High Ping and I can't find a reason why

2021.09.17 03:54 sbryan_ High Ping and I can't find a reason why

High Ping and I can't find a reason why I live in Texas with one gig fiber, (I left a screenshot of my speedtest) and for some reason I get 50 ping on the Texas servers on valorant, (screenshot in post) I mainly play the game with my irls, and they get half the ping that I do, if not lower, despite them having worse internet than me, I have no ping issues in other games and I'm wondering if theres any way to fix this or if anyone else shares this issue with me. I can't find anyone else with the same problem just from google searching.
My Speedtest Results
My in game ping (I live in texas)
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2021.09.17 03:54 BlakeNCarla Found out my aunt has a nsfw account for pics and nudes and have been trying to find it for weeks

So this past July 4th my whole family came over except for my aunt who normally is always there. I mentioned it and got weird vibes and was pretty much ignored, but later in the night I heard my mom talking to a family friend about it and apparently she invited my aunt over but said her husband couldn’t come because my family apparently hates him. I heard them mention that he runs her account for like selling nudes or nsfw posts or something along those lines. I tired to ignore I heard it but it was on my mind a lot for the past couple months and finally decided to try and search for it.
I tried using reverse image searching but for some reason it’s broken on my phone and anytime I try to upload an image I get an error code. I looked on her social media and nothing about it either. I know I shouldn’t but just super curious. If anyone knows how to reverse image search and thinks they can find something feel free to message me.
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2021.09.17 03:54 Other_Indication5536 Confused.

I have a sex driven husband who wants sex a couple times a day. And each episode is different depending on his mood... oral, vag, anal, etc. It has caused arguments due to the fact I feel he is selfish. I could say no, but he pouts so much it is easier to give in. However, every time I initiate, he declines. This night being one of them. I don’t get it. This is the only problem in our 12 yr marriage. I do not think he is cheating either. So none of those comments please unless you think this is indicative behavior.
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2021.09.17 03:54 savannah_1pw Reputation and Red are in stock at SolSta Records

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2021.09.17 03:54 texaswindturbine Podcasts

Do you guys have any podcasts that have helped you in your self help journey? Personally this podcast’s helped me a lot, but I would love some new podcasts to listen to. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos
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2021.09.17 03:54 Old_Cauliflower7179 Looking for Gardevoir Raids

7989 7277 9352
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2021.09.17 03:54 Mr_Spud Lucid Air Scottsdale az

I stopped by fashion square and visited the Lucid showroom today. I’m still not a fan of the front end,but the chrome lip isn’t as bad in person as I think it is in photos. The interior looked great, from what I could see the screens were sharp and crisp. The showroom agent talked about first deliveries before the end of the year.
Strangely they wouldn’t open the trunk or frunk, and they wouldn’t allow anyone to sit inside. I was interested in testing out the massage seat function that both front seats were said to have but no dice. The roof is glass like my model 3 but split in 3 different parts rather than two.
The interior impressed me, the exterior gave me a Lincoln-esque vibe. https://imgur.com/a/ayaKVho/
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2021.09.17 03:54 subwaybooligan Join the CryptoFarmBets telegram server 🚀

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2021.09.17 03:54 zhouse_org Ayala_(IT)-Sacred-(SOL089)-WEB-2021-PTC / ZHouse

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2021.09.17 03:54 olddog16 McDermott Defy vs. McDermott

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2021.09.17 03:54 newbieinvestor2021 💰 Over 738,000 $NORD have now been locked into NORD Staking Programs ! Thats $2.28M USD locked and out of circulation 🚀 👨‍💻 Start Staking for 60% Fixed APR at : app.nordfinance.io

💰 Over 738,000 $NORD have now been locked into NORD Staking Programs ! Thats $2.28M USD locked and out of circulation 🚀 👨‍💻 Start Staking for 60% Fixed APR at : app.nordfinance.io submitted by newbieinvestor2021 to NordFinancePh [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 03:54 WadeTheArrogant steam is so annoying I just want the vanilla game how do I buy it?

