Just the audio drama's voice actors having a good time 不

2021.09.17 02:15 phai6688 Just the audio drama's voice actors having a good time 不

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2021.09.17 02:15 johnrock001 Fire Force - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes

Fire Force - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/fire-force/
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2021.09.17 02:15 Belisle8282 [RECRUITING] SonicBoom Level 19 war clan 570-320 record

Hi there, I am the leader of SonicBoom. We are a clan that takes the game seriously while still having fun playing. We currently have 34 members and are looking for 10 or so more to join. We are in need of Th12s, 13s, and 14s, however we will take Th11s. We are always at war. If war isnt your thing all the time, opt out and farm. We are a very active donation community with multiple members reaching the 10k+ mark monthly. Our clan tag is #JQUJPLV. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks!
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2021.09.17 02:15 lilyloverliar I originally posted this to r/unpopularopinion, where it got no traction. I really feel that there are some upsides to BPD, though I mostly hate it.

Note: I want to state right off the bat that 1. I am clinically diagnosed with BPD. 2 Everyone is different and has varying degrees of severity in personality disorders 3. BPD is my type of personality disorder, so I can't speak on any others 4. I have also done a large scientific analysis of BPD for college and do have a good degree of basic knowlege on it, though nowhere near comprehensive 5. Get treatment, I never advocate for not getting treatment, I am personally in treatment. 6. This is my new alt, because some people really hate those with personality disorders
I am someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD, clinically diagnosed after a hospital stay. Due to many traumatic events and episodes in my early childhood I developed BPD.
This has lead to many negatives in my life. The core aspect of BPD is that you have unstable relationships, which can apply to any type of relationship, familial, friendly, or otherwise, and these all apply to me. My biggest issue is controlling the ups and downs of emotion that come with it. I have other issues that impact this as well, but this has a significant impact.
One of the worst aspects of my diagnosis is not being able to talk about it or express it. Any other condition I have, I share, to varying degrees. But BPD I keep very quiet due to its connotation.
And yet... BPD has helped me as well. On medication to control the emotions, I get to keep some of the advantages. One of the best is my ability to understand others emotions and "read" people. I can sense when someone is off or something is wrong to great accuracy, to an insane degree. I also can empathize really fully with people and strike up rapport very well.
This is something that my (undiagnosed, but highly suspected BPD ) father could do as well, and he used it to his advantage in the Sales field.
One random perk is that I often get free stuff, people truly just give me things, discounts, physical items like jewelry. It happens at least once every two months.
This is not to say that BPD is something I want or that I want to never improve, but that, managed, I have found things about it that have helped me in life. I have graduated high school, college and am looking at grad school. I don't let it stop me, though it can be a daily struggle.
Thanks for listening :). If interested I can answer questions in the comments. I never mind sharing and spreading correct information on BPD, with so much misinformation and bias out there
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2021.09.17 02:15 noah_21 BEW vnt 17 on an ALH?

Ordered a brand new vnt 17 for my 03 golf alh, I noticed the new turbo has a smart actuator, Im assuming for BEW. Any performance or install issues Id have installing it? Or should all be golden?
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2021.09.17 02:15 CardiologistCold1938 https://t.me/joinchat/DTFMfAp2dxlmYjZk

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2021.09.17 02:15 Skeledon Where can i watch yugioh sevens?

I heard as it was about to come out Crunchyroll said they gonna have it but its not on their on justwatch i also dont find its like the series doesnt exist where can i watch please legal.
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2021.09.17 02:15 Livid_Narwhal Silly as it is, there are not many good all-weather or all season tires for folks with 21 wheels - someone started a change.org petition to make it happen.

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2021.09.17 02:15 y_u_n_k The triplets are a little hard on NG+

Really sat here for like 2 hours because I thought having the Tres Angustias as my first boss on NG+ was a Good idea.
Turns out the game gets a lot more difficult when bosses just kinda two-shot you.
Finally beat them on this attempt
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2021.09.17 02:15 Avrahard924 My husky converted to Satan Worship

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2021.09.17 02:15 ferryev71 Help with where to go from here...

Hello financial experts, I am currently a junior at Michigan looking into financial advising/planning for a career. I have had little internship experience with any sort of financial practice so that is definitely hindering me in comparison to other candidates if I apply to any internships. I'm not sure what the next step would be to continue down this career path besides applying to internships. Any help or sense of direction would be much appreciated.
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2021.09.17 02:15 Cryogenic_02 Any tips for good aiming and accuracy for guns on rust console?

