my less than a Year HHKB

I am selling it because I need money for an emergency.
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2021.09.17 02:36 PurpleWeek7162 Youth academy only with Cork City

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2021.09.17 02:36 Blizzomos Feedy the kitty

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2021.09.17 02:36 Helmerald Heard at Spider’s Safehouse today: “How did a Suros shipment land on my doorstep? Ah well, it’s not polite to ask questions…”

Guardian stops walking
The right Eliksni guard tighten the grip on her glaive
…I have questions
The other guard? He starts to tremble!
Heard at Spider’s Safehouse yesterday: “My scouts report another downed Ketch, dispatch the salvage team!”
The Guardian had been exchanging ressources with Spider for a while, Spider talking over comms without even bothering to hide his schemes anymore. Besides, Spider knows it’s not the first nor last weapon the Guardian will pour those orange cores into, to tune it to the Light. A wonder what length these Great Machine Spawned will go to in order to “shine” at what they do. Masters of killing these creatures. All-powerful yet stuck in his web. Cursed to go back to his nest again and again, and feed ressources to him like he was a queen.
“What’s this? Another Veist shipment missing?! Then tell our friends we can offer them protection… for a price.”
The Guardian was ready to complete the transactions and go, as far, as fast as possible.
”Any news from my salvage team? I want that loot!”
If you don’t hang up and serve me right now, I’m going elsewhere!
…Please! Hah!
Guardian drops his shoulders
Gimme this!
The Guardian grabbed the Glimmer he needed to make some adjustments to his armor, left Spider with the ugiest Dusklight Shards that Ghost could find and as he was leaving…
You may go…!
Guardian stops walking then turns around, angry, to face Spider
Did you jus-... You just waited for me to finish trading and go to say that, didn’t you?
Both guards look nervously at each other
You cheap bas-you know what?
Guardian grabs an Enhancement Core
I’ll take this one to go, PLEASE!
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2021.09.17 02:36 Game-Mason My dynavap only clicks once now

I've combusted a few times before so maybe that caused it? It still works but wondering if I should just get another one.
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2021.09.17 02:36 jcmiro Burning Smell Lexus Gx460 after flat tire and driving with differential off.

So I got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. I changed the tire. My spare is about 1 inch smaller in diameter and is a road tire. My normal tires are BFG KO2 AT.
I heard somewhere that you had to turn off trac control and differential so I did that. After about 40 minutes of 50mph highway driving I smell a burning rubber smell when turning or braking.
I parked the car, a day later did a transfer case fluid replacement, per a friends recommendation. The Toyota tech said it was fine, clear with no bits or pieces. I still get a faint very distinct burning smell when I brake and come to close to a completely halt from speed. Not in turns really like I thought, just braking to a stop. What do I need to fix? Many Thnx Cheers
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2021.09.17 02:36 DmitriZaitsev Looking for a recipe for a dish that is commonly served in Ironbound restaurants and other Portuguese restaurants across the state

Hello all,
I am searching for a recipe, or any sort of helpful information, about a dish I see commonly in the Ironbound and throughout NJ. It is often called "Picadinho (misto)", and when I search online for this recipe, I cannot find any recipes that come close to the version made in NJ. Most of them refer to some kind of dish with potatoes and pork cubes - not really what I'm looking for.
The dish I want to replicate at home has the following:
Pork cubes (I think the cut often used is Pork Tenderloin?) Shrimp Squid Chourico Italian "giardiniera" (vinegared pepperoncini peppers, carrots, olives, and cauliflower florets)
It's usually served on a Portuguese clay dish and from what I've been told, has to be served hot.
What I cannot discern though are:
The other ingredients (wine, spices, any oil?) The process for making it (marinating, cook times, order in which things are cooked in?)
Does anyone have any recipes for this rendition of the dish?
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2021.09.17 02:36 iWentRogue For the next few days, Lunatone & Solrock will be available through Max Raid Battles, with Shiny Lunatone & Solrock having a chance to spawn.

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2021.09.17 02:36 Sortanewmeh New to stocks. Had some money to burn.

I put $1,700 into Palantir yet am utterly new to the stock game. Is there any way, without having expert knowledge, where we go to learn what might blow up within that day or so? I’m more interested in day trading than anything else, but am unsure how to plan things ahead.
What resources do you guys use?
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2021.09.17 02:36 EliteSpecOp Are those smaller phone companies like Mint Mobile Metro, Red Pocket worth it?

Are they reliable? Am I getting a weaker connection. For instance I like the Red Pocket plan for $30/mo I get 5G 10GB which is all I need / can afford. Is it worth it..... Broke grad student
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