Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 4K Blu Ray Dim?

2021.10.20 06:40 DestinyCE Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 4K Blu Ray Dim?

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this with their copy? However brightness wise the 4k Blu ray version of the movie is very low?? I'm on an LG CX using Cinema Home mode.
Seems like the normal blu ray copy of the movie looks better?!
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2021.10.20 06:40 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-18529

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2021.10.20 06:40 ninxx00 Do baby budgies need extra heat even if they have their mother in the nest?

Its fall, and our budgies have successfully hatched some babies. They've had some once before a long while ago and sadly they died.
The oldest one is a day over a week old. And I've had a heater in the room at the lowest setting overnight. The temperatures at night hit 50 to 55°F or 10°C to 12.7°C. Should I keep the heater or should I stop? I don't have a lamp. Is it needed or preferred? Was it the right decision or will they be fine without the heater and just depend on the mother?
I also have parrot formula and have been feeding the runt every morning and check it every night. The mother does feed it, but barely in comparison to the others who are older. And have changed the nest box bedding once, because I do believe you change it once every week. I do wash my hands each time before handling the chicks if I need to. Like checking if their crops are full.
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2021.10.20 06:40 shorthairRASTA Noir Safari Extension (iOS 15)

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2021.10.20 06:40 JIREHisHERE >Level 36 From New Zealand, Hello there. 9289 0424 5809

Returned player looking for new friends to share gifts and Xp. 9289 0424 5809
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🐰 Baby Bunny Rocket 🐰
Stealth Launched!
Baby version of Bunny Rocket, Inspired by elon's tweet
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.20 06:40 DritaPdrita Cagar pedra dps do Tramadol..

View Poll
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2021.10.20 06:40 Thunar13 Movement questions

If I want to move an army closer to somewhere do I really have to spend 20 stamina just to get it closer?
If I move any army to a fort that is far away is there anyway to station troops at that fort? It seems crazy that I have to send troops all the way from the city to refill the army.
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2021.10.20 06:40 AndyB27 A kill Bill theory I came up with years ago that I still haven't seen anyone else talk about

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2021.10.20 06:40 as-well Likely Next German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: "I Want To Make The World A Better Place" (three weeks old interview)

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2021.10.20 06:40 The_Wishbone_9740 Sometimes I like to think mitski is on this subreddit and on the discord server

I like to think so many celebrities have secret social media accounts where they get to be themselves and give opinions without being judged....
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2021.10.20 06:40 ChipperClegane Enough To Get By

