FIA issue drivers with warning ahead of Saudi Arabian GP qualifying

2021.12.04 10:11 deltapanad FIA issue drivers with warning ahead of Saudi Arabian GP qualifying

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2021.12.04 10:11 Vec_1w3 I am rly confused

For about 3/2 months I was talking to one girl from my class , not every day but very often. We become friends, shared few secrets, gave advices to each other, comforted each other when someone needed and hang out with her few times. She has bigger circle of friends so I know that she is busy and I never spam texted her or got angry when she didn't reply for few hours . It was never problem for me because she gave the same energy when responding. But recently she started replying different then usually, she needs more than 5 hours to reply, she is replying shorter than usually ( dry texts me). I feel like she got bored of me and in same time all of this started, she started chatting with one guy from our class ( before you assume I am guy, I am girl so this whole thing doesn't have anything to do with dating or being interested romantically, this is purely platonic from both sides), they started talking with each other in school like we used to, and I know she didn't stopped/ don't respond to her other friends like she did with me, because she shares "funny moments " from their chats. I don't what I am supposed to do, I thought to "confront her" , but I don't wanna risk this friendship even tho is kinda dying. I am scared that I did something but I don't know what.
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2021.12.04 10:11 EdgarRandoo The game so pretty

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2021.12.04 10:11 moneyshouters HotForex Traders Awards 2020

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2021.12.04 10:11 Joxytheinhaler The Catalyst

Artima leaned over her desk, slumped from nearly 8 hours of straight work, poring through digital libraries and scientific papers. The auto translator was a god send for science, but a curse for Artima. Not only did she now have humanity's texts to read through, she now had 15 other alien races' texts to read, all of which had languages as varied as the ones back on Earth. The year long trip through hyperspace wasn't doing her any favors either. Cramped spaces, tighter than a submarine, headaches from breaking the laws of physics, the constant rocking. Faster than light travel was still new, and relatively uncomfortable, but ingenuous. Absolutely ingenuous. In 30 years of its discovery humanity made contact with 15 other alien species, established 23 colonies, 7 embassies on foreign planets, and exponentially increased technological advancements. It was incredible, and Artima was glad it all happened in her lifetime.
It was strange though. She was one of the human diplomats assigned to improve and maintain relationships with their sentient neighbors, but with each assignment, each travel, each document read, she kept coming up on something that astounded her. 6 of the 15 races they encountered made the same claim as the human race; 30 years ago, or something equivalent (there was still no intergalactic time established), those races also finally dismantled the secrets withholding FTL travel. The other races, some took a year longer, others a year earlier, but it was all around the same time frame. She was no scientist or mathematician, but she felt like there must be some kind of pattern between the various scientific advancements. There must be something behind it all, because it didn't make sense. Civilizations millennia older than humanity only just discovered FTL for the first time, even despite having reached their tendrils out, slowly but surely. Others, only just a few thousand years old, made leaps and bounds through millennia of technological advancements, moving through time so fast their cultures barely had time to adapt before they were shaking hands on planets light-years away from home. What was the catalyst? How did this happen, and why? Some of her peers called her insane. "You're just a diplomat," they said. "Not an anthropologist." I didn't care. Human curiosity is the one thing that every human shares, and this was her curiosity. She made it her mission to find this out, and reaching behind the scenes to find the secrets of their each individual success was imperative. It took her nearly 5 years of research to even come close to the answer, but she was sizing it down. She already knew Earth's story of discovery, she even interviewed the woman who triggered the new age, Madam Maya Pacquiao. Her story was simply wishing on a shooting star, and having a dream that night, which led to her solving her equation. Artima stood up and bonked her head on the ceiling. She cursed on her way to her bed. Another species, Ghfkerrs, had a similar story. A single scientist, making a wish and having a dream. She hadn't heard that from other species, at least not yet, but 3 others had meteors crash on their planets, which they claimed had unusual features and characteristics that they'd never seen, and after studying them for 5, 12, and 132 years respectively, each of those species learned FTL travel, about 30 years ago. Artima tucked herself in to the twin size mattress laid on the floor. Meteors and science, wishes and dreams, what's the connection? The equations and numbers all looked strangely similar from the 5 races, even though the other species used different number systems and symbols. Again, though, she was no scientist. It all might as well be a different language entirely.
She sighed, tussling in her bed. She had about a month until she reached Earngst, the homeworld of the Qvhitma species, one of humanity's most bitter rivals in the 30 years they've known each other, and the furthest one from home. With any luck, she could cut through some red tape and get her hands on their research. Perhaps something there, would give her the answers she needed. But for now, she needed sleep, and with all this thinking on her mind, she slowly slipped into the world of dreams.
Here's a short little story! Nothing too complicated, mostly exposition and the inner dialogue of the main character. Not my first time writing a sci-fi story, but I think it turned out better than the other times I've tried. I do tend to write a lot of fantasy stuff, don't I? In any case, this one wrapped up mostly on a cliff hanger. It's all exposition, with actually 0 plot, so cutting it off where I did is pretty lame. However, if I didn't do that, I probably could have kept writing for ages. If I were to do a serialization, I think I'd start with continuing this story. It'd probably go on for another couple parts, as I no longer have any ideas where to take this, before I wrapped it up. The whole political/mystery thing isn't exactly my forte, something I should work on.
Not much else I can say about this one. It's pretty decently written, although rather short. Here's the link to the post itself, I'm the only response on it again this time.
Edit: This one never actually sent due to internet connectivity errors. whoops.
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2021.12.04 10:11 akshaaatt Cropper - Android Library

Cropper is an Android library to crop an image at ease.

