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2021.10.20 07:36 LeeJidong This error pops out always: Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException] Details: No details

I have been encountering this error after subscribing to a ton of assets and mods. I kinda trimmed down the problematic assets and outdated mods but I still encounter the error. Mind if someone can determine if there are conflicts between mods and assets?

LOGS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yPwg2QGhWIrkgkhaxbcxzq_XMkfoJa-u?usp=sharing
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2021.10.20 07:36 Mateo_Fr PC back cable management

Not the best cable management but at least the panel close properly xD
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2021.10.20 07:36 BasketballHighlight How does a tax return with twitch income work in Australia?

Running out of time to put in my tax return to good ol Australian Tax Office ( ATO ). I'm an affiliate and have earnt $2303.48 USD in the last tax year.

  1. Does this come under foreign income or "other income"?
  2. Can I enter it as USD? Or does it force me to convert?
  3. What can I deduct? I have an ABN and my own business which the business paypal account recieves the payouts, I recently spent money on a new PC while streaming and etc, can I deduct PC costs from the income or anything?
  4. What statements do I need? It always went out to my paypal and I made an excel spreadsheet of the dates in the tax year + the total money (how I got the figure)
This is not my primary job, and I've put all that in I just don't know how to put in my income from Twitch, any help would be great!
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2021.10.20 07:36 WrestlingGuru2021 WWE 2K17 Superstar Threads Xavier Woods 2015 Attire

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2021.10.20 07:36 CreamyChickenRice Hypothetical Saitō Story Path - Siege of Arioka Castle