Theme: Desperation
*Graphic depictions of violence*
Caleb finally made it home as dusk settled, illuminating the clouds to a bright orange as they floated in the purple Virginian sky. The man stood at around six foot tall and weighed in at nearly one hundred and eighty pounds. The last three days were spent scavenging for supplies amongst the city of Roanoke. After the four mile walk from town, lugging his fifty pound bag, he was exhausted. His feet were throbbing from the duration spent crammed in his brown biker boots that somehow felt like a size too small. Each step he took towards his red bricked, two-story colonial felt more painful than the last, as if his boots knew he would relax soon and they needed to get their final jabs in. He removed his key to unlock the wooden gate of the privacy fence that surrounded his property and made his way to the well-water pump in the front yard. In the past, it had only been used for watering the lawn due to its smell and taste, but ever since the indoor plumbing stopped working, this was their only source of water. And his family was thankful for it. Caleb tossed his duffle bag of supplies to the side, along with his backpack, pulled down the black bandana that covered his mouth and nose, took off his tan leather gloves, put them in his back pocket, then pumped the charcoal colored water out until it was clear, then used the water to quickly rinse the blood, dirt, and grit from his shaggy dirty blonde hair, his hands, and his face. He dried his hands on the cleanest part of his brown snake chaps that covered his faded blue jeans, took off his navy leather jacket from under his canteen strap and draped it over the front porch railing to clean later. As he bent down to pick up the bag, he could hear the boards being removed from the barricade brackets on the inside.
The door quickly opened and he was greeted by his smiling, red-haired, green-eyed, pregnant wife, Amanda. "Bout time!" She shouted in a hushed tone. "Any trouble?"
"Nah, nothing too exciting."
She eyeballed the supply bag. "How much you get?"
"Oh, enough to get by." He replied as he embraced her in a hug and gave her a quick kiss.
"Eww, you're wet." She said while crinkling her nose. "And you stink! Go take a bath and I'll get started cleaning your clothes."
"You don't gotta fuss with that now, Mandy-darling."
"No, it's best to do it before it sets in." She walked out onto the porch to grab his jacket and headed back inside. "Seriously, you smell awful. Go take a bath before you wake Cory."
"Alright, alright. I'ma going." Caleb said, closing the door and putting the two barricade boards back in place. He walked across the hardwood floor of the living room, dimly lit by a white pillar candle on the mantle, and placed the bag on the glass top coffee table before taking a seat on a wooden stool. He started to unwrap the duct tape that was doubled over the top of his boots to keep the strings from coming untied. "How was the little man?"
"He did good." Amanda replied holding her nose, patiently waiting for her husband to remove all of his gear. "Sure missed his daddy."
"Hell, I missed y'all too." He removed the boot holster for his Smith & Wesson 442 from his right leg and placed it on the coffee table. "And how's Casey treating you?"
"He. . ." She placed a hand on her stomach, "or she is doing fine. No severe cramps or pains, knock on wood. Was pretty active today. Lots of kicking."
"Must be ready to see the handsome man behind this voice." Caleb smiled and removed the holster for his fixed blade knife on his left leg and placed it next to the other. He quickly untied his boots and kicked them off to the side. "Woo, my dogs were barking." He showed his dirty socks to Amanda as he wiggled his toes inside. She rolled her eyes. He stood up and removed his tool belt which contained holsters for his hunting knife, his hatchet, a pair of vise-grip pliers, his Beretta M9, his Colt .45 Peacemaker, and three pouches, each containing rounds for each of his three guns. He removed each item and placed them on the coffee table before handing the empty belt to Amanda.
"Anything else, Rambo?"
"Hey, it's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it."
"Well, I always prefer you don't need it."
"Me too, Mandy-darling. Me too." Too ease the worry he could see in her eyes, he gently caressed her cheek and just smiled at her for a moment. "I've told you I'll always come back, you don't gotta worry about me."
"Well, I can't not worry when you're out there for days dealing with wanderers and bandits and the sort."
"Alright, I better get washed up." He headed towards the kitchen with Amanda following him.
"Already got some hot water on the stove you can use, and I laid you out some fresh clothes on the towel rack."
"You're the best."
"You hungry? Made some garlic noodles earlier I could heat up."
"Starved. That'd be great."
He walked through the kitchen, grabbed the stock pot of nearly boiling water from the propane stove, and went into the bathroom. After a quick sponge bath, he slipped into his new clothes, that were a clean version of his previous outfit, and sat at the plate Amanda had set for him. After devouring the noodles within minutes and chugging a glass of sweet tea, he grabbed the small lit candle from the table, and headed for bed. Once upstairs, he peaked into Cory's room. His 4 year old son, whose looks heavily favored his own, was sound asleep with one arm wrapped tightly around the large handmade stuffed rabbit his grandma gave him the day he was born, just a few weeks before the end of the world began. Caleb sneaked in and gently tucked Cory in tighter before giving him a kiss on the forehead, and heading to the master bedroom across the hall. He placed his black roper boots next to the cedar four post king-size bed. They were even less comfortable than the biker boots, but the lack of laces made them quicker to slip on in case of emergencies. He crawled under the covers, blew out his candle, gave Amanda a goodnight kiss, and was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.
