Extreme neck pain

2022.01.25 10:54 boatingwhat Extreme neck pain

Tested positive for COVID on Sunday, symptoms started the day before. COVID symptoms are mild, slight cough, a little weazy yesterday but now breathing is fine. But last night I woke up with extreme neck pain, some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, more than dislocated shoulder and broken bones. With paracetamol and ibuprofen after about 4 hours it got a better to the point I wasn’t in agony on the floor anymore.
I’ve read the muscle aches are a symptom but has anyone heard of such severe (muscle?) pain connected to COVID. Or is it more likely just an unhappy coincidence that I get this neck thing at the same time as I’m down with COVID.
I’m 34/m generally very fit and healthy, been a bit run down of late after moving house and countries.
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2022.01.25 10:54 ratperson420 [New] RPVC - Dirty Work [Instrumental] (Original)

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2022.01.25 10:54 JungleCocks Gay marriage?

Will maplestory m add gay marriage for gay people? I want to marry my boyfriend but he has to change to a female character instead.
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2022.01.25 10:54 Evai_io Market Watch EP.4 - Teaser

Stay tuned tomorrow as our CEO, Matthew Dixon will be analysing the current trajectories of $BTC and discuss what the future has in store for the crypto market on Market Watch EP.4!​
#Evai #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoTrading #YouTube #Bitcoin #Invest
Processing img 1uy9n0lfaud81...
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2022.01.25 10:54 AjakkofAllTrades Nine Folks in Funny Robes: USSC Review - January 2022 Edition (Part 1)

Up This Post: NFIB v. OSHA (January 13, 2022)
When the case name is acronym v. acronym, you’re in for an administrative feast, or depending on your tolerance for punishment, an eye-gouging read. But despite often being dry reading material, these cases are often critically important. Why? Because it’s the administrative state – federal agencies – doing the work of government. Clean air and water? EPA. Airports? DHS. National parks? Interior Department. Workplace discrimination? EEOC. Taxes? IRS. You get the picture. Most of the federal government workforce is federal agency personnel. (link) And most regulations that agencies enforce are rules they set themselves, not laws from congress. Congress generally gives an agency a general mandate and leaves the implementation details up to the agency. Thus, these cases can have sweeping changes on the nature and power of the federal government . Case in point is today’s topic:
Can the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) force all large U.S. employers to implement covid vaccine (or weekly test+mask) mandates on its employees?
First, some background. OSHA, as you might guess, regulates workplace safety. In 1970 (fifty years ago!) Congress created OSHA “to assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the Nation safe and healthful working conditions.” (opinion p. 18) Congress also requires OSHA to create emergency six-month rules when OSHA decides that workers are 1) “exposed to grave danger” from exposure to harmful substances or hazards, and 2) the rule is necessary to protect from that danger. (p. 18-19) These emergency rules last six months. OSHA (Biden) wanted to do something about covid and lagging vaccination rates, so OSHA’s umbrella agency, the Department of Labor, issued an emergency rule requiring all employers with 100+ employees to mandate covid vaccines or weekly testing+masking for its employees. Lots of folks didn’t like this, sued to stop it, and the Nine took the case.
Majority Opinion: OSHA, more like NO-SHA!
Six of the Nine said OSHA likely cannot impose such a rule, and sent the case back down the ladder to the lower appellate court to pause the regulation while it’s ultimate legality is fought out.
Anytime the majority Justices describe a rule or law as “unprecedented,” “broad” or “blunt,” you know it’s in trouble. (p. 3) Granted, they said so in the beginning, but it’s useful to notice their word choice. So what’s the majority's beef? The opinion can be boiled down to a few major points:

