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Nieces visiting, what PC games would they like?

2022.01.21 04:57 manolid Nieces visiting, what PC games would they like?

Aged 9 and 6. They have a Switch, not sure what games they're playing. They've never done any real PC gaming. What would be a couple of fun games for them to play?
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2022.01.21 04:57 hananj10 Why has nobody hired Kevin Ollie yet as a head coach? The guy won a natty and went to another final 4 I believe with UConn

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2022.01.21 04:57 mafia_catss 10 Scalable Lead Generation Tactics For Unmatched Agency Growth💎💎💎

The majority of midsize and large companies generate less than 5,000 qualified leads each month.
Interestingly, most larger companies seem to struggle to generate large numbers of qualified leads. A Hubspot report from 2017 suggests that the vast majority generate less than 5,000 per month, with the average being 1,877 leads per month. With numbers that small, it’s even more important to focus on converting as many of those leads as possible.
Why do you need this information? 👇👇👇
Lead generation is not an easy process. Many marketers experience difficulties with scaling the processes of lead generation, which leads to a small number of high-quality leads.
That's why we've prepared tips and tactics for you about scaling lead generation.
On the list: 👇 👇 👇
🔥Scaling tips that we've passed on
🔥Tips for implementing tactics
🔥Real Examples
Just comment with "Interested" in the comments below and I will send you a link to the list!
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2022.01.21 04:57 Sorry-Passenger9451 Another day in isolation, another rockstar

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2022.01.21 04:57 Particular_Yard_9027 Home Depot Plz

I only work 24 hours normally. You don't have to cut my hours anymore.
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2022.01.21 04:57 jayclen $5.00 FREE LEGION NETWORK WALLET

Click the link, register, no KYC, this wallet gives you $5.00 in LGX, tons of promos. Wallet has everything combined, NFTs, gaming, ect
Takes minutes to sign up. https://register.legionnetwork.io/8XoEKBs
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2022.01.21 04:57 Sammzii Do u guys believe in god? 🤨

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2022.01.21 04:57 DifferentFact5886 郭文贵谎言造成人道危机?

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2022.01.21 04:57 FallCompetitive7976 21-January I am still here

It is 21-January 07:57. I am excited.
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2022.01.21 04:57 noname32789 7 days!

Finally hit 7 days, durning this time i went back to the gym, started 8h eating cycles and passed my first uni exam. Lets fucking go. Im not going back to depression and anxiety. Stay strong brothers.
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2022.01.21 04:57 New_Muscle3776 How would you like Gta 5 Online to end?

In a hypothetical world Rockstar comes out and announces they are shutting down online servers to Xbox one, PlayStation 4-5,etc. How would you like it to end? A big heist with your online character getting help from story mode characters? Your character flying away just like how he did in the start? “Retiring?” I don’t know I thought it would be fun to ask and see how people would want their years of playing to wrap up.
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2022.01.21 04:57 Leyzzzzzzz Unique Artwork come and see the most beautiful Masterpieces in NFT! Join Divinity Cells now! Discord link in comments!!

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2022.01.21 04:57 banel1694 That ass 😍

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2022.01.21 04:57 Fba200 Testing my New oven

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2022.01.21 04:57 Traditional_Sir_6070 https://instagram.com/k.t__fishing?utm_medium=copy_link

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2022.01.21 04:57 bunnywithahammer it's a beautiful relief to see that other people had the same problem

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2022.01.21 04:57 Proud-Morning5768 Hi everybody

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2022.01.21 04:57 Maritina1992 TR-360MT Multi Temperature Van Refrigeration Unit

TR-360MT Multi Temperature Van Refrigeration Unit

TR-360MT multi temperature van refrigeration unit
#GuchenThermo Systems for Multiple #temperature controlled zones with a solution for All Size Vans and #Refrigerated Truck Bodies.
#TR360MT dual temperature van #refrigeration systems are dedicated designed by Guchen Thermo to cool separate temperature controlled zones in your #refrigeratedvans, at different set temperatures, so that you can deliver separate loads requiring both positive and negative temperatures, in the same van at the same time.
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2022.01.21 04:57 Zealousideal-Art1662 Malu Trevejo so lewdly

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2022.01.21 04:57 FragrantCow2645 How long do you wait for last minute holiday deals?

Trying to book a ski trip but the prices right now are pretty excruciating and we have a fixed time period in which to go. Instead of booking now, I’m wondering that if I wait until a week or even a few days before we intend to travel, the prices might plummet?
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2022.01.21 04:57 SirGentleman00 Y'all are Loosers

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2022.01.21 04:57 ThatGuyPsychic Send help

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2022.01.21 04:57 Seat-Outrageous tiny bag of chips ebsjjeksjjrjsj the other stuff is to compare the size lol

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2022.01.21 04:57 bouncyandrea The Legend of Trader Joe

I didn’t see any posts on this so I hope it’s not redundant (apologies, on mobile), but I’d love to see a video on the legacy of Trader Joe and his seemingly international travels.
Kyle Kinane did a bit on Trader Joe a bit ago, and I’d love to see a more in depth deep dive into Trader Joe, Trader Jose, Trader Ming, etc. Maybe it’s the cookie butter going straight to my brain (and ass) but I’d love to go down the rabbit hole on Trader Joe’s mythology.
PS- if you have one in your area the pizza bread cheese is amazing.
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2022.01.21 04:57 nothinggold237 Hemingway about his cat.

Dear Gianfranco:
Just after I finished writing you and was putting the letter in the envelope Mary came down from the Torre and said, ‘Something terrible has happened to Willie.’ I went out and found Willie with both his right legs broken: one at the hip, the other below the knee. A car must have run over him or somebody hit him with a club. He had come all the way home on the two feet of one side. It was a multiple compound fracture with much dirt in the wound and fragments protruding. But he purred and seemed sure that I could fix it.
I had René get a bowl of milk for him and René held him and caressed him and Willie was drinking the milk while I shot him through the head. I don’t think he could have suffered and the nerves had been crushed so his legs had not begun to really hurt. Monstruo wished to shoot him for me, but I could not delegate the responsibility or leave a chance of Will knowing anybody was killing him…
Have had to shoot people but never anyone I knew and loved for eleven years. Nor anyone that purred with two broken legs.
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