"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Cory shouted repeatedly while jumping on Caleb's bed and Caleb himself. Caleb opened one eye to see a ray of sunlight was peaking through the plywood that covered his windows. "Wake up, daddy!"
"Rawr!" Caleb growled as he wrapped his hands around his sons sides, sat up in is bed, and began to tickle him. "You woke the tickle monster!"
"Stop!" Cory pleaded through giddy laughter.
"Nothing can stop the tickle monstuurr!" After a few more seconds Caleb stopped and his expression dropped. "What's that?" He lifted his sons shirt and pointed at his stomach.
"What?" Cory asked, unable to see anything as he held up his shirt.
"That. . . right. . . there!" Caleb shouted before blowing raspberries on Cory's exposed belly. The boy let free loud laughter at the faux flatulent sound. After a few more blows, Caleb stopped and tussled his sons hair. "Good morning, Booger butt."
"You're a Booger Butt."
"Nuh uh. I'm the Papa Bear."
"I'm the Baby Bear."
"Yes you are." Caleb conceded. He rose out of bed, picked up his son and placed him on his right hip. "Should we go see what Mama Bear is doing?"
"Yeah? Alright, let's go." The pair made their way downstairs and into the kitchen to find Amanda cooking a can of SPAM she had chopped up into bite sized cubes. On the table was a small bowl she had poured a can of fruit cocktail into, and a pot of canned spinach that was still steaming. "What a grand feast!" Caleb announced in a grandiose manner while placing Cory in his booster seat at the table. "And to what do we owe a bounty such as this?"
"Celebrating our providers safe return, m'lord." Amanda replied, looking over her shoulder with a grin.
"'M'lord?'" Caleb repeated, raising an eyebrow towards Cory. "What a fine title for a king such as I." He began putting spinach and fruit onto the three plates his wife had sat out.
"Well, 'King Caleb', before you get too comfortable in your throne, there are chores to do after breakfast." Amanda informed before serving the fried canned-pork cubes.
Caleb made an exaggerated frown towards Cory. "Me hate chores."
"Nobody likes chores. That's why they're chores." Amanda eased into her seat at the table to join her family.
"Fair point. What chores you need done?"
"Just the usual. Check the perimeter for wanderers, make sure the fence is still secure, and if you could refill all the water jugs and toilet tanks, my back would sure thank you."
"Oh, I though you had something special needed done. I can handle all that within an hour. I'll do the perimeter when I finish this." Caleb pointed to his half empty plate with his fork.
"Can I help?" Cory enthusiastically asked.
"When you're a little older, bud. But, if you eat all your spinach, you can help me with the fence when I get back. Deal?"
"I guess. . ." Cory begrudgingly accepted. "But I hate spinach."
"You have to eat it so you can grow up big and strong like your dad." Amanda said, causing her son to fight through the taste in order to finish it all.
"Done." Cory proudly announced, showing off his plate.
"Good job, Cory." Amanda took him out of his booster seat and lowered him to the floor. "Now go get washed up." The young boy quickly ran away from the table and headed for the upstairs bathroom. Amanda turned towards Caleb. "So, what's the plan after the busy work. Play a board game or something? Family game night?"
"I'd love to, Mandy-darling, but I gotta clean my guns and sharpen my blades."
"Don't you usually do that the day before a supply run?" Her husband remained silent. "You're heading out again? But I only just emptied your duffle bag. "
"Then you saw why. Food is getting harder to find, and we don't have near enough."
"You said we did."
"For the time being, yes, but here in the next couple of months, you're gonna be having the baby, and I won't be able to make supply runs for weeks before or after that."
"But that's still so far away. Why do you have to go now?"
"I want to start going as much as possible. I need us to have plenty of food and medicine and whatever else we might need on hand. I don't want to be out there looking for food while we're out of food."
"How much do we need?"
"A few month's worth just in case, God forbid, your recovery takes longer than we expect. I won't leave you here sick and taking care of two kids by yourself."
"I can manage. You're gonna run yourself ragged if you try to keep up this pace."
"All I care about is keeping you guys safe and fed."
"So, this means you're heading out tomorrow then?"
"Yes. In the morning."
"Cory's gonna be crushed. He's used to getting to spend a week with you between runs."
"I know, and trust me, I don't want to leave y'all again, but this has to be done. Who knows, maybe I'll find a honey pot tomorrow, and we won't have to worry about it anymore."
"I'll be praying that you do."
The couple finished their breakfast then got dressed for the day. Caleb patrolled the outside perimeter of the once beautiful cedar fence that would now be considered an eyesore by the home owners association. Caleb had reinforced it with bits from neighbors fences, plywood and tin from their sheds, and just and scrap boards he could find. With none of the dead in the immediate area, called this job complete and returned home. He and his son then walked the inside perimeter of the fence to ensure there were no weak points. After that, they refilled every bucket of water they had as many times as required to fill the toilet tanks, the pots on the stove, the buckets for baths, and the extra jugs just to have on hand. After all the chores were done, and his running supplies were prepared, Caleb explained to his son that he would be leaving again. Through lots of tears and protesting, the young boy was finally able to accept that his father would be leaving again. Before dinner, the family said a prayer asking for Caleb to have quick success and to return safely. After dinner, the family went to bed, allowing Cory to sleep in their bed to keep him from being upset.