Chapter 5: 4th Battle
Tatsuoki Saitō, Magoichi Saika, or Masanobu Honda (1st) + Kanbei Kuroda (2nd)
Notable Enemies
Tsuneoki Ikeda, Hanbei Takenaka, Hideyoshi Hashiba, Kazuuji Nakamura, and Gracia »»» Yoshiaki Ashikaga and Terumoto Mori
Following the defeat of the Mori army at Kizugawaguchi, Nobunaga kicked off his campaign to conquer the mighty clan of Chugoku and chose to ignore the Honganji for some time. Knowing that the Ikko-Ikki we're safe for the moment, Tatsuoki Saitō and Masanobu Honda agree to follow Magoichi Saika to Kii Province where they meet up with Tsuneoki Ikeda.
According to Tsuneoki, various lords are planning to rebel against Nobunaga during his conquest of the Mori, including his neighbor Murashige Araki. In exchange for forgiveness for their past crimes against the Oda, Tsuneoki tasks them with assisting Murashige Araki until the Mori forces are confident enough to send a detachment of reinforcements towards them. Although the trio didn't fully understand his intentions, at the advice of Masanobu, they agree to be of service in the coming battle.
° Victory Conditions: Defeat Hideyoshi Hashiba, Hanbei Takenaka, and Tsuneoki Ikeda.
° Defeat Conditions: Murashige Araki is routed or Mori reinforcements fail to reach the battlefield.
° Obj. 1: Defend the Western Garrison from Tsuneoki Ikeda and the Saika Mercenaries.
° Obj. 2: Prevent Hideyoshi Hashiba from wiping out the central defense force and reaching Arioka Castle.
° Obj. 3: Eliminate Hanbei Takenaka's forces in the east before Shinpachirō Nakashima is forced to withdraw.
° Obj. 4: Defeat Kazuuji Nakamura and his allies in the west before Muratsugu Araki is taken out.
° Obj. 5: Prevent enemy forces from infiltrating the Central Garrison for 3 minutes.
° Victory Conditions: Defeat Terumoto Mori, Yoshiaki Ashikaga, and Murashige Araki.
° Defeat Conditions: Hideyoshi Hashiba, Hanbei Takenaka, or Tsuneoki Ikeda is routed.
° Obj. 6: Defeat Ukon Takayama and Kiyohide Nakagawa before Murashige Araki approaches Hideyoshi Hashiba and Tsuneoki Ikeda.
° Obj. 7: Defeat Murashige Araki before he rendezvous with Yoshiaki Ashikaga.
° Obj. 8: Eliminate the Mori vanguard led by Takaie Shishido.
° Bonus 1: Rescue Murauji Suita from Morinari Ando, Ittetsu Inaba, and Naomasa Ujiie.
° Bonus 2: Avoid defeating the Spy Captains while eliminating Tsuneoki Ikeda and Kazuuji Nakamura's forces.
° Bonus 3: Defeat Gracia, Tadaoki Hosokawa, and Fujitaka Hosokawa.
° Magoichi | Bonus 4: Ensure that none of the Saika Mercenaries are taken out after ambushing the Mori forces.
° Masanobu | Bonus 5: Eliminate all members of the Araki army within 3 minutes.
° Special: Win with more than 13 allied officers still on the battlefield.
Battleground Info
Araki Army
Magoichi Saika « Defects to Oda Army
Tatsuoki Saitō « Defects to Oda Army
Masanobu Honda « Defects to Oda Army
Murashige Araki ★
Muratsugu Araki
Motokiyo Araki
Murauji Suita « Slain when defeated
Heishirō Miyawaki
Shigetaka Kinoshita
Shinpachirō Nakashima
Kunimitsu Shiokawa
Masamoto Kodera
Niemon Anbe
Tomomasa Ikeda
Ukon Takayama « Defects after defeated by Kanbei
Kiyohide Nakagawa « Defects after defeated by Kanbei
(✓) = Reappears After Obj. 6 if previously defeated
Oda Army
Hideyoshi Hashiba*
Tsuneoki Ikeda*
Hanbei Takenaka*
(Kazuuji Nakamura*) « Ambush Unit
(Kanbei Kuroda)
Hidenaga Hashiba
Fujitaka Hosokawa
Tadaoki Hosokawa
Morishige Tsuchibashi (✓)
Yoritaka Hachiya
Koroku Hachisuka
Kazumasa Isono
Morinari Ando
Ittetsu Inaba
Naomasa Ujiie
Magoroku Saika (✓)
Yoshimasa Oka (✓)
Shigenori Takenaka (✓)
Mototaka Kuroda (✓)
Motosuke Ikeda (✓)
Masatsugu Ishida
Mototsuna Kutsuki
Naosada Katagiri
(Katsuhide Wakisaka) « Ambush Unit
Yoshihisa Mori
Hidekatsu Hasegawa
(Hidetaka Kawajiri) « Ambush Unit
Kitsugo Murata
(Kazuhide Nakamura) « Ambush Unit
Mori Army
Yoshiaki Ashikaga ★
Terumoto Mori ★
Shigaie Shishido
{Other generic officers}
Battle Summary
At the beginning of the battle, the Oda army has already gained control of the northern and eastern portions of the battlefield while Murashige Araki's army still retains complete control over the west and is struggling to hold back Hideyoshi Hashiba's main army at the center of the battlefield. Tatsuoki, Magoichi, and Masanobu start off inside the West Garrison directly across from Tsuneoki Ikeda and subordinates (Motosuke Ikeda, Magoroku Saika, Yoshimasa Oka, and Morishige Tsuchibashi) around the Northwest Fort. Tsuneoki reminds the trio of the plan and warns them that the Mori army will abandon Murashige Araki if they fail to stop three of Hanbei Takenaka's schemes.
