What are some of Michael’s most iconic outfits?

2021.10.27 22:08 Apart-Brush-9672 What are some of Michael’s most iconic outfits?

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2021.10.27 22:08 awtsgegeae Me and the bois. at Egypt

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2021.10.27 22:08 Goat002 Gotta hate it.

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2021.10.27 22:08 treehugg3r1989 Happy Black Cat day!

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2021.10.27 22:07 NorwegianCCPbot Parenti > Chomsky gang!

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2021.10.27 22:07 Personisdown my first attempt at this new trend

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2021.10.27 22:07 SomeIrishFiend [Dynamite Spoilers] A challenge from the champs

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2021.10.27 22:07 cyberdik [xbox][h] a few sets, items , and blue prints [w] credit offers

Looking for credits but open to offers too (looking for painted toon sketch boosts)
Trouble maker IV painted - 2.5k
Royal crown painted set - 1k
Heart glasses painted set - 1.2k
Holosphere painted set-700
Goal explosions
Ballistic- pink
Chequered flag- fg, pink, tw
Dust cloud- saffron
Holodata- bs
Kablooey- juggler crimson , sweeper purple, tactician lime, cobalt, fg, saffron, sb, tw
Light show- purple
Riser- aviator lime , fg
Yeehaw- lime, purple
Breakout- lime
Harbinger- striker orange
Tyranno- lime
Breakout dragon
Breakout heiwa
Breakout ghost fever
Breakout Lycan
Breakout mammoth
Breakout nitro circus
Breakout sneaky slither
Breakout snow devil
Breakout watermelon
Breakout yaojing
Cold sweater
Compound C - TW
dominus nightmare fuel- TW
Dominus stratum badge - Uncert , goalkeeper, scorer, and purple
EQ-RL- goalkeeper sky blue , black
Esper- eye opener
Fennec- RLCS X
Fennec- yorebands (4)
Filoformer- fg paragon , pink paragon, black , orange, saffron
Gizmo- hive mind
Gizmo- wannabe
Hawaiian hopper
Jager- snakeskin
Mainliner- TW
Merc- dragon
Merc- watermelon
Octane ZSR- mechaceph black scorer
Octane Chantico acrobat
Octane- killer griller
Octane metarudia- bs
Octane royal tyrant- tactician
Octane Sarp stripe
Octane The goonies
Octane vapor wave
Percussion - TW
Spatialtemporal- lime
Takumi distortion- cc3
Twinzer muddy
Twinzer quick fix
Xdevil devil - devils advocate
Xdevil- dot matrix
Ara-51 - striker cc4
Blssm- orange and tw
Creeper- black
Decopunk- lime and unpainted scorer
DYR II- purple, saffron, sb
Esoto 4r- playmaker cobalt, saffron
Esoto 4r inverted- turtle pink and cobalt
Gadabout inverted- grey, lime, orange
Hephaestus- aviator
Holiday hearth
Imptek- black , fg, grey, lime, saffron
Invader- tw
Joko - bs, cobalt, pink, tw
Low poly te
Main Street
Paper cut
Parabolic- fg and orange
Polyergic- black, orange
Polyergic inverted- juggler pink, lime, purple
Propeller- orange, cobalt, pink
Psyonix II
Rocko- bs, lime, sb
Ruinator- black, bs, grey, sb
Ruinator inverted- fg, lime, sb
Short wire- tw juggler
Sk8ter- grey
SPN- cobalt grey tw
String theory- goalkeeper bs, showoff orange, sweeper saffron, sweeper sb, turtle pink, cobalt, crimson, fg, tw
Tanker- fg, purple, saffron
Tanker infinite- cobalt, pink, tw
Traction hatch- black, cobalt, saffron
Tri-2050- showoff sb, turtle saffron, bs, cobalt, crimson, fg, grey, lime, orange, pink, tw
Whisperer- cobalt, crimson, sb
Woofer- black
Wrathogen- acrobat black and unpainted
Yankii rl- tw sniper
Zadeh S3- bs, cobalt , purple, tw
Zadeh inverted- lime, orange, purple, saffron, tw
Chequered flag- crimson, orange, pink, sb
Die cast spark- crimson, fg, purple, tw
Holodata- juggler saffron, cobalt, crimson, pink, purple , tw
Hrt beat- showoff purple, sweeper orange, tactician black, fg, lime, pink
Pylon- bs, cobalt, lime, purple
Star princess- bs, grey, orange, pink, tw
Timeline- black, fg, lime, orange
Hex fade
Holo data- playmaker grey, sniper saffron, victor sb, bs, crimson, fg, lime, orange, pink, purple
Rad rock- scorer cobalt, striker orange, tactician tw, turtle bs, black, crimson, fg, grey, lime, saffron, sb
Avant- garde
Blueprint II
Chequered flag
Copper crisis
Fallen angel
Gamer pad
Ghost story
Gold plated
Goodbye Nian
Rl esports
Scoops Ahoy
Shark attack
Sticker shock
Sushi roll
Trash it
Venom ride
Wet wash
Wwe Nxt
Avatar Borders
Spring pagoda

