Brawler Trio Motifs: a WAY too deep dive into characters

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2021.10.27 22:28 ViableFries Brawler Trio Motifs: a WAY too deep dive into characters

Brawler Trio Motifs: a WAY too deep dive into characters Hey hey, MBS Here comes an extremely long and drawn out post about Brawler Trio motifs! This post will be focusing solely on character design, not how the Brawlers actually play, so personalities, dynamics, and looks are gonna be what I am looking at for the most part. For context, I have provided a list of all of the current Brawler Trios (and one duo). Without any further ado...
What "Motifs"? When I mention the word motif, I am talking about "a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition" (thank you, Google). In this case, even though Brawl Stars is far from a work of art, I will try to convince you that, when it comes to trio design, there seems to be a reoccurring pattern tying them all together. Of course, there are exceptions, but I will address these down the line.
Brawlers seem to fall into three distinct (what I am referring to as) categories: the Boss, the Rogue, and the Naive... one. Distinctly, each trio will contain a Brawler corresponding from one of each of these categories. Below I will give an explanation of what each category entails:

The Boss: Bosses usually have one or more of a few distinct traits that make them the "leader" of the group. One way a Brawler can be a Boss is through simply being large and / or strong. Usually, somebody who is immovable physically is likewise immovable mentally and morally. This makes them stalwart as a sort of head of a trio. Good examples of this are the likes of Bull and Surge.
Another way a Brawler can be a Boss is simply by being a literal leader. Whether they are Mr. P or Griff, these types of Bosses lead by title alone.
Finally, a Brawler can classify as a Boss if they are just mentally stalwart. If they are powerful verbally or logically, like Byron or Jacky, or if they have a sort of moral high-ground like Bo, then they can similarly classify as a Boss

The Rogue: Rogues are often the "annoying" or "charismatic" ones of the bunch. They can be characterized in a lot of ways, but some of the more notable traits include unpredictability, lone-wolf mentality, or by simply being an enigma. And while this trait can sort of overlap with The Naive, I will explain later how the two differ more to be distinct.
Colette is a great example of an unpredictable Rogue. With her sole purpose to stalk and fangirl other Brawlers, there is no telling what crazy, sadistic thing she may do next. Mortis and Crow are very similarly "lone-wolves" who may put up a facade of being the cool ones when, in actuality, they fit right into their little Brawler Family. Finally, we have Gene. Gene is Gene.

The Naive: Now this is the final category and, in some ways, it can overlap with The Rogues. However, this category differs in a very important way.
Often, a Naive Brawlers are explicitly characterized for some sort of childish trait. Take for example Lou: Lou has a sort of "childish optimism", just a happy go-lucky ice cream machine without much a care in the world. Meg has a child-like wonder and idealism to her. Carl is literally a crybaby.
Where this may get a bit more contested is in someone like Nani; however, not only with the power of filling in blanks, headcanons work wonders. Through Nani's more implicitly creepy and, well, enigmatic-ness she fits as more of a Rogue than Jessie's childish inspiration (this can be further argued, but u/GelatinouslyAdequate should back me up on Nani's sadism).

