I recently got a c6 beidou and was wondering which weapon is good on her

2021.10.20 06:10 CyrusPotsangbam I recently got a c6 beidou and was wondering which weapon is good on her

Er is not a problem so I was leaning more towards sea lord
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2021.10.20 06:10 highonjuiceboxes I'm a junior. I love my job and hate college. What should I do with my life?

I've never been a particularly successful student. I went on academic probation my first semester and didn't do amazing the semester after, albeit I did have improvement. I got much better with classes in my sophomore year (nearly making the dean's list in my first semester sophomore year) and did alright in my second semester but not as well (COVID really burned me out towards the end). I have autism and depression, and managing them both in a college environment can be extremely difficult for me, even with help, leading to me going into cycles where I will feel completely unmotivated to do work, skip classes, etc.
Now I am in the first semester of my junior year. Currently missing a bunch of assignments and have a few teachers that have no late work policies, hence tanking my grades. Also fell into a spell of depression where I skipped classes and forgot about assignments, hence tanking my grades more. That is not to say, however, that I have not been productive.
Over the course of the summer, I was able to land a job remotely as a marketing intern for a logistics company, focusing on their social media and marketing analytics. I really enjoyed the job, even if it was a startup environment. The people were nice and I really enjoyed the work. I also spent a good portion of the summer trying to learn new skills in data analytics and marketing to bolster my resume and make me a better job candidate, something I felt that my college (the private New England liberal arts sort) had completely failed at preparing me for.
Earlier in September, following the completion of my first internship, I got an offer for another marketing internship position at a major software company, which I accepted. I'm great with interviews and projecting my confidence and skillset to other people, offering help, among other things, and I was really able to make a good impression on my recruiters and hiring managers, something I had never been able to do with my professors.
Now I am almost a month into my second marketing internship, and boy, this is amazing. I am finally putting all the summer effort into learning new skills, software, and techniques in marketing to help boost my image and make me a strong worker. I have always felt more enjoyment at work than I did at school, so for the first time ever I have felt appreciated for my skillset. My managers always let me know that I am doing good work, and we have lots of constant communication on how to improve the business. Overall, the technology, the people, the corporate culture, and the field have all been eye-openers to me as to what I am truly capable of, and now I feel at peace knowing that for once, despite my mental handicaps, I can be a truly productive member of society. This brings me back to college.
Despite my success in the workplace, I feel upset about my performance in classes and bitter about the fact that I am being forced to do something that for my whole life has never benefited me in a positive way - sitting in a classroom memorizing gobs of information. It just feels like such an outdated model of teaching for the purposes of what I want to do with my career. I have learned infinitely more from my LinkedIn Learning courses on marketing concepts, R, Tableau, and other functions than I ever have in a classroom setting. Based on the wide pool of students available here, I figured I ask a few questions. What would be the best way to help my situation? I understand that college is necessary, but what can I do to make it easier for me to accomplish? And are there ways I could work with the system to make it easier for me to go through college? I am open to any and all suggestions, cause I am a bit lost. Much thanks!

TL:DR: Suck at school due to mental handicaps, overall disinterest in learning style, and much higher interest in pursuing career opportunities. Got a job I loved while in school and working it is much more fulfilling than being in school, making me more bitter and sucking more. Looking for ways to reduce or embrace my suck.
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2021.10.20 06:10 0AlienGiraffe0 Prepare to be crushed

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2021.10.20 06:10 inquizkp Nearly all the girls I approach are 'no girls'?

I read here about the idea of yes girls and no girls etc.
My problem is that nearly all the girls I meet seem to be 'no girls'. Is it just a matter of needing to get in even better shape an/or accept that it's just the way it is?
95% of all my approaches see to be on of 2 situations (or types of what I think you guys call 'no girls')
1/ There's the ones that are super cold (i'll give you a few variations of the different convos with these sorts of girls):
I'm in the bar. See a cute girl. I open, 'can I meet you real quick?' and she's like 'Sorry. I've got a boyfriend'. (ps - these girls don't have boyfriends as they usually approach my wingman later in the night lol). I say 'I didn't ask you about your love life lol. I said can I meet you'. She's like 'No. I don't talk to randoms. Bye''.
See a cute girl, 'Hey can I meet you real quick''. 'not interested. Sorry'. I say 'not interested in what? I'm not a salesman. I'm just having a drink like you are. What's your name?' and from here i'm kind of talking too a brick wall. I'll make comments and ask questions but she is either ignoring me or giving the shortest answers imaginable and seemingly trying to end the convo. I'll snap my fingers and try to engage her and stuff to kind of call her out on being rude, but they tend to look at you like you're a retard and I cut my losses here. (I don't live in the US and I wonder whether people just think it's strange in general to be cold approached, even in bars. Especially very young girls?)
OK, that was type1 of 'no girl'. Type2 are at least receptive to convo, but it's like they are just social talkative girls by their nature. But most of the time they aren't into me in terms of wanting to hook up. That becomes apparent if I try to escalate physically at all, or if I try to get them to come too a different bar with me or get isolation etc
I did manage to sleep with over 10 girls this year (and I only go out one night per week), so it's not like i'm socially super bad or anything. But they were all girls who I guess you would call 'maybe girls' or 'yes girls'?
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2021.10.20 06:10 koranfighter Bread ๐Ÿ‘

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2021.10.20 06:10 Antique-Wolverine-59 Why do Protestants orientate so much of their social life around church?