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2021.09.17 02:15 ladyem8 Overfilled ICUs put non-COVID patients' health at risk: "These are people suffering unnecessarily"

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2021.09.17 02:15 oldfashioneddoughnut Switching carriers and upgrading to iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max from iPhone 8 Plus

I currently have an iPhone 8 plus with AT&T. I'm looking to switch to T-mobile as it'll give me unlimited data and better service where I live. I'm honestly a little confused with all the different upgrade options (trade-in vs no trade-in) and T-mobile plans available. Does anyone know what the cheapest option will be to switch to T-mobile and upgrade to an iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max (most likely Max but haven't fully decided yet).
This will be for 2 lines.
I appreciate any help :)
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2021.09.17 02:15 smallAPEdogelover Whoa!

Accidentally went to that nsfw CEI subreddit and learned what that abbreviation means today.
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2021.09.17 02:15 kerrymuga [Hire Me] Brilliant Academic Writing Services, We offer quality, fast and affordable experience that will ensure you get the best grades. Contact me through michomawriter@gmail.com, WhatsApp +17818738133 or Disc tutorcarey#3028

At Brilliant Academic Writing Services we have a pool of tutors with over seven years of experience in different academic fields.
We guarantee you the best grades with a ready refund in the rarest chance we fail you.
We are experienced in handling different academic areas including accounting, finance, business, management, math, calculus, literature, leadership, economics, HRM, history, nursing, sociology, psychology, philosophy, astronomy, political science
Please discord tutorcarey#3028, WhatsApp +17818738133 or email [michomawriter@gmail.com](mailto:michomawriter@gmail.com)
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2021.09.17 02:15 ClawsOfLyco [PS4] SOTFS LF: Caster Build H: Karma

18k SM at Crestfallen's Retreat
Looking for:
Long Sword (Infused with Lightning, Magic, Fire or Dark), Pyromancy Flame, Staff of Wisdom, Dragon Chime, Watcher's Shield
Hexer's Hood, Retainer's Robe, Hexer's Gauntlet's, Elite Knight Leggings
Third Dragon Ring, Clear Bluestone, Southern Ritual Bang +2, Chloranthy +2
Souls & Effigies would be awesome
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2021.09.17 02:15 ZarktorgGuage1563 Streamers de PC: muito dif穩cil streamezar pelo celular Streamers de celular:

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2021.09.17 02:15 johnrock001 Tokyo Revengers - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes

Tokyo Revengers - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/tokyo-revengers/
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2021.09.17 02:15 Redog21 Yet other food champ from vord shard....

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2021.09.17 02:15 SnooHabits7647 The Girl I Loved

I never really experienced full love. I usually was always told by my family to not get a girlfriend until Im older and I would see others get into relationships which made felt insecure and alone.
I always thought that I was never meant to feel actual love and people were always shocked to know that I had feelings for a girl. They never expect me the weird one to want to be with someone. I always felt there were certain guidelines to it.
But one girl changed that when I was in high school. Our science teacher paired me up with her in groups and she was one of the prettiest girls I ever seen. After talking with her we had a lot in common and she was one of those laidback girls who didnt give a shit about looking nice and had more of a tomboy style to her with how she dressed and acted.
I got her number and I would always text her and after some time she would text me everyday memes and stuff. Our friend relationship kept growing and I started to have feelings towards her. When we had to go to field trips we would sit by each other on the bus and she would show me stuff on her phone. I would also teach her some words in my familys language to say.
She would sit by me at lunch and the computer lab every time. After some time I asked her out to watch a movie that was coming out but she was going with her friends and she had a boyfriend who she just started dating. I never knew about the boyfriend and she never told me which made question our relationship on how I didnt know about that?
I still talked to her but not always because I never felt our conversations were ever real again I always felt she would use me just for homework or she felt bad for me in someway to talk to me. I never told her I liked her or if she ever did found out. I ignored her messages when she would text me which I kinda regret but I was so angry and didnt want my feelings to mess up our relationship so I thought the best was to not think about her or talk to her that much.
I stopped talking to her and its been more than three years since we talked. She recently started dating another guy. I never dated her but I wish I could just talk to her again because I miss it. I dont know if she hates me now because I ignored her or I dont know if she knows I liked her. I do miss her and our conversations because she made felt human for once
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2021.09.17 02:15 PugDudeStudios The Golden Touch is back for those who want Merigold

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2021.09.17 02:15 h0unds_of_love teensnew users and what albums they remind me off (part 1)

u/burningpixies - Public Void
u/blue-moon-hotel - Flamboyant
u/illinoislover - Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time
u/imtotallyfineyea - Time n Place
u/Lilly_s55 - Oil of Every Pearls Un insides
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2021.09.17 02:15 donttouchthebutt69 I need help!!!

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2021.09.17 02:15 tempted_temptress Floridas Witch Hunt

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