I'm writing my first book heavily influenced by Japan and the Japanese culture and have some questions.

2021.12.04 10:34 j_miyagi I'm writing my first book heavily influenced by Japan and the Japanese culture and have some questions.

I'm wondering if taking words and customs directly from the language/country is considered lazy or rude ? At would point does inspiration become cultural appropriation or whatever? I have a personality disorder so I'm not great at grasping concepts like this.
Is inspiration or an homage to Japan just flat out wrong as a non Japanese person? I've been obsessed with Japan for 30 years and know a lot about it but don't want to annoy people. If anyone has an opinion on this or can point me towards material covering this issue I'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance for any replies.
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2021.12.04 10:34 Heisenberg333444 Is Returnal for PS5 worth the buy at $42.99? GameStop has it on sale brand new and I think this is the lowest it’s been since November? Does anyone see it getting any lower anytime soon?

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2021.12.04 10:34 LSARefugee BEHOLD! The January 6 “Master Race!”

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2021.12.04 10:34 ZoolShop 'I did not intend to hurt your feelings'

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2021.12.04 10:34 FigNecessary3505 Has anybody checked up on the vote blue no matter who crew now that abortion rights are going to be abolished in the USA?

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2021.12.04 10:34 Necessary_Phrase_240 Is mewing good for me?

Is mewing good for me?
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2021.12.04 10:34 vmaurya7 I Stand As I Am (poem)

In my lonely heart, I yearn for you. I am without companion. My words are not for human ears; I shout them to the canyons.
Unburden me of ecstasy! Take from me this joy. I can‘t hold it any longer; in bliss, I am destroyed.
I dance as the stars do; I frolic like a child; yet I rest alone in my eternal seat. If you understood, you’d be complete.
You cannot know my love, the deepest longing cannot speak. I lack the words and wisdom. I am mortal. I am weak.
See through my eyes; eternity could be yours. I sit waiting outside of time, recalling a moment yesterday, when our vision did align.
But beloved, still you stray. I cannot go with you. I stand where I am; I wear only my cosmic form. I wait for you in my temple, where it’s forever warm.
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2021.12.04 10:34 seshwan33 Why doesn’t the mint in gaviscon activate pepsin and make the whole problem worse? Like why would they put mint in the product?

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2021.12.04 10:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Brutal, brazen crimes shake L.A., leaving city at a crossroads | LA Times

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2021.12.04 10:34 florentinomain00f With Hildur - Sam, Marcus and Vince, BF2042 might be in good hands

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2021.12.04 10:34 trueworldnews Is it necessary to put ponche de creme in the fridge? [/u/PurePeach2081]

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2021.12.04 10:34 RiverTimely G703 Lightspeed DPI keeps resetting

My DPI is always set to 800 on my G703, I never change it. There's also no other DPI's turned on in the G Hub. But for some reason if my mouse is inactive for around 10-15 minutes, and I move the mouse, for about 2 seconds my DPI will feel like it's at 1500 or something. Then I'll get a notification from G Hub saying "Device DPI set to 800." This is again, without any other DPI's turned on in my G Hub. I got the mouse around 3 months ago and this started happening about a month ago now.
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2021.12.04 10:34 HamzaKhandia PINK

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2021.12.04 10:34 portalrbn Crédito Brasil Criativo libera R$ 408 milhões para setor cultural

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2021.12.04 10:34 Ticoxc IWFTR

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2021.12.04 10:34 Pumaheart John - my favourite Pokémon

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2021.12.04 10:34 redditgays Paymi referral code - 15HKHN (Canada)

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2021.12.04 10:34 GhostOfJoeMcCann Don’t understand my accent? Well you’ll understand your keys in the river.