After forcing Tsuneoki Ikeda to temporarily withdraw then finishing off his remaining officers, Murashige Araki orders the trio to repel Hideyoshi's fierce charge through the center of the battlefield before he reaches the perimeter of Arioka Castle. At that time, a lone allied officer will be stranded behind enemy lines and can be rescued by defeating Gracia and the Hosokawa army, causing them to temporarily withdraw until later. Afterwards, he'll assist in protecting the castle and boost the fighting spirit of the defenders. Once Hideyoshi retreats and his forces are routed, Hanbei Takenaka's forces become the next target. However, when engaging Hanbei, Kazuuji Nakamura ambushes the western side of the battlefield and uses his forces (Katsuhide Wakisaka, Kazuhide Nakamura, and Hidetaka Kawajiri) to open all checkpoint and garrison gates, endangering Muratsugu Araki. Allowing Muratsugu Araki to be defeated exposes the west side of Arioka Castle and plummets the morale of the Araki army. While fighting Kazuuji Nakamura's forces, spy captains disguised as Araki soldiers will be mixed in with the soldiers and must be avoided to ensure that Hanbei's next scheme is unhindered.
Once Hanbei and Kazuuji have both withdrawn, multiple rumors about the Mori abandoning the Araki and soldiers planning in defecting spread throughout Murashige's camp and cause him to order Kanbei Kuroda to be silenced after concluding he's the source. The gates to the Central Garrison open for the trio to reveal that Kanbei isn't there, just as they planned with Tsuneoki. The Oda army, believing Kanbei to be located in the Central Garrison, is ordered to assault the base using whatever forces still available, including the Hosokawa if they weren't defeated. Murauji Suita is automatically slain after that and brings down the Araki army's morale. If the Oda army manages to discover Kanbei Kuroda is missing, Murashige Araki will panic, not knowing where Kanbei can be, and strengthen the security of Arioka Castle which doubles the attack strength of Ukon Takayama and Kiyohide Nakagawa.
With the successful defense of the Central Garrison comes a fake report of Kanbei Kuroda being executed. Murashige Araki's morale is raised to the max and is easily convinced to launch a counter-attack against Hideyoshi's forces after the Mori army arrives. Once he leaves Arioka Castle however, the gates are firmly shut behind him and Kanbei Kuroda appears inside. Murashige Araki realizes he's been fooled by Tatsuoki, Magoichi, and Masanobu then tries to escape to the Mori. He's stopped by the ambush of the Oda army against both him and the Mori forces. While the enemy is stalled, Kanbei must defeat Ukon Takayama and Kiyohide Nakagawa to force them and Arioka Castle to surrender. If Murashige Araki defeats Shigenori Takenaka and Mototaka Kuroda and approaches the Oda commanders before then, they will take a significant chunk of damage from an enraged Murashige. After taking Arioka Castle, Murashige Araki's defense and attack strength are cut in half.
While Kanbei is dealing with Arioka Castle, Tsuneoki Ikeda orders the trio to assist Saika Mercenaries and Hosokawa forces with destroying the Mori vanguard and the remaining members of the Araki army. Magoichi makes it his personal mission to ensure none of the Saika are routed while Masanobu takes a keen interest in quickly eliminating their former allies. The battle ends once Terumoto Mori, Yoshiaki Ashikaga, and Murashige Araki are defeated.
Post-Battle Cutscenes & Events
After the battle, Gracia runs over to Tatsuoki, Magoichi, and Masanobu to congratulate them on ensuring the plan worked out and asks them how they've been since Kizugawaguchi. Masanobu starts explaining the deterioration of the Honganji's influence and it's numbered days before they're interrupted by Hanbei Takenaka's failing condition.
After a cutscene showing Hanbei's death, Tsuneoki Ikeda, Magoichi, and Tatsuoki are back inside Arioka Castle (which has been awarded to Tsuneoki for his contributions to the battle) to discuss the deal they made prior to their involvement at Kizugawaguchi. As promised, the Saika Mercenaries would be allowed more leniency than previously on the orders of Nobunaga and that Magoichi Saika's actions from that point on will be viewed separately from the intentions of the Saika clan itself. Tatsuoki Saitō and Masanobu Honda are also forgiven for their past opposition to Nobunaga's growth as well.
When asked why he created such a proposition afterwards to them by Masanobu, Tsuneoki replies that if Nagashino taught him anything, it's that sometimes it takes the talents of your enemies to make true progress in this period of constant warfare.
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2021.10.20 07:36 Jazz00788 Hi Manager's 🖐️ I Can Grind 150+ Slp Per Day