Iโ€™m Northern Irish Catholic, I rarely go to mass. Maybe once a year. I donโ€™t socialise with anyone in my church, for us itโ€™s, in and out. Once a week. We know very few people in our church.
With the Protestants in Northern Ireland, it seems all they do is socialise with people in their church. I will be sitting there and theyโ€™ll just be talking about church. Someone will say Simeon thing and theyโ€™ll say โ€œoh aye she goes to my churchโ€.
This was the same in school, theyโ€™d talk about church all the time and it seemed that their only friends were in church.
This by the way was not only with religious people, it was across the board with the Protestants.. this just isnโ€™t a thing with catholics.
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2021.10.20 06:10 P-3-P-S-I hmmm

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2021.10.20 06:10 g4m3f33d Local teen talks gaining worldwide recognition by playing Fortnite - 69News WFMZ-TV

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2021.10.20 06:10 mr_pjx Trading! Look at comments for info

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2021.10.20 06:10 KCTurkeyTL $TVK ticareti ลŸu anda #KuCoin'de yayฤฑnda!

$TVK ticareti ลŸu anda #KuCoin'de yayฤฑnda!
๐Ÿš€TVK/USDT: trade.kucoin.com/TVK-USDT
๐Ÿš€TVK/BTC: trade.kucoin.com/TVK-BTC
#KuCoinCryptoGem kartฤฑnda Terra Virtua Kolect (https://t.me/TerraVirtua) hakkฤฑnda daha fazla bilgi edinin.
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2021.10.20 06:10 AG5999 Copy nahi Inspired Kahiye

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2021.10.20 06:10 halaayman A living lemon?

You've watched the omega mart video.. but there's a living lemon... Is it because of the source thing? I know it's all just a theory , But a living lemon? We need three awnsers.. How? What? Why?
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2021.10.20 06:10 NoTrollGaming I think my AirPods Pro are broken

So I just woke up and put in my AirPods and the didnโ€™t connect. I forgot it in settings to reconnect it. I open the case and nothing pops up. 5 mins later I try again and it pops up and says to hold button on the back, and I was literally holding the button for 2 mins straight and nothing happened. Now when I open the case it just flashes white but no pop up or connection. Tried with my MacBook and no connections too. Only a month old
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2021.10.20 06:10 old_story5500 Effort

You could never fault Ash for effort. He is always trying. He is just limited in the ways that he is able to do that, perhaps more than average. It just ends up making me feel isolated. I know itโ€™s pretty whiny, I am just trying to be honest so that I can figure out what to do.
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2021.10.20 06:10 CoughELover Meadow woods area?

I have an opportunity to move to Orlando and I am looking in the meadow woods area for a home. I noticed the schools arent the best. I like how close the area is to the airport and lake Nona. If you live in this area can you let me know if this a good area to move into?
I drove around there a couple months ago and I don't recall anything wrong with the area but I'd love to hear what the locals think. I am also thinking about if this area will hold it's property value.
Thank you any input is really greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.20 06:10 JustJames1296 Need ideas for farm

I'm looking to decorate my farm and I need help with ideas for decoration.
Please help
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2021.10.20 06:10 Otimiki In every mob vote, the wrong mob wins

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2021.10.20 06:10 amirmahdi___87 ๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ๐Ÿป

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2021.10.20 06:10 ImWorkinBishhhh [For Hire] Writer for hire! Looking to help others while expanding my knowledge and experience in the writing world!

Hello fellow writers and business owners!
Looking for a Writer? Someone who is creative and adds a splash of personality into the work, while still sounding professional? Or maybe just someone to help with the work load?
Hello! I am Mellow Writer. An ambitious, career-focused, versatile Content Writer anxious to obtain any freelance writing position to help launch career while achieving company goals. Proficient in researching, writing and editing diverse content. Works with minimal input to produce engaging, authoritative and error-free work. Autonomous yet communicative with 2-year history of superior performance in remote environments.
Services: - Blogs - Articles - Content Writing - Summaries/Reviews - Short Stories - Ghostwriting - SEO Writing
Niches: - Psychology - Health - Lifestyle - Self Improvement However I'm always open to learning and I would love an opportunity to work within any niche needed.
Rates: 0.50/word or $15/hr - negotiable Interested? Pm me! I can provide a sample as well as my resume if needed!
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2021.10.20 06:10 Salt-Try6280 H: Whitespring jumpsuits W: Jacko suits short or long

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2021.10.20 06:10 Drunk_General Does anyone remember this page: Strange New Things - Project *** What happened?

Maybe as a viral project way before the launch of Cyberpunkt 2077 there was this webpage: strangenewthings.com/project/
It now links to https://cdprojektred.com/project, but does anyone know if it was ever active or what the purpose of the page was?
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2021.10.20 06:10 Ok_Anything_3779 Mega Gengar now! 5378 0281 7242

5378 0281 7242
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2021.10.20 06:10 Styxxx666 So hear me out here. The government can now see any transactions over $600 done through a bank, inflation is at historic highs and instability all making a perfect case for crypto ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€ buckle up

So hear me out here. The government can now see any transactions over $600 done through a bank, inflation is at historic highs and instability all making a perfect case for crypto ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€ buckle up submitted by Styxxx666 to EducatedApesShitgold [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 06:10 ALG0R1DDUM The perfect fighting game

The perfect game will feel the same online as it does offline.
The perfect game will have the same input lag across pc and console.
The perfect game will be crossplay.
The perfect game will not be tekken 8.
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