Sexiest Woman Alive quarterfinals 1: Scarlett Johansson vs Halle Berry (2006/2008)

2021.10.20 07:09 MrArnoNymous Sexiest Woman Alive quarterfinals 1: Scarlett Johansson vs Halle Berry (2006/2008)

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2021.10.20 07:09 LordTachankaMain Infinity edge without 60% crit in Worlds

Last time someone asked about players building IE second item in ranked, the general consensus was that it was just stupid low elo players, and wasn’t optimal.
Now, in worlds RNG vs. HLR, Deft on Kaisa bought Galeforce, Wit‘s end, and then IE, so we have acknowledge that maybe it isn’t just a bronze strat.
What are you guy’s thoughts?
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2021.10.20 07:09 fatyoshi_48 jesús 🇬🇹

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2021.10.20 07:09 Teth_1963 Physicist believes new Chinese telescope could detect aliens before they invade Earth

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2021.10.20 07:09 mrfaifaifai Bae got the mighty fine beeps reacting to "Then Who Was Phone?" creepypasta.

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2021.10.20 07:09 ImaCompletCyclePath That is correct,

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2021.10.20 07:09 boobamonster69 Champs Qualifiers and this arse kicks the ball out and quits in the first minute?

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2021.10.20 07:09 GhostIntention Giratina 2074 5438 5841

Giratina 2074 5438 5841
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2021.10.20 07:09 sergei_von_kerman Rockets and their crews

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2021.10.20 07:09 Bigboybot76 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOP BIG 22

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2021.10.20 07:09 o_t_i_s_ Wali Game Sneak Peak

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2021.10.20 07:09 GrapesBlimey Playing on Xbox sieges suck

I wanna decrease the number of soldiers on the map at any given time what is the best number so sieges aren’t lacklustre but also not utter shit.
100 is just way too much, all the soldiers bottle neck the ramp and I budged off before I can even get there.
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2021.10.20 07:09 EaterOfWorldsLol My cat

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2021.10.20 07:09 msaad01 Good time to buy a house???

Hello Folks,
Need your input. There probably have been similar posts somewhere down below, but can't go through them all.
I am 31 with above average salary living in mississauga. I want to purchase a house. The housing prices are out of reach for me in mississauga or anywhere near. I could probably get a house in Cambridge/Kitchner area where I can afford it. My concern is, is it a good time to buy a house? Or should I wait until this insanity is over and we see a correction of 10-20% decrease in housing market (may be in 3 years)?
I have seen videos on tiktok and these guys explaining that how Canadia would have so many million immigrants coming here in next couple of year thus they would be needing to stay somewhere and Ontario is where it is going to be thus market will keep rising.
I am a firm believer of what goes up must come down. People would be in shit tons of trouble once the interest rate reaches above 3.5% as oppose to under 1.8% currently.
Please advise me. What are your thoughts? Good time to buy or wait? If advise is to buy, should I buy pre construction or get a older house (under 7 years old).
Your input is highly appreciated.
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2021.10.20 07:09 lifeiswhatyoumakeitt Safemoon Wallet, Moonpay experience.

Well that was quick.
As a UK user I didn't know if I'd have difficulty buying Safemoon anymore since several banks are blocking payments to certain exchanges.
I made an account, entered my banking details, I had to upload my ID and verify myself like you would on Binance or any other exchange and that was it! I mean it genuinely only took 4 minutes from start to finish (receiving the BNB) The ID upload took longer than the check, not sure if that's a good or a bad thing... But it was ridiculously quick.
I expected it to be a pain in the arse but I'm pleasantly surprised.
Good job to the Safemoon team/Moonpay.
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2021.10.20 07:09 corporatechauvinist Anyone learning another language while retaining?

I’ve never been so focused before and I’m going to try to commit myself to becoming fluent in my father’s language.
(embarrassed to say I discounted the necessity of learning it when i was younger)
I’ve been retaining for a week now and the drive to learn and focus on this particular thing is really strong.
Does anyone have experience with retaining information like this while on SR? When I used to spill my seed regularly I never had this kind motivation.
When I cross this off my list I’m hoping I can move on to learn another one :)
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2021.10.20 07:09 lilaylie HELP ME PLS L/C JORDAN LOW GYM RED

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2021.10.20 07:09 ghostofthefallen Morning Snack by 43ふじ.

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2021.10.20 07:09 Ale1325 Silenzio Bruno

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2021.10.20 07:09 FreeThinker76 I've have only found out in the last few years that the general consensus is you like one or the other.

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2021.10.20 07:09 nekowatch drawtober 19 laziest one yet

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2021.10.20 07:09 YKHMA_YT I made a Smash Reveal for Scott

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2021.10.20 07:09 Ihavenousername15526 Kai'Sa is hot

That’s it that’s the whole post
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2021.10.20 07:09 CursedMatcha Can anybody explain this part in Signal Simulator part 4?

Shortly after Joel finds the Grey signal, there's a cut in the video which I assume is the stream going down or something. Before the cut, the date reads November 3, which is the date of the stream. After the cut however, the date reads November 15 which according to guides is the exact day required to find the event signal with the triangle UFO. The "time detected" of the triangle UFO Signal also reads 00:08, the necessary time to find the signal, yet the actual in-game time is 3 AM.
What's going on here exactly? It's my second time watching through these streams, and they're my favorite Joel streams of al time. But something obviously happened here... was it Kirillian's doing? Did Joel know this was going to happen? Kinda sucks it wasn't natural, although he never would have gotten it otherwise I guess.
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2021.10.20 07:09 Crypterix Get free NFT airdrop

Get free NFT Cryptodogsclub just connect BSC wallet and pay commission 0.0008 BNB.
You can see it immediately in the collection section of the website.
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