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She’s Always A Woman to Me - Fake Harpsichord Billy Joel Cover

2021.10.27 22:49 Billmoore1 She’s Always A Woman to Me - Fake Harpsichord Billy Joel Cover

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2021.10.27 22:49 abhinav1223 Time to get drug test result

I'm Male 5'6 and weigh 140lbs. I used to smoke flower. 2-3 times a week.
It's been exactly 3 weeks last Saturday(15/10/21) I abstained completely from smoking. I did use some detox and toxin rid don't know if it works but I have been regularly testing -ve for THC about a week and a half using easy at home 5 panel test with faint lines in the morning (after waking up) and some visible lines in the evening (Did 2 tests in a day for a week) all of them were negative. (Did about 15 of them total)
The day of the test: Monday (18th October) Had 2 cups of coffee one early in the morning and one like around 12.15pm (think I messed up there). Didn't eat anything at all! I went to test at the center at around 3 ish. Before I went I took one last test to check the result and got a faint line. With a yellow pee. Drank around 8 - 12 oz of water before going to the test. Did the test saw the same color as you mentioned ( light yellow mostly clear).
Came home did the test again got a visible line on my test which was more clear than the one I did before going to the test. I had the same thought about me diluting the pee.
I don't think my employer has got the results and it's been over a week now I wasn't notified of anything. If in case it is positive the MRO (medical review officer)should have called me to ask about the positive result.
Wanted to know what's the time frame for the same ? And if it's a good chance from the post above to pass the drug test ? My anxiety is off the roof here.
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2021.10.27 22:49 poopinashit Gettin spooky

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2021.10.27 22:49 Bean_69_420 First thing I thought

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2021.10.27 22:49 CustomWritingsCoLTD [Hire me] Math & Stats Tutor

Hey! Hmu for help in your Stats / Calculus class, Projects & assignments/HW. Plus I do data analysis using: R, STATA, Excel, EViews. My Discord: CWCO#8243. Vouch thread: https://discord.gg/9pYTdmgcgx
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2021.10.27 22:49 Lovedd1 Cubone cosplay

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2021.10.27 22:49 Successful_Warthog49 My boat 😭

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2021.10.27 22:49 Codyskank I think I like this a lot.

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2021.10.27 22:49 Agent_tops Mmmmmmm

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2021.10.27 22:49 Mysterious-Regular49 I'm Streaming Visage Tonight, Scary and Fun Experiences Await!

I'm continuing my streak of playing visage for a Halloween special. I get scared petty easily but I have lots of fun playing through it and I hope to see some new people come check it out!
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2021.10.27 22:49 arieljoc I put several thousand dollars into SHIB and took it out one week before it went up by 1000%. AMA

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2021.10.27 22:49 Lioniane Evening gaming. Who wants to join? :3

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2021.10.27 22:49 hypernovaice Just unsubbed from r/196. Sub is now too political 😡

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2021.10.27 22:49 Proven_Scroll Sunsailing, Me, vector, 2021

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2021.10.27 22:49 ThoughtAggressive474 EP I made today

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2021.10.27 22:49 XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD2101 Volví a reddit

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2021.10.27 22:49 StevenDiTo Story of Team NOIR

Their story takes place about 40 years before the first episode of RWBY
The team is made up of the leader Nero Nocturne,the strategist Odalys Wolfsbane,the scout Ivy Fiáin,and the heavyweight Reyna Nebu.
They’re Haven students that intern at a huntsmen agency and uncover deep secrets about the mysterious private military company,the Mars Corporation.
The Story has some sorta duality theme.When the intern at the agency,the work for Team BLNC(Blanc).NOIR and BLNC are both French for black and white.
Another example is that the Mars Corporation is collaborating with I someone called the Red Witch and they’re hunting someone they codenamed Green Warlock.
Last example is between Mars Co. and the agency the Team interns at,the Global Network of Huntsmen Operations.The Mars Corporation is a business that operates of the greed of their customers and the suffering of so many while the GNHO works to help people and keep them safe.
So what do you think?
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2021.10.27 22:49 VenusianSummer Growing Up Chasidish vs Litvak