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2021.09.17 03:54 TemperatureMobile Neurological case + mRNA vaccination

Anyone have experience? COVID got into my brain 9 months ago and in March when I got the vaccine, it made it worse. I'm not a person anymore, just a host and victim of a botched medical experiment. My intelligence is gone. My consciousness, gone. I have no spiritual faculties. And the internal reality that manifested from my mind seems to have died.
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2021.09.17 03:54 Millsware Pause didn’t work inRivals

I was down 1-0 with a minute left in the third. The other team froze the puck. I hit pause, called timeout, and pulled the goalie. When I came back from the pause screen the other team had the puck and was skating toward my zone and shortly scored on the empty net.
I watched the replay and it goes straight from the whistle to the other team having possession. What happened?
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2021.09.17 03:54 WrapAdministrative26 Enough.... just make it stop

I'm so tired... Im tired of waking up ashamed and disappointed in myself I'm tired of the constant mental anguish and frustration I'm so stuck with no where to go and no where to turn
My future is uncertain and uncomfortable... just like I'm used to.... when did I get so dull?
I so desperately needed someplace to share... reality has been very disappointing
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2021.09.17 03:54 Ellie_Stellar I can’t shake this feeling…

It feels like I just got news that someone close to me has died. I can’t shake it. My chest feels sunken in l, and my head like its going to explode. My mind just races. My body is paralyzed.
I can barely see a way out this time. But, I have no other choice. Being mindful of this disorder, is more like faking a smile.
This journey of getting better has only begun, and I can’t even stand up straight? I question my ability to put up a fight.
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2021.09.17 03:54 Hungry_Equipment_519 Free $$$ use code Kr9QWNj

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2021.09.17 03:54 Prestigious-Gur-1926 https://anchor.fm/arnaldo-sanchez6 https://open.spotify.com/episode/4yEuGyJ34LPMBWP4GBglHL?si=0vSFcWLkS_GcElKh9cM7eA&dl_branch=1

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2021.09.17 03:54 billysilly777 Wildly varying income - Give up on property?

First time poster - howdy! Wanting to get some opinions here.. 22 and work as a freelancer in the music industry, as such have a pretty wildly varying income (virtually 0 atm lol). Don't think I'll ever get approved for a home loan, but the idea of having my own place appeals to me massively. I COULD use may parents as guarantors but I imagine this would be quite stressful, I wouldn't want them to have to be in a position to have to sell their house... Should I just give up and try to build up a dividend portfolio that can pay for rent? Any other options out there? Almost feeling like I should pick up some more regular work to supplement my income, but that also feels like I'm giving up on my career and limiting my chances for growth (gaining new clients etc.). Feels like I'm at a bit of a crossroads here as the industry starts to open up again. Any advice would be appreciated, cheers!
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2021.09.17 03:54 zhouse_org VA-Bar_25_Music_presents_TalkTalk_Vol.2-(BAR25154)-WEB-2021-PTC / ZHouse

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2021.09.17 03:54 UBER_DESTRUCTO Finally got around to finishing the maintenance hangar action base and I'm really loving it. HG Kyshatria for scale.

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2021.09.17 03:54 atticus_atticus Any reason not to get a Darkvoice to pair with a Focal Celestee?

I've been loving my Celestee. It's a beautiful headphone and I've been interested if it would pair well with the benefits the Darkvoice offers. Not too much info on the two otherwise.
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2021.09.17 03:54 hazenw Canon FD Flaring

I'm just starting to build out an FD SSC set and have a 24mm 2.8 and a 55mm 1.2 so far. After testing them out I noticed quite a bit of flaring - is this normal? And for those of you shooting professionally with them - is a lens hood a must? So excited to start using them - I've got the Simmod EF conversion kits ordered.
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2021.09.17 03:54 tadeuaguiar Somewhere in Oregon

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2021.09.17 03:54 Killerscreed1111111 I made Concepts for my friends hybrid as well as her ingredients she used.

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