Moving to Korea

2021.10.20 06:20 stevrl123 Moving to Korea

Hi everyone, me and my partner are currently thinking of relocating to Korea for a couple of years to work and experience Korean culture from the UK. We are both in our early 20s (22 and 23), and both of us have either a degrees or foundation degree, with myself having a foundation degree in engineering science as well as an NVQ in manufacturing engineering and my partner having a 1st degree in education with English literature specialism. What are the opportunities for employment in south Korea judging from our qualifications and is there a need for jobs at the minute in Korean society?
Thank you
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2021.10.20 06:20 iSupportWorldwide “Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.” – Isabelle Lafleche

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2021.10.20 06:20 KCobra9 I will shred them down to its last atom

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2021.10.20 06:20 MOUDI113 Must See Scary Movies from Your Country

It is almost Halloween folks. Let's share a must watch scary or thriller movies from your countries for this Halloween.
South Korea: Cannot think of scary movies. However, I thought 이웃사람 (the neighbors) and the call were pretty good thriller movies.
U.S: End of Days was pretty scary.
However most memorable scary movie was the eye (hong kong/sinaporean version). I think this one is the original one. Don't watch the remake.. I was so disappointed with Jessica Alba version.
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2021.10.20 06:20 c2eleven What Vitamins Are Good for Kidneys?

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2021.10.20 06:20 pasnak Snipers only

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2021.10.20 06:20 flyblackjack Is it to early to ask if anyone else will be going ?

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2021.10.20 06:20 jerrithelarry genshin impact vs minecraft impact

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2021.10.20 06:20 gugzi-rocks Guys, when your girl/friends asked you what was wrong and you said "Nothing, I'm fine" (or something along those lines). What was actually the problem?

Just curious to know if there was a problem and why you didn't want to talk about it.
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2021.10.20 06:20 BoredLurkerrr Coming back to pathfinder kingmaker (ps4)

Hey guys, i quit this game 2 months ago because the combat was so damn hard.
I wanna come back, but I honestly hate playing on easy mode/story mode which I have to because I suck so bad.
My character is a paladin, but I lost my powers due to becoming neutral good(I was trying to romance Octavia)
Honestly I’ve been thinking of going back, but I really wish I didn’t suck so bad.
I love everything else but crpg combat always whoops my ass.
Do you guys think it’s worth it? The story is great, but I honestly hate playing on easy mode.
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2021.10.20 06:20 DavidoGwapo I like his mustache

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2021.10.20 06:20 Supreme_and_DEATH13 [PC][2000-2012]2d fighting game where the camera is on top.

have vague memories but I think I remember correctly
(The game)
The game was in 2d the camera was in a view from above, the game was street fighting
(The main character)
The character looked a lot like Bruce Lee, shirtless and wearing black pants.
(game details )
I remember the character's name was CJ or something like that
the game was from a cd dvd player with many game on a cd
I played around 2013 or 2015 probably
The game had some not-so-fun mechanics such as grabbing give finishing blows things like that
help me find yyyyyy
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2021.10.20 06:20 Area-Alarmed Hey Eve. Did you run out of money? What's taking so long to refund us? Can't spell thiEVEs without EVE.

Tired of waiting
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2021.10.20 06:20 getblockio Bitcoin Difficulty Spikes To New Highs, New York Authorities Attack Crypto Lending, Sophia The Robot Sold as NFT: Crypto News Digest

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2021.10.20 06:20 Boring-Bed-Bug Sears Tower during a blackout

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2021.10.20 06:20 Jaricc Going private

Does anyone have advice on where to pick up private students?
I've been teaching on iTalki for 2-3 months now. It's been a positive experience so far, I have developed a curriculum, my feedback has been really good and I've gone quite well in converting trial classes into regular student.
The problem is, new student trial requests and becoming less and less frequent, which isn't surprising as I'm buried under pages and pages and pages of teachers. So as some of my regulars inevitably start to fall away due to other commitments, it's hard to "replace" them.
Sorry if this is asked all the time, I did a quick search and didn't fine much :)
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2021.10.20 06:20 workout-me When you realise you haven't even opened the fridge for days... 😁

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2021.10.20 06:20 0_aplas Ελληνικό tinder

Μπορει καποιος/καποια να μου εξηγησει καποια πραγματα που βλεπω στο τιντερ και δεν καταλαβαινω; Αρχικα μου πηρε λιγη ωρα να καταλαβω οτι ολες αυτες οι ομορφες κινεζουλες ειναι scam profile. Τι παιζει με την Ανωτατη Σχολη Καλων Τεχνων? Φοιτουν ολες οντως εκει? Ειναι καποιο code? Απλα το βαζουν ετσι? Καποια "generic" πραγματα τα googlαρα σαν ορολογίες (ενιωσα αρκετα γερος) και εβγαλα ακρη. Κατι άλλο που πρεπει να ξερω; (εκτος του οτι δεν θα κανω σεξ)
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2021.10.20 06:20 trapusmajus 🍂beautiful autumn boi (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿)🍂

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2021.10.20 06:20 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing rjjdgskshs lmfao

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2021.10.20 06:20 Scorpion1386 Has anyone here lost their libido before starting NoFap?

Is it possible, you think?
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2021.10.20 06:20 AnxiousDaikon2682 Am I being stubborn and too independent

I (f30) feel really stupid posting this but I’m just feeling really activated/triggered right now. I’m moving house next weekend & I have a few things to move but really not that much stuff. A couple of bigger items to go in a trailer like an outdoor table & mattress. My partner (m36) is coming to load the trailer with me & said he will also grab his dad to help. I said we’ll be fine - my mum is here too so myself, my partner & my mum will manage just fine. He’s kinda responded like “um….. I might bring dad”. It’s made me feel useless or like I’m not capable. Are me and my mum just meant to stand there and look pretty while they move a few of my things? I don’t know why this has bothered me so much and I’m trying figure it out. Maybe I feel hurt he doesn’t trust my judgement. I dunno. Help?
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2021.10.20 06:20 RevolutionaryGift620 GTA San Andreas Remastered 'First Mission' Gameplay Definitive Edition

Please support my channel if this is your type of content :)
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2021.10.20 06:20 iYuuzaki No hay grupo de telegram para morbo hacia ella o algo así?

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2021.10.20 06:20 bananapeelmicrowave You are dying because you aimed down sights.

When you are using a shotgun (excluding slugs) do not ADS. It doesn't increase spread, or range, or anything. It only makes your target harder to hit. I'm talking all ranges, 5m-500m. If you are using a shotgun (excluding slugs) do not ADS. You have died so many times because you aimed down sights. It does nothing besides make your target harder to hit.
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