  1. The rule went too far and too big. OSHA created a “broad public health regulation” that tried to address a public health problem by dressing it up in workplace safety clothing. (p. 8)
  2. Covid isn’t a workplace issue. Or as they put it, not an “occupational hazard” in most workplaces. Instead, it’s a universal risk of life today. (pp. 6-7) So the regulation is “untethered, in any causal sense, from the workplace.” (p. 8)
  3. Vaccines go too far. Vaccines are more intrusive than your typical workplace regulation, a “significant encroachment” into employee’s lives. (pp. 5-6, 7)
I understand points 1 and 3.
The scope of the rule is big – 83 million-Americans big – according to the opinion, which they make sure to mention as often as possible. Scary government bureaucrats controlling everyday people’s lives and such. And it’s true, this rule seems unprecedented in OSHA’s history, so that could matter if you’re worried about the regulation exceeding the powers Congress gave OSHA. So point 1 seems legit, let’s see what the dissent has to say later about this.
A vaccine or weekly testing + masking mandate seems more intrusive than prior regulations. Sure, OSHA may mandate wearing masks in certain workplaces for safety, and has mandated that vaccines be available in clinical lab settings where workers could be exposed to blood borne pathogens. (§1910.1030(f)) So the majority seems right to say that OSHA hasn’t mandated vaccines or weekly testing + masking before. Let’s see the dissent’s response to this.
Point 2 on the other hand is suspect, no dissent needed.
First, when they say the regulation is “untethered” causally from the workplace, are they really telling us that people don’t spread covid in workplaces? I don’t believe I’m going out on a limb when I say workplaces can be a very real source of spreading covid. And they don’t back up this statement with any facts to prove me wrong, so I’m doubly skeptical.
Second, just because covid is a risk in daily life, does that mean it can’t also be regulated in workplaces? So if I drive to work (and put myself at risk of a car accident), does that mean OSHA can’t regulate workplace vehicle standards because it’s a risk outside of work too? So OSHA’s regulatory reach is only to risks that are unique to workplaces and don’t occur in daily life? Once a risk occurs outside the workplace (how much of a risk, how similar?), it’s immune from regulation? I don’t think that’s how OSHA works. Point 2 seems rationally, and common-sensically, questionable.
Ok, so we’ve gone through the majority’s points, and I’ll quickly note that a majority justice (Gorsuch) had to add a bit more, so he wrote a concurrence saying why he agreed.
Concurrence: I hate Admin Agencies and Congress is lazy.
Gorsuch’s big issue is “whether an administrative agency in Washington, one charged with overseeing workplace safety, may mandate the vaccination or regular testing of 84 million people.” (p. 10) So he doesn’t like administrative agencies and unelected bureaucrats making rules. He thinks this is a nationally significant issue (true) and is outside OSHA’s power to regulate until Congress “clearly” tells it to do so. (p. 11) He makes explicit what he contends the majority implicitly does: they stops this regulation because it fails “the major questions doctrine.” (p. 12) That doctrine, he says, is that Congress has to “speak clearly,” when it gives an agency powers of “vast economic and political significance.” Gorsuch worries about separation of powers – that Congress shouldn’t delegate its powers to unelected officials by giving them to federal agencies, which are run by the executive branch. In fact, he concludes that if OSHA did have the power to make this regulation currently, that would be an unconstitutional delegation by Congress. (p. 15) This concurrence is flag-planting of sorts for Gorsuch on the administrative state’s constitutionality.
Dissenting Opinion: No, You're the Unelected Bureaucrat!
While the majority (and more so concurrence) worry about government bureaucrats controlling our lives, the dissent turns the tables and argues that what the majority has done is simply shift control from one unelected bureaucrat (an agency) to another (the court). (p. 18) To quote, the majority “substitutes judicial diktat for reasoned policymaking.” (p. 25) Diktat is a fun word. Additionally, the dissent picks on the majority’s argument, but it’s main point is this: look at what Congress mandated OSHA to do, look at OSHA’s own rules. Does this regulation fall within those limits? The dissent says yes.
