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Ship stability is an area of naval architecture and ship design that deals with how a ship behaves at sea, both in still water and in waves, whether intact or damaged. Stability calculations focus on centers of gravity, centers of buoyancy, the metacenters of vessels, and on how these interact. e Comparison of the instantaneous power density obtained in this work with other reports 13,19,28,29,32,33. f , the photograph of 180 W lamps being powered by an OCT-TENG. Insert shows the ... The instantaneous peak power density is 50.1 W m −2 under a load resistance of 332.0 kΩ (Extended Data Fig. 2c), which is three orders of magnitude higher than that of the control device ... Community Bank of Raymore is a local financial institution committed to meeting the financial needs of Raymore, Peculiar, Harrisonville, and surrounding Missouri areas. ... We love the fact that we can transfer money to our kids account with ease and it is almost instantaneous! Thank you and keep up the good work!" — Brandon A., Raymore, MO

2021.12.04 11:24 IN6SEC IN6SEC. The instantaneous information geo community

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2021.12.04 11:24 Monty5944 Need one TE, Pitts has been terrible and Pat has been good

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2021.12.04 11:24 UpgradeFeline I think my employer messed up my insurance and I just noticed

I work for a non-profit, and have a state sponsored health plan. I also got married in 2019 and started covering my husband, so my price went up. I should have paid more attention, but assumed it went up the right amount. But, now I am noticing in December that my employer is charging me for the CDHP plan, and I have an HRA, but all my cards are for the PPO and my visits have been mostly co-pays. This year, I listed the CDHP as my enrollment... could I get slammed next year? We didn't utilize our insurance much, I have a ton left in my HRA.. should I restock my med cabinet on the fsa store or should I hold onto that in case they notice and take it back... or 27 days from the end of the plan year, should I play it cool? I'm kind of panicking.
TLDR: Paid for a CDHP, but have had the PPO all year but still have my HRA. It's december... what happens now?
Thank you!
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2021.12.04 11:24 selune1228 thanks to airdrops :)

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2021.12.04 11:24 TheCommandeR66 What 2042 needs

These are my opinions as a long time old ass BF player. Your opinions may be different and that’s fine.

  1. Persistent servers
  2. Ability to change squads
  3. Ability to not automatically spawn in the game at start of round in a location you didn’t choose.
  4. Remove the absolute cheese EOR quips. Ughhh.
  5. Classes, with special gadgets.
  6. Better map design since there’s an abundance of ppl flying around flanking.
  7. Balancing. Balancing of all these weapons, vehicles, and gadgets is very crude atm.
  8. Heli physics. Please remove the giant helium tank.
  9. Cringe cosmetics. I know many of you love your cosmetics, which makes me laugh when I hear males want cosmetics, but clown costumes, Santa, and just stupid outfits really crush the the whole “ world is crumbling” feel.
  10. The scoreboard we’ve always had. I realize some of you want to jump off a cliff after eating dish detergent when you see what a failure you were in a round, but it’s a VIDEO GAME. This game in no way reflects on your shooting, driving, tactical skills in the actual world.
Your opinions may not jive with mine and that’s ok. But I think some of this would go a long way to keep BF from becoming another Fortnite hero bullshit shooter. Also, Sweden needs to chill out with their NEED to put whatever political and social bs they feel passionate about this month into their games. We just wanna shoot ppl in the face.
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2021.12.04 11:24 AdamCrocsler Downloading problem

So I had a problem with my internet 2 months ago, so we changed the router and now my downloads are messed up. Old one had no problem with downloads but with this new one my downloads are always stopping. It always says something like "Network error" or "No internet connection" but I was on Discord in voice call while download and I wasn't disconnected. I discovered that it only happens when downloading trough Steam or any browser like OperaGX or Explorer Edge. If somebody knows what's the issue please help.
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2021.12.04 11:24 Smooth_Channel_2009 As trumpers continue to spiral, we will see many more Oxford, MIs

As their supremacy continues to slip away and they continue to manufacture outrage and grievances, families like this one behind the shooting in Oxford Michigan will be behind many more mass shootings as schools. trumpers only care about other trumpers, and because they think schools are hives of liberalism, they're going to continue to radicalized their kids about how their way of life is being destroyed (Christian white supremacy), they will lash out at their schools. For Christ's sake, the parents gave him the gun and told him "don't get caught". Odds are they wanted their son to kill some libs, just more like Rittenhouse did. Strip guns away from trumpanzees. They are foaming at the mouth to kill people.
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2021.12.04 11:24 PyramKing Video Guide: Abbey of Saint Markovia (detailed - revamp - timestamped)

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2021.12.04 11:24 sevay77 I have heard about the recent Flexible Staking programme after the partnership of Polytrade with Kucoin. What do you guys think about it?

