My friend is being sexually harassed and told me not to tell anyone

2021.12.04 10:27 Infamous_Figure469 My friend is being sexually harassed and told me not to tell anyone

So I won't go into details but yesterday, my friend confided in me and told me about how 3 guys from school (I know them) were harassing her sexually, as well as other people. They have done (and are still probably doing) some very awful things and their behavior could easily be classified as sexual harassment. When I mentioned if she wanted to tell someone, she said no and told me she didn't and warned me not to tell anyone, and that if I did she'd stop talking to me. It's very clear that she's suffering a lot from all of this, her behavior has even been off lately and she told me she even felt uncomfortable around any guy. She has to see them everyday (two of them are even on the same bus as her). She said she told her mother about what's been happening but her mother didn't do anything about it. I don't know what I should do. I feel like I should respect her decision of not telling someone but at the same time, this is an ongoing thing and I know about it. What should I do?
A few things they've done for context: filmed and took pictures of her without her consent, made very inappropriate and unnecessary remarks multiple times (I was even there some of the times), touched her without her consent in places she didn't want to be touched and the list goes on.
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2021.12.04 10:27 Newbie123plzhelp I made website to analyse Spotify

website analyses your Spotify. Pls try it, I will appreciate it. works like sh*t on phone, so I hope you're using a computer
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2021.12.04 10:27 HGIBYT my goal is to get 100 subs! if you like to see people goofing around do random things,see below.

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2021.12.04 10:27 Gooners84 Just a few I've been wanting at Target this morning

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2021.12.04 10:27 Nut-Constable Which Christmas Carol/hymn or song, can we as humanity agree to retire for 2021?

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2021.12.04 10:27 TerryNelson875 When you can't fill the void by upvoting the doggo

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2021.12.04 10:27 honeyyeddeath [18+] Come find your ✧Lost Friends✧; we are a laid back social server that encourages self expression! Come unlock NSFW Selfies - Participate in movie nights - Play games - Forge friendships! <3

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2021.12.04 10:27 4o4AppleCh1ps99 La Paz

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2021.12.04 10:27 blueriverinthehills Post residency salaries for diff speciality.

Just what the title says, overall idea of salary with career progression.
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2021.12.04 10:27 ailluminus Preparing for the First Dive

Hi, all,
I've inexplicably convinced my friend group to play Barotrauma. This is a huge win for me, but I want to make it a huge win for them, too, and so I want to make it the most enjoyable possible experience - which will involve some thrills, some chills, some big wins, some amazing lows. Full disclosure, I've only got about 5 hours in the game from a few servers hopped on and a little bit of single players, so I myself haven't had the full unmodified Barotrauma experience - I don't need that; I want to experience the most amazing possible Europa with my friends.
That being said, I read the description of the Into the Abyss mod and felt that it would significantly improve the experience. My friend group are tabletop roleplayers, but are probably looking for a more casual experience here, so giving them the opportunity to experience a Europa that's as lived-in and realistic as possible should be cool for us, but I've heard Into the Abyss adds to difficulty. I decided to add the EK packs, Meaningful Upgrades and Better Dive Suits to try to accommodate that difficulty, but I want to avoid cheat-subs.
Right now I've got Into the Abyss, DynamicEuropa, the EK packs, Better Suits, Improved Husks and a few other quality of life mods like Underwater Sledge, Deep Sea Alcohol, GunLights, Mark Currency Mod and a whole bunch of non-cheat subs. I am avoiding Undersea Horrors and Barotraumatic for now, to avoid spiking the difficulty.
I want to provide my friends with not the most authentic "as the creators intended" experience, but rather the most engaging, thrilling and dynamic experience that the creators and the community could produce together. I'll probably just get one run at this, so I want it to be fun and balanced, and close to the original product, but more diverse. It's a lot to ask for, and I appreciate any help I can get.
My question is 3-fold:
Does this look anywhere near balanced/survivable, and if not how should I tweak? If one of these mods is gonna wreck it for me I'd hope to know now.
Are there suggestions for other mods that would further enhance the experience?
How do I tell cheat-subs from non-cheat-subs at a glance? I've kinda had to sandbox each sub to run around and make sure it seemed legit, but even then I might be wrong. Also, any cool sub suggestions are appreciated.
(So far grabbed Draugr (awesome), Iroh, Triton, Humpback, Trade Runner, Nautilus, Plague Rat, Sweet Pea, Eel, Explorer, Kessel, Nurse Shark and the Dolphin, to not mention the few cheat subs I removed from the list)
Thank you in advance, kind responders, for your support in my future adventures beneath the ice!
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2021.12.04 10:27 ykleo How do you feel Gyen holders ?

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2021.12.04 10:27 appsaraby محمد النظامي: "مؤتمر مصر الطبي" يجمع كافة التخصصات للقطاع الطبي والدوائي

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2021.12.04 10:27 366m4n89 New Game/More DLC

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2021.12.04 10:27 TheOnlyLEGIT Darkmode optimised meme

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2021.12.04 10:27 gertinct 🐶 FlokiVengers 🐶| New Heroes NFT Token 💥 Marketplace & NFT Launch Incoming ✅ Doxxed Dev | BUSD Rewards | Join the Resistance! 🔥

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Avoid scams and rugs and join a healthy community 🦸‍♂️
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2021.12.04 10:27 Worth-Preparation626 Renting out my house, building another house on my parents land. Good idea?

Just swing my plan by people, so i have just rented out my house (im single) to a family, they pay 580pw. I have moved back with parents rent free and we currently have flatteneed the back yard and me & parents plan to build me a small house/sleep out out the back where i'll live rent free. I plan to use this time to save up to buy another house.
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2021.12.04 10:27 gamerulx126 1.18 snow mountain generation

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2021.12.04 10:27 Gragiator [WEEK 18] Posting an Elden Ring "Calendar" every week until the game is released.

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2021.12.04 10:27 Andrei_CareE I think i feel in love with this show again.

I saw this show 5 years ago on Disney, at first i didn't taught much, my uncle saw me watching it and said that this is a 'Girl-Show', then 2 years ago, i developed a strong emotional bond with Star that took me out of a depression, I simply love her bubbly energetic personality this gave me new life a goal to be like her.
And now, i can't help myself but watching more and more episodes of this series,
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2021.12.04 10:27 honomo6969 Purchased this pair. Love detailing! Any info on these? TY!

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2021.12.04 10:27 Wacky08 Picked up the new 285/70/17 Yokohama Geolandar MT G003 tires and got it tinted. 4Runner not even a week old 😂

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2021.12.04 10:27 garlicbreadpasta Expecting women to be just like men is a form of sexism.

I am so sick of people saying things like, “women are just as strong as man”. I literally had a stupid male coworker who is a body builder look at me crazy because I (a 110 pound female), couldn’t lift something he could. Every female doesn’t want to be a body builder and isn’t built to lift things as heavy as a man. I was also ridiculed by him for having painful cramps one day.
I want to be educated, I want to have fun in my youth, but I also want to get married and have children. How will I do that with inflation and the rising cost of living? Plus, college costs so much. It costs like 30k to get specialized in a certain health care field.
On top of that, daycare is very expensive these days. Employers aren’t respectful of women having to tend to their children. They don’t understand we have a life outside of work.
I am really sad.
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2021.12.04 10:27 Elder_Trinity Muito curioso.

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2021.12.04 10:27 Neo_Trunks Clint

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2021.12.04 10:27 Defiant_Race_7544 HIGH TIDE KEEPS RISING

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