So, my mom grew up very Chasidish (Satmar, Yiddish first language etc) and then married my dad (Litvak). I went to very frum Litvak schools, and thus my Chasidish identity was sort of erased; my mom never spoke to us in Yiddish, and her own Yiddish dramatically declined. My Litvak dad was and still is very much into chumras and disliked Jewish "culture" (klezmer, Yiddish, etc), just loved the rules.
Eventually, by the time I was in my early teens, my parents chilled out and just became Modern Orthodox (i.e., still keep Shabbos and kosher and whatever). My mom doesn't dress Chasidish anymore, my dad also dresses secular, but still wears a yarmulke and tzitzis, they just follow all the rules but are very much integrated in the "modern world".
I'm not frum at all anymore and don't believe in Yiddishkeit or Hashem, so this is gonna sound weird, but I feel I was 'robbed' of a proper Chasidish experience. I know they are horrible for a lot of people, but like, I already got all the horrible Litvak school stucc, but now I don't speak Yiddish, and the Judaism I got was just watered-down, with all the petty rules and none of the culture. I still very much love klezmer, Jewish humor, Yiddish (currently teaching myself) etc, so I almost feel as if I have "nothing to show" for my upbringing, which was none of the stuff I like and all the stuff I hate.
Does anyone else feel something akin to this?
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2021.10.27 22:49 cyrusnemo Hello and welcome to the SoVT sub!

We are starting to build the SoVT platform starting from the ground up - feel free to browse, ask question, contribute ideas, whatever you want! This will be the start of the official community. You can find the whitepaper with specific information here, or you can ask questions on this sub if you don't feel like browsing
The initial token release is scheduled for Sunday, October 31st, 2021
The basics of the project are these:

SoVT (Store of Value Token) is not meant to be a so-called “BTC slayer” or an “ETH Killer”, SoVT however is meant to be another alternative to the current Store of Value (SoV) cryptocurrency options because it offers solutions to problems with other coins/tokens. The issues other coins/tokens have are slow transaction times, high fees, emergent centralization, slow to upgrade, inflation, and energy concerns stemming from the Proof of Work (PoW) mining on large networks. The argument is not that these projects only have downsides, but that there exists a large enough, and ever expanding, crypto market so that those with the aforementioned concerns do have alternatives. The ways SoVT will help solve these issues will be by creating a finite amount of tokens on the XLM network with near instantaneous transfer speeds and fees for a fraction of a US penny, community governance controlling every decision for the future of the token, community control of 30% of the total supply (covered in more detail in the Tokenomics section), and no PoW energy concerns as the network is far greener than BTC and ETH
More about the tokenomics: there is a total supply of 750,000,000 SoVT with the issuing account locked so no more may be created, but the community will have control of 30% of the total supply (225,000,000 SoVT) via a Community Fund - meaning up to 30% can be burned if agreed upon! 63.5% (576,250,000 SoVT) will be released to the community in multiple rounds, with the initial release consisting of 33.5% (251,250,000 SoVT), 20% (150,000,000 SoVT) in the second, and then two more rounds of 10%. There will be 6.5% reserved for a Founder wallet, but if the community decides to not allocated at least a portion of the Community Funds to a Developer Wallet, then the Founder wallet will be reallocated to the Dev Wallet. The goal for the Dev Wallet is to incentivize developers to join us because the more developers there are working on SoVT based projects, the more decentralized the project is, the more utility it will have, and the quicker features can be rolled out
Here is the contract showing that the issuing account has been locked and confirming the total supply
Thanks for stopping by, and again, welcome! -Cyrus
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2021.10.27 22:49 subscribenerd Kris, don't turn me into a non marketable pumpkin! NoOo

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2021.10.27 22:49 SadBear42 Shipping to foreign P.O. Box?

Does FedEx Express ship and deliver to foreign P.O. Boxes (Germany)?
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2021.10.27 22:49 Diligent_Shock7419 boyfriend keeps nudes of his old ex and does other 🚩 things

my boyfriend and I have been dating for eight months and are planning to move in together by ten months
he got out of an unhealthy 5 year relationship a year-ish before meeting me (they unofficially broke up in February 2020, we met in March 2021) but... I found out via his Google photos account that they had still been messaging and sexting up until July 2020
one of the last messages he sent her was “I’ll love you forever” and “I’ll never get over you”
he’s said he’s over his past relationship but I’ve seen on his Instagram and Facebook search history that he’s creeped her several times during our months of dating
one top of that, he’s admitted several times in the past that he doesn’t delete photos from any time period of his life
and I saw super explicit photos of him and his ex and the fact that he hasn’t deleted them (although he promises he doesn’t look at them) has me feeling all sorts of doubts
I know many will zero in on the fact that I looked at his Google photos but, please, genuine advice or thoughts
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2021.10.27 22:49 Careless_Lemon_93 The way these rings formed around my boiled eggs.

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2021.10.27 22:49 Sea_Inflation1583 MUST READ FOR PROG MOASS!!!!!!!!!!

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