The dissent describes Congress’s mandate to OSHA and the emergency statutory text. It applies these standards (see background above) and argues that the mandate fits the law. (pp. 20-22) Covid is a grave danger, and mandating vaccines or weekly masks + tests is necessary to protect workers from that danger. I can’t disagree with this analysis, although I could see an argument for how covid isn’t a “grave” danger to everyone. But in terms of risk factors in most workplaces it’s probably high up on the list. Neither side seems to dispute this, though, so let’s assume it is. And masking / vaccines are certainly necessary to combat an airborne infectious disease. I have to agree this seems to fit the emergency criteria. So, if the covid regulation fits the bill, why isn’t it ok? The dissent answers by saying that the majority is deciding that OSHA has gone too far due to its own misgivings about the vaccine mandate, not based on the statute empowering OSHA to act. (p. 23)
As to the majority’s other points, the dissent takes issue with point 2 (see above), and comes to conclusions similar to mine. (pp. 23-24) Regarding point 3, the dissent argues that the vaccine mandate or mask + testing isn’t unheard of for OSHA, given that it has promoted vaccines and masks in other regulations. (pp. 25-26) The dissent also tries to downplay the “mandate” of the vaccine by arguing that the rule is more reasonable than the majority makes it out to be; it has religious and medical exemptions and doesn’t apply to certain workers, such as those outdoors or remotely, although the majority thought some of this was illusory. (pp. 3, 19) We can’t tell from the opinions whether the exemptions were indeed illusory or not.
The dissent also notes that these questions about the severity of covid and necessity of workplace regulations to protect workers are factual questions that the court doesn’t decide on it’s own as a reviewing appellate court. (p. 22) If OSHA made findings about these issues (which it did) the court should defer to those findings if there’s good (“substantial”) evidence to back it up. (p. 22) The dissent argues there’s plenty of evidence and OSHA said this was the best and least restrictive way to handle the emergency, and that too should carry weight. (p. 22) If deference is indeed required, it would be hard to argue with their conclusions.
The Big Picture: Constitutional Philosophy Explains the Votes.
But that brings us to the major split between the Nine in admin law: how much deference do admin agencies deserve?
You’ve probably noticed the opinions’ have a “ships passing in the night” quality. The dissent doesn’t mention “major question doctrine,” or nondelegation, and whether these issues are valid concerns. On the flip side, the majority doesn’t give OSHA any deference for its factual findings. That’s because the justices have different views on how much power the administrative state can be given from Congress and how the judiciary should handle administrative regulations.
For those who are concerned about admin agencies being able to essentially create federal laws that can have major consequences for American life and business, Congress should have to legislate the specifics it wants agencies to act on. Broad statutes creating agencies and giving a general mandate doesn’t implicitly carry broad powers with it, the thinking goes, because that is delegating Congress’s one job – to enact law – to someone else. I can’t fault those with this concern, separation of powers is an important feature of our government and if something nationally important needs to be done, shouldn’t Congress be the one to address it?
At the same time, I appreciate the reality of the situation. Congress doesn’t have the time, and frankly resources, to pass statutes for every agency when it has big issues to address. Given how gridlocked Congress is currently over simple issues, how on earth would we expect anything to get done? Isn’t that what the executive is for, implementing statutes? If Congress passes a statute telling an agency what to do in broad terms, why can’t Congress do that?
The real problem with administrative agencies is that it’s hard to argue they shouldn’t exist at all, yet once you open the door to their creation and existence, where do you draw the line? How broad a power can you grant to agencies? Are all regulations an instance of delegation? But without an agency’s expertise and ability to regulate, the federal government could get very little done. How much should a court wade into these issues and tell agencies when it has gone too far? What tests should the court use to determine it?
So this case is far bigger than whether or not OSHA can mandate vaccines to fight covid. It’s about what limits the Constitution places on the structure of our federal government and on Congress. I don’t know the right answer here, but once you see the reasons for the split, you can understand the merits and arguments of both sides.
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2022.01.25 10:54 velihanko The farm of Ali Baba