Dominus mixtape - striker cobalt
Dominus or-aise- black
Fennec edgeburst- black
Octane zsr mechaceph- tw juggler
Octane vaporwave- fg goalkeeper, purple turtle
Octane vertabrate- crimson
 Very rare 
Astro csx- goalkeeper
Chakram- cc1
Dingo huntress
Discoteque trail- black
Fsl- purple scorer
Glaive inverted - lime victor
Picket holographic- purple and saffron
Zigzag- black
Fennec- striker
Flame rate - tw
Octane framework scorer
Stella inverted- pink and sb
Astro csx inverted - bs
Dire wolf- black
Humid haze- fg
Reevrb- tactician pink
Voltaic- tw
Zefram infinite- showoff black
Zomba- black
 Black market 
Air strike - scorer
Buffy-Sugo- sweeper, tactician, fg , pink
Exalter- acrobat
Gravity bomb- black orange
Interstellar- paragon lime, showoff sb, cobalt, pink, tactician
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2021.10.27 22:07 anothaoneananothaone I (26 F) have been hooking up with my guy friend (28 M) and regret it. How do I break things off while keeping the friendship?

This guy in our friend group has been flirting with me for months, and I’d flirt back but I never intended for it to become anything serious because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship.
We were hanging out the other weekend, and I had too many drinks to drive home and ended up sleeping over. We hooked up, and he confided in me that he is really into me & would like to pursue something more serious. We have never spent a lot of time together with just the two of us outside of a group setting, so I thought why not hang out a little more and see how it goes since I like him as a person and am clearly attracted enough to sleep with him.
We’ve been hooking up frequently and getting to know each other better for the last few weeks, and while he is a great person and very kind, gentle, and respectful, I’m not sure the chemistry is really there for me on my end, and think we have some pretty big lifestyle differences. I’m also worried my parents would not like him / he wouldn’t fit in well with my family’s culture and values. How on earth do I break things off with someone I’m probably going to have to continue to see frequently? I don’t want to hurt his feelings as he has been nothing but sweet to me, and it’s not his fault. Is there any way to try to keep the friendship?
Also has anyone been in a similar situation & how did it go?
TLDR; hooked up with friend and want to know how to let him down gently & keep the friendship if possible.
Thank you for any insight or advice!!!
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2021.10.27 22:07 DCAUBeyond I no longer hate Linda Ballantyne..........

While she's still behind Terri Hawkes, Tracy Moore and Stephanie Sheh in my book for favorite voices for Usagi/Serena, I don't hate her as much as I used to. While she's annoying in S(although Usagi is to be annoying, she sounds like a Karen or a grandma instead of an annoying 14 year old girl),I no longer hate her as much as I used to as I was in a bad mood and while I was moping and watching Sailor Moon S,I laughed in the second episode when Mamoru/"Darian" takes her to a secluded place and she's like "Darian, you want to be alone?" "Oh Darian,what are you thinking!" and when she puckered up(with her eyes closed),Mamoru/"Darian" put a kitten in her face and it licked her and the way she screamed made me laugh,but what about you, what changed your mind about Linda Ballantyne?
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2021.10.27 22:07 dearkara_acnh Crone Kitchen

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2021.10.27 22:07 Blanka-main My boss is cutting my weekend short because one of our staff quit this shit job.

My job's not fun. It's not dignifying. Nevertheless, it's a paycheck. However, with recent events, I'm starting to wonder just how far the "it's a paycheck" excuse can stretch for me to justify just how terrible this is. This week one of my coworkers quit. I can't blame them, the job doesn't pay well, the staff don't always get along well, and management doesn't care about our needs. However, this has left us with a problem - we now have an ass-ton of man hours that we need to fill. My usual weekends are Wed/Thu. It's fine, I don't mind having weird weekends as long as I have them. However, with the recent problem mentioned previously, on top of already giving me even more hours, my boss has decided that it'd be for the best if he cut my weekend short and told me that I'd be filling in those extra hours tomorrow. I'm going to lose my fucking mind. If short-changing my time off becomes a pattern, I don't know how I'm going to get through this, because this is really testing my sanity.
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2021.10.27 22:07 Elijazzy Mp3: Wande Coal – Come My Way

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2021.10.27 22:07 lookoutforumbrellas Will I look out of place/dumb?

