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All-Access | 2021-2022 Warriors Opening Night at Chase Center

2021.10.27 23:21 inspyral All-Access | 2021-2022 Warriors Opening Night at Chase Center

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2021.10.27 23:21 Kazekid CJ blocks Melton from behind then drains the step back toilet bowl three on the other end

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2021.10.27 23:21 tigrrrr134 Actual Panda Express marketing flyer in the store

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2021.10.27 23:21 Kirby_the_stomper Can I get deactivated for this???

I was on my way to drop off food after I picked up a doordash, I get to the place and it's just some wooden gate so I contacted dash support and they tried contacting him, he didn't respond. I drove around for a bit and found an apartment complex near by which it said he was in B building but they were only numbers, he reported me for stealing his order because I was unable to find him, can I get in trouble with doordash for this? It's my first offense, I haven't been dashing for long so I'm a bit spooked, any commentary would be appreciated.
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2021.10.27 23:21 pledgeymds I really hope he will forever be an inspiration to so many aspiring footballers. He has truly changed the footballing world 🌈

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2021.10.27 23:21 Fabulous_Ad3747 🌟 LEGEND KISHU COIN 🌟 Stealth Launch 🌟 Listed On PancakeSwap 🌟 Liquidity locked 🌟 100x potential or more 🌟 Anti Whale

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🎯 100% verified contract 🎯
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2021.10.27 23:21 inmate48592 Its finally over

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2021.10.27 23:21 Famous-Watch A few sketches I did

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2021.10.27 23:21 Boo_Randy Rents Spiked 10% to 25% in Half the Cities in October: How it’ll Push Up CPI Next Year, Ridiculing Fed’s “Transitory” Inflation

In 16 of the 100 largest cities, the median asking rent of a one-bedroom apartment spiked by 20% to 25% in October. In 40 of those 100 cities, rents spiked by 15% to 25%. And in 50 of those 100 cities – in half of them! – rents spiked by 10% to 25%.
But there were only 11 cities where rents declined at all by any amount.
In total, across the 100 largest markets, the median asking rent for 1-BR apartments increased by 11% in October compared to October 2020, and by 11.8% compared to March 2020, according to data in Zumper’s National Rent Report.
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2021.10.27 23:21 tubbsalex317 My love her name is Tuna and she is a chunk

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2021.10.27 23:21 alienmidfield How extensive is the non-compete?

Prospective Software Developer here seeing some concerning thing about non-competes. This has never been mentioned by my recruiter, are they enforced for every position? When would you be asked to sign one, when accepting an offer or when starting work? Seems nuts to impose an 18 month employment break and the list in the other post was crazy long.
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2021.10.27 23:21 l4n3yc0 Can someone post the meaning behind “this is my mom” I’m relatively new and don’t remember seeing this reference!

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2021.10.27 23:21 Inevitable-Ad-331 (28M) Been seeing (25F) for a couple months considering ending it

So I’ve been seeing this girl for about 2 months. And she’s basically everything I want. Cute, good personality, goes out of her way to make me feel special, good morals etc.
Only problem is I don’t really feel that spark for her. And I don’t wanna lead her on, especially since I know she kinda has or is developing strong feelings for me.
And the other thing is we’ve been sexual but all stuff besides actually banging. Cause she’s actually a virgin and she’s very insecure about that. And we’ve been talking about finally doing that. So I don’t wanna give it a few more dates and go through with banging and then dump her after. Cause that’s shitty.
And she’s incredibly sweet and would be devastated with me ending it, so I kinda feel terrible.
So what would be the best way to go about this while hurting her as little as possible
TL:DR •Considering ending it with really sweet girl but don’t wanna hurt her. What to do?
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2021.10.27 23:21 NoobGaming6 Can we get ROCK IT back in the lobby as a default again? Gets me so hyped to play.