The next morning, just before sunrise, Caleb was in his full gear on his front porch with his wife and son. "You keep yourself safe out there, Caleb Young." Amanda instructed. "Don't do anything stupid."
"Don't worry bout me Mandy-darling." Caleb replied, squatting down to Cory's level before tussling his sons hair. "Worry about taming this little rascal." Cory shoved his fathers hands away and went in for a hug which Caleb returned. He stood up holding his son who was starting to cry. "Don't worry buddy, I'll be back before you know it." He looked to Amanda whose eyes were also watering. "Come one guys, y'aller gonna get me going." The family embraced in a group hug for a moment. "Okay, I have to get going now." He lowered Cory back to his feet. "You be a good boy and take care of your mama now, alright?"
"Yessir. . ." Cory nodded, wiping his eyes.
Caleb rose back up to Amanda. "And you take care of yourself and our kids."
"I will." Amanda replied. "You just come back to us."
"I will. I promise." Caleb leaned in and gave her a kiss goodbye. "I love you, Mandy-darling. More than anything."
"To the moon and back." She replied.
Caleb pulled his bandana up over his nose, put the empty duffle bag on his shoulder, and walked out the front gate. He heard Amanda lock the gate behind him as he crossed the road and made a straight line towards town. Roanoke was only an eight miles away by car. Caleb keeps a working vehicle for emergencies, but with the roads in such disrepair, the city itself now being inaccessible by car, and the attention the noise of a vehicle can bring from both the living and the dead, it made more sense to walk the four mile shortcut through the woods and river on foot and bring the truck back if he found anything to big to carry. Dawn was just beginning to break as he took his first step into the woods. He tried to walk a different route each trip to avoid wearing out a path that lead directly to his house. Within thirty minutes, he made it to the edge of town.
Caleb removed the map from his bag to inspect the last part of the city he had checked. Roanoke was a large city with numerous businesses, department stores, apartments and housing. Using his map, he would put an 'X' on every street and building he had already searched. He would put an 'O' on his next place of interest to continue his thorough sweep of the city. He quietly made his way through the streets, dispatching members of the dead army with his hunting knife as he came across them. An old woman with glasses still on and a bite on her ankle, a young boy in overalls with a large chunk missing from his neck, a large barefooted man with blood surrounding the hole in his chest. After dispatching the last of the dead in his path, Caleb finally reached his first destination. An old tag office. After four years, most food in the offices he would search were already open from the workers or chewed open by rodents, and had spoiled. There was always something useful in an office, however, so Caleb never passed them by. Today, inside one cabinet was a small unopened jar of dill pickles and a can of tuna. In the the bread box in the employees breakroom, apart from moldy bread was an unopened sleeve of saltines, and a box of angel hair pasta. A small score, but enough to feed his family for a day if it had too, so Caleb was thankful for it.
After crossing off the tag agency, he headed next door to the Zip and Go gas station. He never expected much from gas stations. Most all of the gas was bought up during the initial news of the outbreak. Then, once people realized this wasn't ending anytime soon, the looting began. Most stores that use to sell food and gas had already been cleaned out in the first few days of the apocalypse. As expected, the shelves were empty of anything edible or valuable. The cash register had been emptied out by people that didn't predict money was about to be worthless. He made his way to the managers office, hoping to find something in his desk. He could hear a dead person scratching at the other side of the managers door. He readied his knife and quickly swung open the door. He drove his blade into the head of a dead man wearing a green jumpsuit with the name 'Billy' sewn into it. Once Billy fell, Caleb checked the office, but turned up nothing. "Of course. . ." He crossed off the gas station and went outside towards the next building. The next six buildings all offered the same thing. Nothing. Finally, Caleb reached the one that made him come this direction in the first place. The Crockett Ave. Apartments. A six story building with eight apartments on each floor.
Apartment buildings were trickier. There were many floors with many locked doors. Caleb had a routine for large places like this. First, he had to clear the halls and the stairs of the dead, while checking for unlocked doors as he went passed. If he found an unlocked or open door, he would check that apartment immediately to make sure nothing will surprise him later. At most there was usually one unlocked door per floor, if not per building. Once the halls, stairs and open living quarters were clear, he headed to the roof to scout out the next part of the city he'd head to. Finally, he'd check each and every residence on his way back down. A small prybar he kept in his backpack made quick work of most locked doors. However, like the food stores, many people took their food when they left, while rodents took the rest. This was a long process, so while searching, he'd choose the best room for himself and spend the night there.
