Restaurant workers of reddit, have you ever had to call the cops on a customer? Why?

2022.01.25 11:04 KarysMR Restaurant workers of reddit, have you ever had to call the cops on a customer? Why?

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2022.01.25 11:04 dvslib Pat McCrory on Twitter: "Russia saw weakness and incompetence in Joe Biden through his disaster in Afghanistan. Now, they're taking advantage of it. We need real leaders in Washington who know how to demonstrate America's strength, not project weakness!"

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2022.01.25 11:04 Great_Jaguar_9918 What type of mobile/PC app are you interested in?

If you are a technology user then, I have a question for you.
What type of app do you use more?
Social media apps, productivity apps, utility apps?
If you pick any of the option above then please specify me what app are you currently using? (for example: I chose utility apps and I mostly use microsoft office for fullfilling my office as well my personal needs)

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2022.01.25 11:04 Kingsofeast Why no nuclear war conspiracies?

We have Russia and Nato fixing to hook it up like a couple of pit bulls only one of them is cowering and pissing itself and nobody is thinking anything biblical is going on? You got ottawa wal marts scanning customers at the door and hypersonic missiles with the safety off. This is crazy. Straight up crickets. Like a thief in the night is right!!
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2022.01.25 11:04 THEZUKUS David Ortiz headlines my votes

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2022.01.25 11:04 aklo_translator From Stroessner to Syngenta: Paraguay’s Soy Conflicts

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2022.01.25 11:04 Nina838 OF is banned in Dubai now she’s gonna regret going there 😂

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2022.01.25 11:04 costlybigyoyo Transportation

Hey, I might be moving to Grosse Pointe soon. I wanted to ask if it's a necessity to own a car or would the transportation system suffice? TIA
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2022.01.25 11:04 xxylon SF show venue

Hi!! I have a VIP ticket for the SF show next week and I’m wondering if anyone has been to the venue before? I just moved to the area and am quite unfamiliar with it. I’d like to show up early to get in line but I wanted to see if anyone has done that at this venue before? Just wondering how early I can get there and if the VIP line will be designated early in the day?
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2022.01.25 11:04 diliberto123 What difficulty and crisis strength do most people play on?

The title
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2022.01.25 11:04 madame-succubus I hate that we can’t just enjoy something new to the game

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2022.01.25 11:04 SharkieStoner If anyone has this pet could you let me know for hatches? 👀

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2022.01.25 11:04 Mindless-Face-570 CryptoBat

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2022.01.25 11:04 MauriceMahaneynltF What has still not been explained by science?

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2022.01.25 11:04 ccasazza I remember the 2012 and 2015 seasons feeling a lot easier. Is it because there’s so many other good teams (and many bad teams) this year
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2022.01.25 11:04 jstchkn Paid internships should be more common - wait...

Paid internships should be more common - wait...
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2022.01.25 11:04 Nye_The_Fay rwmalonemd on GETTR:

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2022.01.25 11:04 UnholyKnight23 Paradox on clear glue

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2022.01.25 11:04 AxelVossLover69 hmmm

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2022.01.25 11:04 xthijsvanrijnsbergen Should I buy a facility, arcade or agency?

So I saved some money (I'm on 1.3 mil atm) and I want to know that to buy. I already own a Nightclub, Bussenis and MC (I know I can invest in those things but I prefer buying something new since I'm bored in the game atm). What's the best? An Arcade, Agency or a facility?
(I also heard about that submarine thingy which you can start cayo perico with, but I dont know anything about that)
Thanks for your help!
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2022.01.25 11:04 walkingwounded89 Upgrade Path

Hey everyone, I'm not really great at this sort of thing so I have to rely on the reddit experts to help me out here. I've been using my PC for a couple of years now and I've got some gift cards to use (somewhere between $400-500), so I wanted to make the most sensible upgrade. Here's what I have:

- R5 2600 w/ Standard Stock Wraith Cooler
- NVIDIA 2070
- MSI Tomahawk B350
- 16GB Corsair Vengeance
- 1TB T-Force M.2 + 512 SATA Samsung SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD
- Some 650W PSU, don't know the brand
- Dell U3419W Monitor (34" curved screen, 2k, 60hz :( nice monitor but probably not great for gaming)

I'd like to make the most logical upgrade, but I don't know which direction to go. I'd love a dual monitor setup, especially at 144hz, but that is probably out of budget. Should I upgrade my CPU? I feel like for what I play, it's probably just fine. What about my CPU cooler? The games I mainly play are Dead by Daylight, Phasmophobia, League of Legends, Rocket League, and some Sim games. I do have a lot of games in my Steam library that I play less often though - Skyrim, Cyberpunk, Hitman, GTA 5, etc.... mainly AAA games I'll pick up and play here and there.

I also will occasionally edit some of my clips with Adobe Premier, but nothing too crazy. I'm actually pretty OK with my current systems performance while using the video editing software.

I'd like to make a final note that my gift cards are for Amazon. Again, it's somewhere between $400-500 worth of GC's, so that's my budget.

Any help is appreciate. Thanks!
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2022.01.25 11:04 Cyrus_Omerta PS5 Upscaling Vs LG C1 Upscaling?

Hi Everyone,
Was just wondering, for titles that have a output resolution of 1080p - does the PS5 upscale this to 4k? Should i rather set the output resolution to 1080p on my ps5 and use my LG C1's upscaling? Which looks better overall?
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2022.01.25 11:04 DanCunningham22 stolen meme

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2022.01.25 11:04 Ronin-47 Daily Discussion - Hornets Edition

Tuesday is here, the week rolls on. Tonight the Raptors play the Hornets at 7PM EST on SN. Use this as your free talk thread for the day. ICYMI:

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2022.01.25 11:04 Acel32 How's your Tuesday?

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