Can we get ROCK IT back in the lobby as a default again? Gets me so hyped to play. submitted by NoobGaming6 to RocketLeague [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 23:21 bot_neen En Guerrero, trasladan 34 cuerpos al panteón forense; suman 534

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2021.10.27 23:20 abstract_void_bot I hate it when people are so stupid

But I just want to know, what are the best things I can do to improve my code?
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2021.10.27 23:20 kaijisheeran Did Jack Ma's face stopped growing when he was 12 years old?

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2021.10.27 23:20 Dramatic_Aspect_4444 Nice miniature

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2021.10.27 23:20 UXWriters Five UX writing job trends to look out for in 2021

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2021.10.27 23:20 Boomsta22 I can't speak to others because I greatly fear what I say may bore them or sound dumb.

I can't start a conversation. I don't know what to say to make someone I don't know well talk. I fear they'll find me weird for talking about the strange topics I always want to bring up, or for saying literally anything pointed at them, so I just don't. This stonewalls people, leaving them incapable of finding anything to say to me.
I find myself spending a lot of time at work thinking of things to say to someone that'd be interesting, but even when I do, I start to worry about the finer details. What wording should I use? What sort of affect should my voice give off? How would I best inflect each word? No one thinks about this, but I'm so caught up about these things that I might honestly have a better shot at reading to an audience. I Once I started a conversation by talking about the exploding boar population. Not a good icebreaker in hindsight, but I figured since it's something I could talk about freely, I'd use that. I've since stopped talking about the boarpocalypse because no one finds it interesting or funny. I once talked to a co-worker about their birthday (something that was made publicly available on a bulletin board by the break room; also they were hired the same day and our hiring manager mentioned to us both that our birthdays were very close together) and they were intensely creeped out. I didn't do anything wrong, they were just oblivious! The more it happens, the less I want to try, which keeps people from ever wanting to do the same.
I don't like talking about myself because nearly everything about myself is steeped in pity. As Roast Beef from the comic strip Achewood would put it, "I come from circumstances," and knowing that few people share the sort of hell I'm still stuck in... you guessed it, alienates me. I've lived most of my life alone. I've had friends, but I've never been close with them for long for one reason or another.
It's not just that I fear boring someone or sounding dumb. That's what I am 60% of the time. The things I find interesting no one else finds interesting. It just makes me panic when I'm affirmed of it. When affirmed of this aspect of myself, I further alienate myself and get stuck with negative thoughts for days on end. Sometimes I think my choices are to die alone and miserable or die alone, accepting of this inevitability.
Is there any way for me to make this stop?
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2021.10.27 23:20 Theonedtown Some Blue Dream nugs from my first grow 10 days into cure. Picked for THC…big head rush

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2021.10.27 23:20 danaimadoctorscully Is this a bedbug?

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2021.10.27 23:20 Strychnine_x Where is it?

Had a Costco batch but got to the store and it was in the process of closing so I contacted care and let them know. They removed the batch and said I was going to get paid for it but I haven’t seen anything pop up like that in my earnings. I see a promotional bonus but the bump isn’t a promotion right? This was all around like 8:30 pm est and it’s 10:20 pm at the time of this post and I still haven’t seen anything. Do I give it more time or do I bring this up with instacart some how. Thanks in advance
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2021.10.27 23:20 loopymon [WP] You find a genie and use your one wish to wish for 100 wishes. The genie smiles and proceeds to grant you the most useless 100 wishes he has granted in the past.

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2021.10.27 23:20 sirkollberg Risk of retear post-op

It’s been 8 days since I had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair in both my medial and lateral root. Two days ago, I returned to school and was getting around fine on my crutches. On Tuesday after filling my water bottle, my crutch must have been wet since there was water leaking from the fountain, as my the bottom of my crutch slipped out from me and I landed on my injured leg. There was no pop or notable pain other than my patellar lighting up. I’ve been through ACL reconstruction before so I’m used to these scares, but is there any chance I damaged my repairs?
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