The glass of the front doors had been shattered and a dark brown blood stain made a trail down the four concrete stairs to the end of the awning where the rain must've washed away the rest. The same color of blood covered almost every inch of the apartment entrance floor. Bloody hand and fist prints covered the second set of blue doors which were metal. Strong enough to keep out the dead and the living. Caleb grabbed the handles and gave them a pull. The right door was still locked, but the left came right open. He entered the hallway of the first floor and took the left side first, then the right. He then proceeded up the single set of stairs next to the out of commission elevators straight across from the entrance. The stairs were all clear, so he entered the second floor. The first door he checked was locked, but the second one was not. The exposed wood indicated the lock had been pried until the door frame busted. Caleb noticed the wood was still yellow. This was a fresh break. He held his knife in his left hand and unholstered his Beretta with his right.
Slowly he pushed the door open and cautiously stepped inside. Quickly he checked behind the door to the left then pointed his gun back towards the open living room that led to the kitchen. He kept against the wall until it's end then quickly pivoted around it to check the rest of the living room. He headed for the hallway. On his left was a small bathroom. He opened the door to see the room was severely water damaged. He very carefully stepped in, keeping close to the wall, before opening the shower curtain to check the tub. There was no one there. Just then, he heard a door close in another room. Quickly, without thinking, he spun around towards the noise and his left foot went through the floor with a loud crack and he fell to the floor, and knocked the back of his head on the edge of the bathtub. He could hear someone muttering before he slipped out of consciousness.
Caleb awoke some time sprawled out in a chair in the living room of the same apartment. Across from him sat a man in a grey hoodie with Caleb's own 9mm shakily pointed at him. "That was quite the spill you took there." The man said. "So, you live around here?" Caleb shook his head. "Kind of doubt that, with you being in the middle of the city just before dark." Caleb stared through him. "Well, you got a name at least?"
"Darren." Caleb answered without hesitation.
"Well Darren, I'm Wyatt, and I do live around here." Caleb said nothing. "Can you tell me what you were doing here?"
"Scavenging Darren. A man of few words." Again, Caleb said nothing. "Alright, I'm really no good at this interrogation thing as we can both see. So, I think we should head back to my place so you can meet my people."
"I'd rather not."
"Hey, more than one word there, cool. Well, Darren, I've got the gun now, so. . ." Wyatt gestured with the pistol for Caleb to stand. Caleb stood, favored his left ankle, and nearly fell over again. "Hurt yourself I see. . . Um. . . " Wyatt looked around the room and set his eyes on a pole lamp in the corner. "Here, just use this as a cane. It's not that far."
Caleb grabbed the lamp and started limping out of the room with the lamp with Wyatt following behind with his gun and other weapons from his belt. But Wyatt failed to check his ankles. He still had a knife and a pistol, but needed the right time to grab one or both of them. He opened the stairway door and began to head down.
"Where you going?" Wyatt asked. Caleb turned to face him, confused. Wyatt pointed upstairs with the gun. "I told you I lived around here." The two ascended the stairs all the way to the top floor. The handrail and the lamp made the trip go by quicker than Caleb expected. They finally reached the apartment at the end of the hall. "Give it a knock." Caleb complied. Shortly after a man with a green beanie and black beard opened the door. He looked at Caleb then at Wyatt.
"Guess we have company." The other man said. "Come on in. Bring your lamp. . ." They entered the apartment that had a mirrored layout to the previous apartment. A pleasant aroma from the soup boiling on the stove filled the air.
"I think he sprained his ankle." Wyatt informed. "He fell through that rotten bathroom floor downstairs."
"How'd he even get in here?"
"I don't know. Al he said was his name is Darren and he was scavenging."
"You can set your things by the sofa." The other man said before gesturing for Caleb to take a seat at the kitchen table. After setting his bags by the sofa along with his lamp, he obliged the man's request. Favoring his right ankle, he limped his way to the kitchen table and took a seat The other man took a seat across from Caleb. "So, Darren. Can you tell me how you got in here at least?"
"The front door was open." Caleb answered bluntly.
"Well, that sure was stupid." He looked towards Wyatt, who was nervously scratching his head. "Wasn't it?"
"Sorry, Vince. . ."
Vince turned back to Caleb. "You from around here, Darren?"
"No. I was in town on business when this shit started. Got stuck here and decided there was no point in leaving."
"No family?"
"Nah, just me."
"No group?" Vince asked in disbelief. "So, if you just up a nd went missing, no one's gonna come looking for you?" Caleb said nothing. "Sorry, that probably sounded more sinister than intended. I just meant it's hard for me to believe anyone is going through a large city on their own. What were you looking for?"
"Yeah, I guess that's getting harder to come by. We have a enough to share tonight. Hey, Wyatt, why don't you set this man a place for dinner."
"That's very kind, but I think I should just go."
"Aw, come on." Vince pleaded. "I know we all kind of got off on the wrong foot, but I'd like to make it up to you. It's already too dark to go back out there safely and with that ankle you wouldn't get too far, capable as I'm sure you are."
"Yeah, come on Darren." Wyatt added. "We can wrap that ankle up for you and give you some pain meds too."
"Y'all always this generous to strangers?" Caleb asked.
"Well, we haven't met someone new in a long time." Vince answered. "I figured since you don't have any family or a group, maybe you'd wanna join up with us. We could use someone like you to help protect this place."
