Down to review!

2021.09.17 01:55 MyBurnoutDiaries Down to review!

I am a super new YouTuber… feel free to check out my channel as well to see the low caliber quality I got out there …
but I had some downtime and wanted to offer my reviewing services. Really I just wanna explore what other people are doing. So share away guys!
Oh also this is a link to my channel in case you wanted to see who was reviewing you ahahaha
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2021.09.17 01:55 prey4villains Game Thread for SunnyJim: NYG vs. WFT

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2021.09.17 01:55 littlefyres 🇨🇦 KOHO Referral : Sign up for KOHO, make your first purchase and we’ll both get $20!

Sign up using my referral code below, then once you load your card & make your first purchase, your account will be credited with $20
LINK: Or use code on sign up: VAOCDNG5
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2021.09.17 01:55 LowImagination3028 Is it considered cheating?

I dated this guy about ten years ago. He’s now married.
But he would still keep in touch with me over messenger until I blocked him a few months ago.
He would talk about sexual stuff in our relationship like “you seemed to like those orgasms” or “you were always wet”
Then he started telling me about how he was trying anal with his wife. He once said he wished he’d had a threesome with me before he got married. He asked me if I was naturally good at blow jobs and if I can give him advice to give to his wife so she can improve.
Is this considered cheating?
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2021.09.17 01:55 SimpingForSamantha There was a post regarding the recent crash that stated Max’s behaviour afterwards was immature. I said Lewis’ behaviour at Silverstone was worse and this happened. Awful subreddit.

There was a post regarding the recent crash that stated Max’s behaviour afterwards was immature. I said Lewis’ behaviour at Silverstone was worse and this happened. Awful subreddit. submitted by SimpingForSamantha to formuladank [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 01:55 iamzoot9 Singlehandedly keeping merlin on netflix

With the amount of times I've rewatched merlin in the past year I feel like im creating enough views to singlehandedly keep it on netflix xD anyone else relate?
Honestly it is starting to get a bit ridiculous, will I stop? ... also no xD Ive almost finished s5 again, and already im planning to go back to s1 ahahah
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2021.09.17 01:55 Whats_in_the_glass Okay, this is one of the best blancos I've had.

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2021.09.17 01:55 R42ToMoffat short & sexy dance

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2021.09.17 01:55 19_smeljakis_86 Hemp brick making machine

Hi, hope this is the right place for a post like this. I'm looking into starting a hemp construction company. I'm mostly done with the business plan and while researching various machinery that I'll need for the production line, I came across this machine.
Not only is it cheaper than most other machines, but it also makes hemp bricks? I've not heard of this before so I just wanted to check if anyone has any experience with similar machines and/or the manufacturer?
I've checked their website, they have other brick making machines like this one for clay bricks. It just seems too good to be true and the pics on alibaba website are also a bit odd. But don't want to miss on a potentially great purchase! Anyway, any suggestions will be helpful.
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2021.09.17 01:55 Astrixzzz I might be tripping but am I the only one who feels like Lil Nas X is low key ripping Kid Cudi on this new album

To be exact on the songs Void and Life after Salem . Probs just bugging tho
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2021.09.17 01:55 SkolUMah Could someone edit my dad out of the photo? I love the pic because it's funny seeing him search for golf balls, but would love a copy with just the scenery.

Could someone edit my dad out of the photo? I love the pic because it's funny seeing him search for golf balls, but would love a copy with just the scenery. submitted by SkolUMah to PhotoshopRequest [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 01:55 ZlatansLastVolley How did people get their javazons to yeeet lightening bolts instead of poking?

I remember playing years ago and some people could strike from distance… was that a bug or a legitimate feature I couldn’t figure out?
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2021.09.17 01:55 WereCatNapped Loose Dog In Britannia Village

Seems to be a young husky type. Has a collar but a bit timid. Last seen at the corner of Howe and Britannia 311 was called but no ETA Unfortunately he ran away while people were trying to catch him
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Must sign up and link your bank account by October 24th, 2021.
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2021.09.17 01:55 WishDifferent408 I did get a lil bit of a goosebump when they said "you can share heroes" though

I did get a lil bit of a goosebump when they said submitted by WishDifferent408 to MobileLegendsGame [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 01:55 CountySurfer dave chapelle livenation presale 2021 hollywood bowl

Anyone have the presale code? I had tickets to the last show that was cancelled due to covid, really hoping I can score seats again this time... thanks in advance!
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2021.09.17 01:55 -i-hate-this-place- guys it work now
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2021.09.17 01:55 TripleP46 "api server start failed the bound address is already in use" error? NBminer

Hey, so I'm trying to run two instances of NBminer. I have two cards. But I want to be able to stop mining on one of the cards for when I play games or edit photos.
I setup two instances, but whenever I start the second one (regardless of which card is started first or second) I get that error, and only the first card started shows up on ethermine.
Any ideas?
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2021.09.17 01:55 SylverDeathclaw Tried making a set with the Precious Scars ornament.

Tried making a set with the Precious Scars ornament. submitted by SylverDeathclaw to DestinyFashion [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 01:55 SwimmingThis3424 Am i having panic attacks or something else?

Recently ive been experiencing these moments almost 2/3 times daily, where when im doing some work, or just doing something random, they just come out of nowhere.
I feel this sense of pressure on my chest where it feels like something really heavy is on it, and it feels almost hard to breathe (im not panting like how i would after intense exercise, but i am breathing shallower). I sometimes get heart palpitations with it, and often times hot flashes, where i feel like my entire body is burning up. During these moments all i can think about is how to make it stop and how much i want it to stop and how scared i am, though im not sure what exactly im scared for. I start fidgeting and my fingers sometimes start twitching by themselves. In 2/3 cases i found myself smacking my head with my hand as an automatic reaction to try to make it stop? I only experienced 2 cases where i started crying during, and i was woken up from sleep due to these moments twice now.
I’m not sure if its related, but ive also been finding it hard to sleep for as long as i used to now. Ive also lost my appetite significantly, and also often feel nauseous for no reason.
I really hope someone can tell me what this is and how i can get help for this because im afraid the frequency and randomness of these moments will start impacting my life seriously, especially since they seem to be worsening quickly. And i have no idea how to actually actively stop these moments or prevent them as i havent been able to find a pattern or triggers.
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2021.09.17 01:55 Kisshu-Alas “Lost in Space and Time.” (Finished art trade for ChoasCrow on insta)

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2021.09.17 01:55 Wakas_053 Hmm Makes me wonder

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2021.09.17 01:55 willphule 1.2.7 is out

📷 wjblanke released this 1 hour ago

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2021.09.17 01:55 Lord_Fucknut Gardevoir - please be online: 6885 7129 6010

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