I (25M) got invited by my best friend to a Halloween party this Saturday. I want to dress up & she is dressing up as well. She is doing a gothic fairy (wings, ears, & all) look.
I couldn’t think of anything but I do have my old Attack on Titan survey corp uniform cosplay. Yes, khaki jacket, harnesses, & all.
I was thinking of wearing it but I’m not sure if I would look out of place & stupid. I have a lot of anxiety thinking about wearing it & going to this party & seeing no one wearing costumes. I love the cosplay but I don’t want to look cringe.
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2021.10.27 22:07 Jesta23 Who was almost universally hated as a musician as you were growing up that turned out to be extremely talented?

I was born in 82, and in the early 90’s every teen absolutely hated Micheal Jackson. Myself included.
As I grew up and listened to his music outside of peer pressure I found I really love it.
Just Timberlake is the same, at the turn of the century he was so hated by everyone around my age group. Now he’s one of my favorite artists. (He was wonderful in alpha dog too.)
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2021.10.27 22:07 Kato_Sicarius [General] Humidity sensor for grow tent

Hello everyone,
I just purchased a grow tent that i plan on growing and keeping my mushrooms in. The reason i did this is because it will be significantly easier to keep the humidity levels high.
My current problem is that i have a very basic (shitty) vaporizer that has a dial knob that allows you to select how much vapor you want to put into the air.
Does anyone know anything that could send power to the vaporizer when it senses a humidity outside my desired range? Ive see some things on amazon but they are in the $60 range, trying to see if there is anything cheaper.
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2021.10.27 22:07 DeaconStGone Eddie Kingston telling Bryan Danielson that he didn't work hard is like Michael Scott telling a fireman he knows what it's like to be horribly burnt.

For real, you want to tell the guy who medical retired and came back that he didn't work hard? Kayfabe or not, that's a bullshit line.
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2021.10.27 22:07 Ivans_Comradery How to take my industry off life support? (HPM)

I'm playing my first USA game, and I have a good footing on the mechanics of Victoria 2. It's the 1870s, and I have a strong industry. I tried my best to organize factories on local RGOs in their state, and I've been expanding factories in states with unemployment. I've been temporarily subsidizing factories that are going into the red/reopened factories.
However, I seem to have come across a problem. I decided to stop all subsidizing to see if my industry can walk on its own two feet.... and by the end of the month 80% of my factories have closed, and each state has thousands of craftsmen unemployed.
How should I go about fixing this? My current solution has been lowering taxes on the upper class, lowering tarrifs so more RGOs can be brought in (current tarrif minimum is 75%), and subsidizing all factories. The subsidizing part is really important, without it, I'm effectively blowing my industry's legs off.
Or, is this normal and I should let it balance out?
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2021.10.27 22:07 poolion0 [USA-MA] [H] RX 580 4GB [W] PayPal

Works very well
300 local or 320 Shipped Will ship with priority shipping Not used for mining PM me before commenting I know that 4gb for 320 is very high but I’m upgrading and need all I can get sorry
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2021.10.27 22:07 ToxicZT27 Pet Named Steve

Pet Named Steve
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2021.10.27 22:07 ToasterTaco69 Currently In the processes of upgrading a pre built into a sleeper, can anyone help identify the motherboard? Specs in description

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2021.10.27 22:07 MisterNo_Body PAC Lock 90A Pro. Mother freaking finally!!!

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2021.10.27 22:07 SnooSquirrels7894 Bonnie henry @ opener

Did Bonnie henry jinx the boys last night?🤔
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2021.10.27 22:07 Budget-Song2618 Budget gives rich cheaper champagne as workers face wage and benefit cuts

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2021.10.27 22:07 Gyroklovn Har noen erfaring eller tips rundt "minnebok" som foreldre eller lignende kan skrive ned sin historie i?

Ønsker forslag til "minnebok" rettet mot foreldre/besteforeldre, som de kan skrive historien sin i.
Jeg ønsker å få vite mer om oppveksten, erfaringer og historier som mine foreldre har fått gjennom livet. Vi snakker en del om dette når vi møtes, men å få det i bokform hadde vært kult. De har så mange artige historier at det er vanskelig å huske. Det finnes bøker med ferdige spørsmål som de kan skrive inn svaret på. Jeg lurer derfor på om noen har erfaring med slike bøker, og eventuelt kan anbefale noe.
Jeg har sett på "Boken om meg", "Mitt liv" og noen flere. Det virker som en del av disse bøkene handler om å ramse opp øyefarge, favorittfarge, mor, far og slektstre, mens andre handler mer om opplevelser, minner og erfaringer. Jeg ønsker det sistnevnte.
Mine lokale bokhandlere har dessverre ikke bøkene inne, så jeg får ikke sett hva som står i dem.
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