This happened to me about ten years ago when I’d just turned 20 and was living in London.
I’m from Belfast in Ireland, and I will be the first to admit, I have a strong accent, and I’m proud of where I’m from, I absolutely can’t stand people trying to belittle me, or patronise me because of it, and when I lived in England it happened at least once a week, and almost always with middle aged white lads, either imitating me ‘how now brown cow’ or saying shite like ‘you’ll have to speak a bit slow-er Pat’, or asking me repeated inane questions like ‘Wot bit you from in Arland, our bit or their bit?’ and I’d say ‘no sweat to you, but none of it is ‘your’ bit.’
It was always with these particular sort of wee men and unfortunately I used to run into them all the time whether at work or in a bars smoking area, it melted my fuckin pan in so it did.
Anyway you get the drift, it drove me absolutely buck daft everytime it happened.
I needed a job, I was due to start a position in an International school but it didn’t begin until the term began in September so to get my rent in, I turned my hand to whatever I could get.
I answered an ad looking for a lemonade delivery man, and rang up, the fella said they were very short staffed and could I come in the next day.
Grand I thought, that’ll do.
They put me out with this old cunt called Henry who droned on all day long about how he was an ex-soldier and kept asking me questions on where I was from, as he put it ‘I served in Nohven Arland I’ve been all over the province’ but he was trying to find out what community I belonged to (Catholic/Nationalist or Protestant/Unionist) and I just gave him the vaguest responses because am I fuck telling one of those cunts my business.
However this bastard would not relent and kept on at me and on at me ‘What’s your surname?’ ‘Where’d you go to school?’ ‘Where do you live in Belfast, I hope it’s not the Falls, I hated those vicious paddies on the Falls’
(I am from the Falls).
Eventually I just said if he wanted to know about me so much he would have to go and ask the Boss as I registered my details with him in the morning and then I started asking him the questions he was asking me, back to him, and he said ‘oh think you’re a clever bastard do you? I dealt with enough like you in my time, you weren’t so clever after a trip to the barracks let me tell you.’
I’m sitting here thinking, what the fuck is this cunt on. The Troubles are over, mostly, and I’m fucking 20, I’m not in the IRA, or some other paramilitary group or some undesirable, I’m just trying to help yer cunting arse deliver fucking lemonade.
The rest of the day passed in silence except for when Henry was lifting in a crate of the glass bottles to a local shop and he dropped them everywhere and everything smashed. I helped the shopkeeper sweep up the glass while he mopped and Henry just stood there, didn’t apologise or anything.
‘Fucking P*ki bastard’ he said getting into the van, ‘you saw that didn’t you? I asked him to move and he didn’t and it caused me to drop the bottles, you saw that?!’
I was fucking astounded, like a cartoon with my mouth hanging open at his racist tirade.
‘No I did not see that, I saw you trip and drop the box and smash the bottles’ I told him.
Then he turned around, face as red as well smacked arse and imitated me ‘Drap da battles, drap da battles, caunt you fackin Micks speak English?! I haven’t been able to understand a single word you’ve said all morning with ya stuuuuu-pid fack-in accent!!!’
I was honestly in absolute shock, and I felt myself instantly get angry and I was ready to lash out and belt the cunt, ex-army bastard or no, who the fuck did this vile racist twat think he was?
However instead I decided to just get even.
The next drop we did in Hackney was by the Regents Canal, so I waited for Henry to go in with the stuff, and took the keys out of the van, plus his wallet, phone, sat nav and delivery schedule and fucked them into the canal.
I then took a bottle of lemonade from the back of the float and walked towards the overground to get the tube home, and that lemonade never tasted sweeter.
Henry didn’t understand my accent, but I left the cunt with something he would definitely understand.
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2021.12.04 10:34 chloe1001_ Peter Griffin really does get it

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2021.12.04 10:34 prisongovernor ..

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2021.12.04 10:34 trueworldnews Gambia election 2021: citizens vote in a first presidential election since the Jammeh era. [/u/KnowAfrika]

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2021.12.04 10:34 ConanCimmerian One of the many reasons on how "great" One More Day was

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2021.12.04 10:34 ShortAlgo $VNET waiting for Buy signal on VNET https://t.co/mrrkjrHruP

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2021.12.04 10:34 realfjv22_ F1 is just built different

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2021.12.04 10:34 indian_vegeta Everyone on FaZe playing good. This is probably one of those rare times when jumping awps hit

Idk man feels good, amazing comeback inferno
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