Below is the full reference image I designed:
The Exceptions! Edgar and Colette:While Griff is very clearly a titled-Boss, Edgar and Colette both display traits that can be categorized as both the Rogue and the Naive. However, I opted for this ordering in which Colette is the Rogue and Edgar is the Naive with the sole tie-breaker in how Brawl Stars-related media portrays the characters. Often, Brawl Stars focuses more on Colette's "crazy" while it likewise focuses on the fact Edgar is a teenager (thus giving him similar reason to be Naive as Emz).
What's up with the Town Folks?Piper Byron and Barely, probably the second most frustrating Trio for me to categorize. Byron and Barely contest one another for being Bosses (Byron being dangerously logical while Barley has a no-nonsense attitude), and Piper and Barely both contest one another for being unpredictable Rogues. I settled on this ordering (Byron as the Boss, Piper as the Rogue, and Barley as the Naive) for a few reasons though. Out of the three, Piper and Byron are both solely characterized by one trait. Piper is a cold-blooded killer with a seemingly sweet exterior while Byron is can be classified as both a logician and a titled-boss, providing most to all of the Brawlers with their doodads and whats-its. Barley through a wrench into the operation by being both. So, I am using the fact that he has apparent OCD and tamper tantrums to classify him as Naive.
Poco... is a Boss?The underlying problem with the whole Entertainer Trio is that El Primo gets almost no categorization. He is... a wrestler. However, what makes El Primo more of a Rogue and the mild-mannered Poco more of a Boss than anything in my eyes. Well, I have a sort of headcanon for El Primo that goes something like this: El Primo is a full-of-himself wrestler, having little compassion for his opponents and fighting for the glory! Some of this can be derived from the fact that 30% of his vocabulary seems to be his own name. So why then, other than process of elimination, is Poco a Boss? Well, it wouldn't be called "Poco's Bandstand" for nothing, would it?
Bea vs. SproutNow this one is a toughy. I honestly believe there is no real good justification to put either in Rogue or Naive over one or the other; though, I would honestly have to lean more-so towards Sprout being the Rogue for his enigmatic-ness and Sprout being the childish optimist. However, this one can really go either way, Sprout is implied to be Rosa and Bea's child after all.
Predictions You may have noticed that some Brawlers don't really have a Trio yet, and this includes Ruffs, Squeak, Belle, Buzz, Stu, and Ash. With this theory in mind though, we may be able to predict what characters may be coming in the future of Brawl.
Starr Force: Ruffs is obviously a leader and Squeak is most definitely a little Naive baby, so that leaves Rogue as the open slot for the Trio. Perhaps we can expect some sort of limber space feline in the future? One that is classically enigmatic when it comes to being hinted at...
The Gold Arm Gang: "I'm the leader of the gang!" says Belle, not realizing she has explicitly outed herself as the Boss of her trio. This means we can expect some sort of Rogue and Naive in the future. This could be a "lone-wolf" bandit to fit the Rogue classification and some sort of water boy or bad thief to fit the Naive classification.
With these in mind, I'm sure you could extrapolate theories based on the ideas I put up here.
Concluding Words If you made it to the end of this rant, I would like to thank you for reading the first ever actual post on MBS. It really means a lot <3
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Finished an interview at 2:20pm to only get home 5 minutes ago at 6:20 in East Van, every lane to both bridges was a complete stand still..
Does this happen often? For years I commuted from Maple Ridge to Vancouver and back so I understand traffic here and there.. but 4 hours?!
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Did this figure release already?
I had a preorder but might have canceled it (I can’t find the confirmation email anymore) but I also have an email from GameStop asking how I liked my order, so thats confusing. I searched their website, the figure appears with no option to preorder anymore but a release date of 1/20/22. I see a few reviews on YouTube and a few for sale on ebay. Anyway, I’m confused. Help.
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Hi so I am currently the HODLer of the almighty SHIB and I have just been seeing thing going off for the past couple of days. It has been exciting to watch my gains but now I'm scared. The crypto world is real and now I know what it feels like to a winner by investing into an asset. I am afraid to stop checking the charts and I can't sleep because I know what could happen when I'm asleep and what I could wake up to.
Will history repeat itself and this coin dies after a pump and dump? Many know however many have the young blood in them to keep their hopes up of that lambo but honestly I don't care because I just want to ensure I get the pump and dump money to buy my girl a nice gift. Can it wipe another zero and I get an even better gift that I have a lot of hope for. Many people are optimistic about SHIB future and that is truly what crypto is about and it make me excited about the future of crypto but should I take profits, go to sleep and stop checking the charts in hopes of not waking up to my investment back to $ 20.
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I don’t understand why it’s not patched on pc so you can play on couch with a controller. The half baked pc controller support is terrible. You can’t cycle through weapons and aiming is the worst.
On The Orange Box on my series X I get locked at 30fps. I want to play this game on the couch and it’s shocking to me it hasn’t been improved to be playable like a modern FPS game. I get it’s best with mouse and keyboard but I can’t be the only one who prefers controller.
I wonder how this will play on the steam deck? Doesn’t seem fully compatible.
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Just looking for some dry meat lol muck family near my Tenderflake needs it ( moose only) tried Facebook and what not, just looking here also
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2021.10.27 22:28 00Ship00 I experience strong derealisation and numbness.

I experience strong derealisation and emotional numbness. Everything feels like in a dream or like I’m drunk. I have no concept of time and cant focus about anything. Sometimes I forget to eat for a whole day and have sleeping problems. It’s been like that for almost a year. I’ve been suffering with other severe mental problems for many years but I feel I get closer to a point were simple day to day tasks are getting difficult for me. I want to experience something that feels real but nothing seems to work. Everything feels so far away, and I also noticed that I don’t have a lot of empathy left for people. Recently a close family member got very emotional about a situation and cried In front of me. I felt so guilty because in my mind I was completely dry and didn’t care at all about her emotions. I comforted her a pretended to care but I felt so bad for not really caring, thats not me, before my problems I would’ve cared a lot.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
I’m sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language. Hope you have a good day, and thank you for reading.
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