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2022.01.25 10:54 Fresh-Ad2302 Uff

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2022.01.25 10:54 Drejn [Online][D&D 5e][Eberron] DM Looking for Players

The Torien's Song
Slot Available: 1
This is an horrodiplomatic themed campaign using the Eberron setting. All the details are summarized below. If you are interested in joining the campaign, feel free to DM me or reply to this post and i'll get in touch with you!
About me: i'm 34 and i've been DMing for 5+ years for D&D 5e and Call of Cthulhu, i'm really friendly and like to talk before and after the session. I like to keep a balance between roleplaying and action in my games (although as a player i value roleplaying a lot). New players are always welcome
Slots Available: 0 System Used: D&D 5e, Homebrew Eberron Setting Style: Voice Chat Through Discord. Session Duration: 3-4 hours, once a week. Schedule: We'll be playing either sunday or saturday (depending on group's availability). Target time is around 2-3 PM GMT+1. Requirements: we'll be using Discord for Voice chat.
The Deathless have spoken: the human Torien Tarrenheart, lost hero of the Last War, will be joining them within the Undying Court. But even the god-like being could not expect what machinations would have set in motion, which would threaten the balance of peace between the Nations in a world that still mourns from the destruction that the Last War left behind...
Campaign Highlights
While the people of Khorvaire are still recovering from the scars of the war, three devastating earthquakes are putting all Nations in a state of alert, presaging a consequence of the day of the Mourning. Words of revolts in the continent of Aerenal reached the Nations of Khorvaire. New Cyre is expanding its presence in the Brelish territory uniting all refugees Droam seems to be facing an internal crisis as the nation closed and streghtened its borders. Many rumors are spread about the cause but none of them is certain. The Battle of Blackpit almost saw the destruction of Breland as we know it. It also gave birth to the raise of a Hero, Torien Tarrenheart, actions of which are still narrated by the bards of every Nation. Misterious disappereance have been reported in the peaceful town of Ringbriar Group Patron
Our group will determine a single group faction for this campaign. Possible factions include:
The Iron Scale Guild: a law enforcing agency. Mostly working under House Cannith to fix the Houses's "mishappens" that may still roam the continent. The Finders Guild: overseen by House Tharashk, they offer private investigative services to those who can afford the coin. Korranberg Chronicle: the most widely read newspaper in Khorvaire. Having connections with House Orien and House Sivis, Korranberg Chronicle's reporters investigate in search of the thruths that the world of Eberron hides and narrate the stories of the great adventurers. Morgraive University: Institution of high prestige, the Morgraive University is known to sponsor adventurers who might help them in their researches. Your Character in the World
In this campaign characters will start at 1st level. We will be using character options from the Player's Handbook, Eberron: Rising from the Last War, Xanathar's Guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. When choosing a Race for your character you can use the “Customizing Your Origin” feature from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Other Races, class and reflavor choices can be discussed with the DM to properly fit them into the world.
The campaign will see your character to travel all over the continent of Khorvaire with your companion to discover the source of the disappereances and to mantain the order of peace, which is still frail and prayed upon from the forces of corruption. Your adventure will start in Ringbriar where you and your companion were kidnapped during your sleep, now seeking your way out trying to uncover the culprit and motives.
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2022.01.25 10:54 kimchiroll_ Episode 3 thoughts?

I actually real liked what they did with the whole vice principal thing. The reveal of him actually being there opened up to many possibilities of characters being the potential father and ngl, that gave me a huge tb feeling to himym during the times the show would end up connecting a lot of things
I do still think it’s gonna be one of the four main guys, but I do like we have more chances of will they or will not with other characters
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2022.01.25 10:54 mrcabnapoli New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2022.01.25 10:54 KittyShipperCaveGirl A few silly questions

How do I use the decryption table? I put in my crystal, the catalyst I want to add, and then... nothing? when I take out the crystal it isn't changed. I've tried applying a redstone signal but that doesn't seem to do anything either. does every single slot on the table have to be filled?
Also, how does vault gear rolling... work? I craft one of the ancient treasures and it gives me some random gear, but then I roll it and it's like 7 levels too high for me? is there a way to get things that are at my level other than hoping for RNG or spamming wutax shards?
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2022.01.25 10:54 ijustwanttoaskaq123 When did you dodge a major bullet?

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2022.01.25 10:54 Specific_Layer3849 Lost half a million and turned that into an NFT. For real

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2022.01.25 10:54 newsbykiara Budget 2022: Dalal Street looks for STT abolition for more retail investors

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2022.01.25 10:54 FThumb They never learned to make their own games, so now they need someone to tell them what game they should be playing, who their friends should be, who to settle their disputes and hand out praise and prizes, determine virtue and vice. They cede agency for safety and that evolves into totalitarianism.