"Someone that knocks themselves out on a bathtub?"
"Shit happens." Vince looked past Caleb and into the hall. "Hey, Russ! Grab Shel and Becca and tell them we have a guest for dinner." He turned back to Caleb. "At least stay tonight and think about it?"
After moment Caleb responded. "Sure, one night won't hurt."
Soon, they were joined by Shel, her sister Becca, and their other friend Russell. Wyatt placed a hot bowl of soup and a spoon in front of each person.
"So, Darren, where you from originally?" Shel asked before blowing on a spoonful of soup.
"Texas. My folks had a small ranch down in Burkburnett. I came to Roanoke to sell a horse when all this shit started."
"How much did you get for it?" Becca asked.
"Three grand."
"And you just weren't able to go back home?" Shel asked.
"I probably could've, but after what I had seen within a month of being here, I didn't wanna chance going all the way back just to find they died in some horrible way. Right now, they're still alive."
"Yeah, it's better to live in denial." Becca quipped before slurping her soup. "God damn it, Vince, this is still bland as shit." She stood up and walked over to the closet beside the refrigerator. "Needs hot sauce." She opened the door to reveal a fully stocked pantry. Several months if not a years worth of canned goods, pastas, cereals, oatmeal. . .
"Darren. . ." Shel said. There was pickles, peppers, pickled eggs. . .
"Darren?" Canned meats, preserved jellys and jams. . .
"Sorry, I zoned out for a second. What did you say?"
"Don't you know your own name?" Shel laughed. "How's the soup?"
"Oh, it's great." Caleb replied. "Actually, I got something. . ." Caleb stood up and walked over to his bag beside the sofa to dig out the crackers.
"Guess your leg is feeling better?" Wyatt observed.
Caleb looked up to Wyatt while still bent over and grinned. "Oh, I guess we'll do this now then. Caleb quickly grabbed his 442 and his knife from his ankles. He stood up and immediately shot Russell in the back of the head as he was the only one with a gun on his hip. Next he fired two rounds into Wyatt's chest before he could reach Russell's gun, all the while advancing towards the kitchen.
"You motherfucker!" Shel screamed as she charged at Caleb. He took the butt of his pistol to the bridge of her nose, breaking it, then he wrapped her in a headlock with his knife to her throat before pointing the gun back at Becca, who now had Russell's gun.
"Let her go asshole!" Becca cried. Before she could try to convince Caleb further, he put a bullet in the left side of her throat and he put his final bullet in Vince's leg. Becca grabbed her throat and backed into the corner cabinet. She tried to point the gun at Caleb, but it was too risky with Shel there. At this point, Shel was no longer controllable. She started wildly flailing about causing Caleb to toss his empty gun to the side, and run her back into the kitchen into Becca knocking her to the floor with the gun. He forced Shels face into the boiling pot of soup and stomped his foot on the pistol grip of Russell's gun until Becca's finger broke enough to turn it loose and he could slide it away into the living room. Shel had managed to slide the soup off the stove with her head, causing it to land on Vince. Both of them let out deafening screams.
"Shel!" Becca cried, as she held her throat and sat against the kitchen counter. Caleb began repeatedly stomping her head into the counter. The first stomp dislocated her jaw. The second ripped open her left cheek, and the third nearly took her lower jaw off completely. Each stomp sent her further to the ground, until finally she quit moving. As he turned towards Shel, she had found her way to her feet and charged at Caleb again. He flipped his knife around and started stabbing her repeatedly in the forehead until the blade broke off inside. When she fell to the floor, Vince tackled Caleb to the ground while holding a kitchen knife. His vision had been hindered by the boiling soup. He wildly thrusted the knife downwards towards Caleb's head. Caleb easily dodged the blade as it drove into the wooden floor. While it was stuck, Caleb leaned to the side and bit down as hard as he could on Vince's thumb until the tip broke free from the joint. Vince let out another scream and tried to wrap his hands around Caleb's throat. Caleb reached up and forced his index finger into Vince's left eye socket, hooked his finger around the optic nerve and pulled back with all his might. Vince continued to scream. Once the eye was barely hanging on by what remained of the optic nerve, Caleb wrapped his hand around it and crushed ituntil it oozed though his knuckles. Vince fell to the floor, withering in pain. Caleb got to his feet, retrieved his hatchet from his tool belt and planted into Vince's chest. He began to cough up blood until another whack made contact with his slightly exposed heart.
With everyone dead, Caleb put his belt back on and holstered his weapons. He grabbed Russell's pistol and put it in his bag. He grabbed the duffle bag and went to the pantry to fill it up completely. He closed the pantry door and headed out. As he walked to the door, Vince, Wyatt, and Becca began to rise again amongst the dead. Caleb grabbed the apartment key that was hanging by the door, closed the door, and locked it. He put the key in his pocket and headed home.
When he reached his house, the sun was already up. He dropped the bag of supplies and washed the blood, dirt, and grit from his hair, hands, and face. He heard the front door begin to open. Out stepped Amanda with a huge smile. "Back already!?" She asked in a hushed tone. "Any trouble?"
"Nah, nothing too exciting." Caleb replied with a smile.
She eyeballed the supply bag. "How much you get?"
"Oh, enough to get by."
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2021.10.20 06:40 --not--me-- Public domain black and white Shibe icon (link to .SVG and .PNG in comment)

