Knights of Sidonia (KOS) Looking for new members

2021.10.20 06:50 grimmaceF13 Knights of Sidonia (KOS) Looking for new members

Org: Knights of Sidonia (KOS)
Specialization: Private Military. Specializing in UEE Parmilitary Operations, Security, Exploration, Trading, Bounty Hunting, Industrial, Medical, and more! (Lawful)
Commitment: Casual/Regular
Role Play: Roles, responsibilities and overall functionalism over RP.
Main Language: English
Region/Timezone: NA (///) and EU (), but looking for more players around the world!
Operation Times: We're on at anytime, but official Org Nights are on Friday nights 8PM CST (NA) and Friday nights GMT 8PM (UK)/CET 9PM (Central Europe).
Other essential info: Whether you are a Fighter or Transport Pilot, Racer, Trader, Escort Pilot, Officer, Team player and/or Role player,
The Knights of Sidonia PMC may be an organization tailored for your needs.
We have spots open for all these trades and more.
With our current fleet size and its steady expansion, capital ships, large ships, and as well as many other smaller ships with LTI are readily available for use by our members to enjoy your time in SC and make your fortune when the PU goes live.
In addition to paramilitary operations, the KOS operates in other areas of the SC universe such as bounty hunting, exploration, salvage, mining, medical, repair, racing, and etc.
We are an organization building up for a well structured and fun experience.
For brand new players to the game, the KOS also offers several courses which are centered in providing new and veteran players with the skillsets needed to play Star Citizen proficiently and skillfully.
Sidenote: It does not matter if you only have one or one hundred ships. We value you more than however many ships you bring with you.
Member of the Old Guard Alliance
RSI Org Site:
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2021.10.20 06:50 Nameislamb08 Scar is an unintentional genius

In the latest episode, 4 People signed the contract, even though the contract might not seem that big of a deal for a lot of people, but It could be a game changer for scar.
In the contract pg 2 it is stated that no green or yellow lifer is allowed to kill scar under any circumstance, which means that they can't even Defend themselves if scar does decides to murder someone.
Grian,Joel,Zombiecleo and bdubs can't fight back against scar. So basically scar can kill anyone of these 4 while all they can do is run..
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2021.10.20 06:50 wuaten1genu What would you do differently if you knew somebody was watching you all day?

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2021.10.20 06:50 MrJPCarter BEST Lightweight Linux Distro - antiX + IceWM

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2021.10.20 06:50 MijTinmol A 26-year-old Israeli Arab was shot to death and a 24-year-old was moderately injured in Umm el-Fahm early Wednesday morning in what is the 102nd murder in the Arab sector in 2021.

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2021.10.20 06:50 famousbolly HUH!

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2021.10.20 06:50 gkoprulu The big salad

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2021.10.20 06:50 TheFireHallGirl It is normal to get questioned about your nipples during pregnancy?

I’ve seen some posts where people have said they got some odd statements said to them while they were pregnant. However, I’ve had a stranger private message me on social media asking if my nipples were getting darker during pregnancy. After talking to the person, I don’t think they were intending to sound inappropriate, but they sounded inappropriate to me mainly because I know there’s a group of people out there who are sexually attracted to pregnant women. Before they asked about my nipples, they asked about whether I was going to post a baby bump picture soon. Is this situation normal?
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2021.10.20 06:50 greenmanflyreddit Steve Bruce's best moments for Newcastle.

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2021.10.20 06:50 NostalgiaBoi404 Is there ajy alternative way to get honeycomb? (Bedrock)

I have been looking for almost an hour now and there are no signs of a beehive.
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2021.10.20 06:50 hotboinick Rookie Mistake

About a month or so ago I transferred my (ONE) to Trust Wallet, but I accidentally sent my (ONE) Native Token to Trust Wallet (ONE) ERC20. Is this gone forever??
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2021.10.20 06:50 BarthanaxTheBrown You shall not smash!!!

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2021.10.20 06:50 ExplosiveBarrelArt To buff or debuff?

Hi guys,
So I'm pretty new to the DQ series (played DQ1 on switch, now DQ11)
I'm not fussed about making the "most killy" team in 11, but I'm wanting to run a buff/debuff heavy party for fun.
Generally, when given the option what's the general consensus on boosting your DPS's damage or reducing the enemy defence? Same with boosting your speed Vs slowing the enemy down.
Thanks to any responses!
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2021.10.20 06:50 Weltkinds [H] 500$+ USDT/Crypto [W] TF2 keys 1.60$

b/o 300+ TF2 keys for 1.60$ pay USDT or Crypto.
Trade link
Send first if you have a reputation.
Willing to use middleman from this sub if you pay the fees.
Online 24/7 | Fast trade.
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2021.10.20 06:50 SeanTheLawn Xbsj

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2021.10.20 06:50 alqha_male Do You Agreement ?

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2021.10.20 06:50 snakeman91 Pharmacy tech training

Hey, Publix people! I recently stepped down as a cstl (thank god) to go back to school full time in the spring. I’m training in new departments to see which one sticks to transfer to and I’m trying out pharmacy soon! What should I expect? Would becoming a pharm tech and going to school full time be too much? Is there a lot of at home study to become a pharmacy tech or can I do it all at work? Thanks y’all :)
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2021.10.20 06:50 obakezan Orbit

obakesan wants to invite you to be one of the first to experience Orbit and build the future of the OnePlus Community. Join now! Invitation code: BVY2ZD Download here:
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2021.10.20 06:50 Alec_loyal So what’s my next step to trading one of these besides shadow? My goal is neon shadow and idk what to trade these for

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2021.10.20 06:50 Christmastree69 [USA-FL] [H] PayPal [W] Logitech MX keys

Looking for a Logitech mx keys in almost new condition. Pm me offers
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2021.10.20 06:50 Louise_TGUK Full print Area BLTouch probing with custom firmware to flash..

If anyone is interested in my mod to move the BLTouch on Ender 3 Max to behind the hotend giving full print area probing along with a custom firmware for 3x3 up to 6x6 probe points and other features enabled including long press to jump to baby steps and EEPROM support among others you can get it from my GDrive here... All the files are on there, STL, Freecad, the Firmware bin files and instructions for anyone who might need them.\_UHwLxc2kPUEFCKD?usp=sharing
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2021.10.20 06:50 rub312 [Tissot Seastar] NWA! Just picked up this vintage beauty!

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2021.10.20 06:50 woriahh Does anybody have any tips for my deck?

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2021.10.20 06:50 joosth3 Samanta Lily in a bikini

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2021.10.20 06:50 Physioaxis Physiotherapy Clinic | Services| physiotherapist in Sinhagad Road

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