El Gato speaks: in praise of lawn darts

sure, their kids can make a papier-mâché diorama that would not look out of place at the smithsonian, speak 3 languages, and play 11 musical instruments that i have never even heard of, but can you push them out the door in the morning and say “i do not want to see your noisy, sticky faces around here until dinner. go play!” and have it not only work, but result in another great summer day of adventures, mis and otherwise? because i do not think you can.
but that was a pretty typical day.
these are the micro societies in which humans practice being civilized. from the anarchy of childhood emerges societal order as we grow and get better at planning and the implementation of our ideas.
but to gain this skillset, we must be free to scrawl our own designs upon the world. we must face the difficulty of doing so, the responsibility for failure, the lessons of losing, and the triumphs of getting stuff right.
that is the most important lesson in all of growing up. not piano or soccer or interpretive headstand watercolor painting and certainly not indoctrination into the grievance cults of wokedom:
what must be learned is how to become self-governing.
and it has been stolen from our children.
every kid yells “MOM!” at the first sign of trouble and mom wades in and regulates. so no one ever learns anything except how to yell for help in more compelling fashion than the other kids.
no one ever toughens up or gains the skills that allow independence. instead, they cultivate helplessness and stunted dependence. they do not learn to solve their own problems, they learn to rely upon authority figures to order and regulate their lives and engage in performative behavior to curry favor with the umpires. it’s a tattle tale arms race and it lasts a lifetime. he who tattles first usually wins and that’s a rotten incentive set.
then they go off to college and mom is no longer in yelling range. so they learn to yell “DEAN!”
then they graduate and learn to yell “BOSS!” or “GOVERNMENT!”
We have raised a generation of trolls doing the unwitting bidding of shills who have weaponized their helplessness and stunted dependence by offering them tribal affiliations.
if you cannot govern yourself, someone else is going to come along and do it for you, good and hard, for he who adjudicates grievance may easily rule the plaintiffs and demand ever more baroque and debased prostrations to whatever is passing for “authority.”
they never learned to make their own games, so now they need someone to tell them what game they should be playing, who their friends should be, someone to settle their disputes and hand out praise and prizes, determine virtue and vice. they cede agency for safety and that evolves into totalitarianism.
"You are here."
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2022.01.25 10:54 okandplsdont called my boss to let them know my doctor is sending me to the ER

might have a potential blood clot and the response is, “you called me 10 to 9. you should’ve called me earlier.” “my doctor just called me back.” “well still it’s 10 to 9” (:
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2022.01.25 10:54 DamDesigns11 [FOR HIRE] digital art of you ,your OC, fanarts,pfp ,etc.just triyng to earn some quick cash so the prices are low (more details in dms)Starting from 0.50$ (payment on paypal)

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2022.01.25 10:54 Normal_Signature_429 People of Reddit, who is the most untrustworthy person you've ever met?

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2022.01.25 10:54 AndromebdaGalaxy Halloween night

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2022.01.25 10:54 Yuumi-Main Turns out Riot Employees personal experience on league DOES actually impact balance changes

I thought y’all were exaggerating when complaining about Camille never being nerfed because “A rioter mains her” but it doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore. Turns out rioters having bad games against things can directly cause them to get nerfed, even if said nerf is completely unwarranted and needs reverted before the patch even comes out.
This is pretty funny. I wonder if someone at riot mains Akshan also.
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2022.01.25 10:54 RazvanelTM Does anyone knows about this news? Is it legit?

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2022.01.25 10:54 Senescentte Com gol no fim, Santos salva o Palmeiras e rebaixa o Vitória - Bom dia torcedor santista, já agradeceram o thiago ribeiro hoje?

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2022.01.25 10:54 allaboutthefish Another West Aussie wins big in Oz lotto!

Someone in Perth has picked up 25mllion in tonight's Oz lotto, ticket was bought online. Check your tickets☆
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2022.01.25 10:54 deniss_1996 SkinnyPop Orignal Popcorn 4.4oz Grocery Sized Bag White Cheddar, Original or Sea Salt & Pepper $2.62

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2022.01.25 10:54 2_Manny_Katz Cockatiel playing peekaboo

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