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Going to be hard to get any road points tonight. MINN is a tough team and in good form recently.
Let's see that miracle 3pts!
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2021.10.20 06:40 Vinny_DelVecchio Think long term and HODL. To everyone complaining about the short-term.... look at these graphs for the week, month, and year.

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2021.10.20 06:40 Mackavelly Temporary Stay

Hey all, I'm 33 y/o born and raised in UAE. My whole life I have been staying with my parents in Sharjah and I'm thinking that it is about time that I start living on my own (at least for a couple of months) and experience other things in life that I haven't been able to explore (whether it be because I'm staying with them or the location that I'm staying in). If I don't enjoy living on my own then I'll just pack up and go back to stay with them.
Can anyone recommend some places in Dubai, where I can stay in for a couple of months and leave whenever I want ? I have lots of friends in Dubai but don't want to bother them, also no hotels.
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2021.10.20 06:40 lucysvodka_ Looking for a coven in Auckland

I'm a fire sign, looking for a water, air, and earth sign to form a coven with in Auckland, New Zealand. Located in Titirangi. DM for more details if interested ✨
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This project has developed by a strong and promising team and a long-term opportunity to make big profits from this project so guys support this project will give you a lot. website : https://digitalbureaucracy.org #DBC #AI #crypto #cryptocurrencies #BSC submitted by shemulgomes to CryptoIndex_io [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 06:40 Blade_Dance0 If you know you know

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2021.10.20 06:40 bene_1805 Wer ist der Ersatz für weghorst

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2021.10.20 06:40 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-14979

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2021.10.20 06:40 UrbanGrizzly20 Some a post about a Axis test and thought maybe I should show some of my results.

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2021.10.20 06:40 BaturOnur my first 400 pp score got score v1d :(

my first 400 pp score got score v1d :( i hate this game
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