I have added a cool sample app that helps better understand the usage.
Make sure to star the project if you appreciate the work :)
I have added a cool sample app which helps better understand the usage.
Hope this helps you out!
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2021.12.04 10:11 stunztii Morning Glory beginning to flower

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2021.12.04 10:11 Thinking_in_Circles ボストン・ダイナミクスの四つ脚が動物園にやってきた

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2021.12.04 10:11 Snowbutter1 Atleast its not cockty cock

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2021.12.04 10:11 ram22252 Mood

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2021.12.04 10:11 tmf88 Brits in Spain that have travelled to the U.K. recently - please help!

I had covid and one jab or Moderna; so here in Spain I’m fully vaccinated.
But I’ve got a bit of confusion thanks to the U.K. side and what they consider fully vaccinated; two different documents literally from the same government have different definitions of “fully vaccinated”. Multiple articles seem to have the same swing.
Has anyone travelled in the last week or so - since Omicron changed the rules - that has been in the same situation? Did you get in OK?
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2021.12.04 10:11 TiiiMonV [EUW] Suche Clash Team Tier 3

ich suche für heute Abend noch ein Clash Team. Ich bin aktuell Silber spiele aber eher in der Gold Elo mit. Ich bin Top und ADC Spieler. Maine aber Top.
Discord vorhanden. Ich würde mich freuen wenn wir das Turnier trotz verlorenen Spielen zu Ende spielen würden.
Bei Interesse gerne in LoL adden: TiMonV
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2021.12.04 10:11 X_nderr cringe

this is pretty cringe ngl, why am i not the banner guy? this is so shit
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2021.12.04 10:11 melobabe Dann fangt „Genauception“ an credit: IG/ Berlinauslandermemes

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2021.12.04 10:11 TraditionalMail1987 $NGR 🍣 (Nigiri) - [BSC] 💎 - Launching Now 🚀. BuyBack System 🐋. Holders Rewards in BUSD ⚡️. TechRate Audit 🔐

🍣 Nigiri is a project that seeks to implement the buy back system and a reward in BUSD to holders to benefit its investors, creating a safe, reliable and profitable token.
🍱 Nigiri is the most traditional piece of Japanese gastronomy. These are small portions of rice compacted and modeled with oval shape. On these pieces of rice, fish or seafood are placed. We find out that it was possible to unite this idea with a project that generates profits for all, with its innovative systems of buyback and rewards.
📱We are trying hard and we want to run a huge marketing campaign with many great influencers, stay tuned! We will also use the marketing wallet to create a non-stop campaign, in all social networks (Twitter, Tik Tok, BTok, Youtube, Reddit, Telegram)
🔒 The Nigiri contract is being audited by TechRate, and liquidity will also be locked for 24 months
🚀 CMC and CG will list right after launch
⏳ You can look for our road map on our website that is full of news and announcements for you!
📊 Tokenomics
Total supply $NGR
💰 Taxes
2% Buy-Back (to never fall)
6% BUSD Claim Function (To reward holders)
2% Marketing (for non-stop campaigns)
📋Contract: 0xb78be2368fda75175821693cbc2ce2dd4e88e3e0
Buy Here:
Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity locked:
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2021.12.04 10:11 Irisateurleg Trading my inv for chromas! (not pets)

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2021.12.04 10:11 Infamous_Switch_7848 “I Got a Big Pekka”

I was at work yesterday and my husband, who is new to the game texted me in excitement to tell me “I got a big pekka” 😂 And please forgive me if this has come up in the past, no theft of jokes intended 🍆
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2021.12.04 10:11 ChiquitaBurd Malu Trevejo naughty gorgeous babe nipple see through viral leaked video

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2021.12.04 10:11 ChiquitaBurd Malu Trevejo naughty gorgeous babe nipple see through viral leaked video

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2021.12.04 10:11 Jensen_Explorer White / Off-White Frigates for Combat, Exploration, Support, Industrial, Trade Euclid Galaxy Korvax T2 Economy

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2021.12.04 10:11 mofiggy Question about sealing a dish install on the roof

I’m getting satellite internet and when the dish gets here i plan to mount it on the roof. I’m concerned that the intensity of the sun might cause the included sealants to not hold up.
Has anyone done this type of thing before? Did you ever get a leak or have to maintain it?
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2021.12.04 10:11 S_saku_U Zelda animation *Update*

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2021.12.04 10:11 IAM0LLIE Is there any feature like My Mix on Youtube on Spotify.

Im new to using spotify, i know they have mixes but thats for specific artists is there one just in general
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2021.12.04 10:11 essen11 Graph Showing Weekly Number Of Covid Infections And Accumulated Covid In Norway Since The Start

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2021.12.04 10:11 Upset_Development_20 Les gustan los pechos de mi novia? Si llega a 100 flechitas, un primer plano de su culo, vayaina y pechos... Con su carita

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