It is a 120 -day Flexible TRADE staking program. This will allows the participants to earn an APR of 40% on their TRADE tokens.

10:00:00 on December 3, 2021 (UTC)
10:00:00 on April 2, 2022 (UTC)
*Shaping the future of Trade Finance*
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2021.12.04 11:24 Specific-Cod-5932 brandon when he sees mandy rose with someone else

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2021.12.04 11:24 ingydar- Been working on a dark academia based outfit for so long. Here's how it turned out. What do you all think? (Tap to see full image)

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2021.12.04 11:24 Salman50505 do nit mind the "Travel back in time"

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2021.12.04 11:24 kissarass “The Sun… where it’s often made up and the facts don’t matter”

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2021.12.04 11:24 PatientModBot Compile Python applications into stand-alone executables

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2021.12.04 11:24 chata_horchata Graveyard shift with my 20m old

It’s just past 8am and my kid just fell asleep. So, about 3 weeks ago, she got sick for the first time ever. Was diagnosed with an ear infection and fever along with a terrible congestion and a cough. We were prescribed antibiotics plus the usual Motrin and Tylenol. The antibiotics were every 12 hours and our schedule ended up being 3am/3pm. After the first day, she took a long nap during the day which led her to be up all night. She’s sick so I let her sleep whenever she wanted to especially when she had such a hard time sleeping due to a congested and clogged nose. Fast forward to last week; we have finished the antibiotics regiment and now she won’t sleep at night. I have tried to skip the late evening nap and tire her out, but she’ll only sleep 2-3 hours. I’ve tried ignoring her when she wakes up before midnight but she’ll only do her own thing in the dark or sucker punch me to wake up and tend to her. She’s ruthless and won’t fall for any of my tricks. I don’t know what else to do. I’d love to wake her up at noon then make her take a short nap at 3pm til 4pm and keep her up til 11pm or midnight the latest to try to have her sleep through the night, but honestly, I’m tired too and we probably won’t wake up til 4pm today. Then the cycle will continue. I’d love to take her outside to play but by the time she wakes up, it’s dark again! Am I missing something?
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2021.12.04 11:24 CoffeeAffectionate52 Finally got a 190 let’s go

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2021.12.04 11:24 Swearnasty Zach with Galen?

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2021.12.04 11:24 smacktackulous What's the deal with Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

So I might be dumb, but I don't understand why Ferris Bueller's Day Off is considered to be such a fantastic movie. I watched the movie in a dorm room in 2004. I was excited about seeing it, as all my friends had hyped it up. During it, I found myself not loving the movie and honestly hating Ferris as a character. I felt like the only redeeming thing about the movie was Cameron. Will someone explain why I'm wrong? Is the movie actually about Cameron? Is it a metaphor for a Rumspringa type of situation before adulthood and consequences start?
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2021.12.04 11:24 rettribution Thoughts on this plan?

So, I've got late payments that should be counted but I've not gotten the magic emails many here did. With this months "payment" and adding in those late payments I'll be over 120.
Should I claim forbearance while I wait for them to catch up with their work load and count those payments? I keep putting in for forgiveness citing the specific months and keep getting denied. So, I figured if I did forbearance and just waited for those payments to count that may work?
Thoughts on this? I really don't want to pay $698 a month again when at least on paper I shouldn't have to.
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2021.12.04 11:24 gokachuu Beyler eski oyun kolumu satmam lazım ama...

Beyler bende eski bi logitech f710 oyun kolu var baya az kullandım sadece arkadaşlar geldiğinde fifa falan atarken kullanıyoduk neyse uzun zaman önce usb alıcısını kaybettim internetten baktım nano receiver kolun kendisinden daha pahalı amk uygun fiyatlı bulabileceğim bi yer var mı yada başka bir çözüm falan
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2021.12.04 11:24 Ashamed-Ad-6666 😢

I'm being bullied on teenagers because I'm stargender and people there don't like xenogenders They're going by the dumb ge Der wiki definition without even asking me (Stargender: im constantly finding out more about my gender. This means I have multiple genders, but stargender is a sort of umbrella term for how they grow.) Why 😰
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2021.12.04 11:24 CondomLeavesARice I wish we would bring back the Colloseum

I want to bring back the days where we paid to watch grown men hack eachother to bits. That sounds more entertaining than any sport or boxing/mma match. A true battle to the death among equals. And even more than that. There are so many opportunities. I should say I don't want to bring slavery back. Just willing men who want to butcher eachother
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2021.12.04 11:24 PlushFox17 Tipps for a good PVE and PVP Team? 🤞

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2021.12.04 11:24 Salman50505 I noticed some Dutch people here

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2021.12.04 11:24 Yang_Moon WhySoSerious

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