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2021.10.20 07:36 Hex10n [New Chapter] I Just Want to Be a Useless Duke's Daughter - Chapter 8.2

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2021.10.20 07:36 zombiepirate2020 Rant: Google Ads Specialists are Far Too Aggressive

I'm not saying too aggressive for a sales role.
I'm saying too aggressive for sh*t talking before a boxing match. I would have no ability to focus on the win, and I would lose all composure and immediately hit below the belt. It would be all I was concerned with.
I fully believe these people were snorting ritalin.
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2021.10.20 07:36 BitcoinGazete Ripple Fiyat Analizi: XRP/USD bugün 1,5 doların üzerine çıkmaya hazırlanıyor

Hızlı bir düşüş, piyasayı önceki düşük seviyesinin altına getirdiğinden, Ripple fiyat analizi olumlu. XRP/USD,
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2021.10.20 07:36 tontosaurus Is geddon task 14 bugged?

The task states: Increase the speed of friendly abilities by a total of 15
I have tried to lower the speeds and I don’t know anything that would increase friendly speeds, so what’s the case with this one? Has anyone done it already?
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2021.10.20 07:36 princaz Put that in your weeding speech

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2021.10.20 07:36 WrestlingGuru2021 WWE 2K17 Superstar Threads Xavier Woods 2015 Attire

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2021.10.20 07:36 werid She thinks she has disproved the critics: - People thought I went for money and not development (Norwegian interview with Caroline Graham Hansen)

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2021.10.20 07:36 XPrototypeX_ qui pour tribute mes potes giga fraîche ? go dm

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2021.10.20 07:36 DaffodilTattoo A slice of pure autumn up at Castle Park.

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2021.10.20 07:36 Artopedia_1704 AFTER HOURS TIL DAWN TOUR

I've seen many of the Indian fans hoping Abel would come to India .. but like the past will he ignore it again And even if he comes he'll choose just one venue ??
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2021.10.20 07:36 22upalanbosluk Toksikliğimi kaybettim

Bir süredir insanlara kötü davranamıyorum çalışsam bile yapmacık geliyor. Hayattan aldığım tek zevk buydu. Birilerini kudurtup sinirden deliye dönmesini izlemek unutulmaz bir histi yardım eder misiniz 😔 böyle giderse iyi bir insan olacağım
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2021.10.20 07:36 vaishakh1000 Magoosh gre for sale

29 days available for 27 dollars
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2021.10.20 07:36 TEN-MAJKL 😳😳😳

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2021.10.20 07:36 crutlefish A plan many years in the making...

Hello fine folk of BorderCollie,
I have been wanting to get a border collie for about 15 years now and I'm almost getting to the point where I will have the living arrangements (buying a house with a great back garden) where I can genuinely entertain the idea of getting my dream dog.
I've read a lot of different things from lots of different places, and I wanted to come here, now that it is becoming more of a reality, to get some hands on advice (rather than solely blog posts and books).
I and my partner are very active, and both work from home. I'm working out the various parts of the puzzle with a view that after an epic adventure next summer (riding the Tour Divide), I will be in a place to get a pup and spend quality time with it from the offset to build the bond and start the training.
Knowing what you know now, and with the idea that I've got about 10 months to prepare, what advice would you give in terms of things to sort out ahead of time.
What items would you suggest I acquire ahead of time?
What things training wise would you recommend?
I'm in the UK, and so for those who can provide some detail, what sort of costs are expected? Which pet insurers are good for border collies?
What are folks experience between male and female collies?
Any recommendations on food for example?
From a "joining what I do" side of things, I am planning on taking it hiking, running, bike packing, cycling with me.
From a "doing things for it" side of things, I am going to try agility training, as the garden will be big enough to have various things to practice with. I am keen to whistle train the dog.
I appreciate this is an open ended set of questions - as I don't want to guide the advice to what I've already read - and I also know that with any advice my mileage and experience will vary.
Thank you for your time!
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2021.10.20 07:36 KingGavin25043 Is Earthrealm Tower 200 the worst designed boss fight in MKMobile?

I genuinely think it might be, Raiden constantly cheating death combined with Nightwolf royally destroying my team combined with the neverending blindness.
All things considered this is quite possibly the worst example of making the game harder through complete bullshit i've ever seen.
But I wanna know what the community thinks. Is it as bad as I think it is? Do I just suck at this game? Is Fatal 200 gonna suck even harder?
View Poll
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2021.10.20 07:36 CriticalWindow5 This floor art

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2021.10.20 07:36 rookie21290 Lily Collins vs Ayesha Takia

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2021.10.20 07:36 MinuteCicada What's the brand of Slim's sweater? I love his style!

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2021.10.20 07:36 msszenzy Need advice on DHL tracking of a parcel I sent to Mexico

Hello! I hope this is okay, this is the first time i use this subreddit, and the first time I send something with DHL.
I sent a package from Germany to Mexico, and added the tracking, just to be sure it arrived and to check where the package was, especially because it's a handmade gift.
The tracking worked fine while the package was in Germany, but last week the last update was:
"The shipment will be transported to the destination country/destination area and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization. (Homepage / online shipment tracking: http://www.correosdemexico.gob.mx/English/Paginas/track.aspx )"
Except that it has been a week, plus that page does not exist anymore so I'm not sure where to go for tracking.
There has been no more updates, even 17track has no more updates with the tracking number. Should I contact DHL? is there another website I can use to track the package in Mexico?
I'm pretty annoyed because I thought the tracking meant that there would be tracking from start to arrival.
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